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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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  • 12/08/15--07:08: load runner select instance
  • Hi friend, i  have a issue about the load runner.  The issue is,  when i am making the load test i want to decide users using which server. i mean all user is using server_1.

    Actually sometimes using server_1  sometimes server_2

    in this case we closing server_1 and users using server_2.

    But i wanna edit this without closing server_1.

    Maybe its is possible maybe not. i dont know but  i think its related changing cookies.

    any idea about this issue?

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    I have  scripts that run OK when I execute them manually.  However when I run the scrpits in a sceanario,  I get this error:

    t=00026624ms: Error - 205177: **8.1: Click on *User ID textbox ** failed - target object was not found.  [Msgld: MERR-205177]


    Loadrunner version 12.02

    Internet Explorer Version 11


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    Thank you in advance everyone.

    I am able to upload scripts from Vugen to ALM Test Plan successfully in Vugen.
    But when I go to ALM Test Plan folder I see the following message in the "Test Script" tab.

    "Script data is not available
    No Performance Center Server has been configured for the system.
    For assistance, contact your Administrator."

    ALM Version
    HP Application Lifecycle Management
    Application Lifecycle Management Edition 11.52.341
    Vugen Version 12.02

    Is there a way I can save my scripts to ALM without performance center? 

    Thank you. 



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    Dear All...Greetings

    Right now I have crunch time..

    I need to carry ahead with LR scripts with 11.0(working on trial) and we have licenses for loadrunner 8.0..

    Is LR scripts developed in LR 11 can be run on older version of LR 8.0 or 8.1..

    Kindly assist quickly..




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    we are trying to use VuGen to generate a load test script. the site is working on https and when trying to record, we get an ssl certificate error. we tried to change the default properties in 'record options' but this allow us to partial record the site ( after we manually approving the ssl certificate).

    by partial recording I mean that the site dont render as expected and some elements are missing (images, iframes and more).

    do you come across this kind of issue ??



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  • 12/09/15--09:01: Regular Expression
  • Hi Friends,

    Am trying to catch a value in the resposne of asynchronus call. I am able catch the value using LB and RB. ( "LB=\"Id\":","RB=\,", ) But i want use regular expresion for this case. can you please help me with the regular expression. 


    Response String:  ...........................\\"TotalNumberOfRows\\":6}","Id":-1,"TypeInfo...................................................

    To Catch: -1

    Code: lr_save_param_regexp("aResponseBodyStr", strlen(aResponseBodyStr) , "RegExp=?", 0, "h_ID");


    Thanks in Advance :)


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    I have to do performance testing of application(client) which uses Remote Procedure call (Linux Flavor) to talk to the server.

    Can i do performance testing of RPC, if so please let me know how do i proceed.

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    We test a few small applications from our individual computers employing the Community controller. We are trying to configure the best approach to making the results of these tests available to the entire team.

    What is the best approach to sharing those results to the corresponding Performance Center project?

    Thanks for all your help and access to your expertise.

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    Hello all,

    We are creating scripts for a new version of Oracle forms ( and the Oracle Web Protocol is recording the NCA traffic as web_custom_requests with binary bodies instead of the normal NCA calls, which leads us to think that Vugen is not recognizing the NCA traffic properly. We are using Vugen 12.50.

    Is there any fix/configuration change that can help us to solve this problem?

    Thanks and best regards!



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    I am new to LoadRunner and having a few issues during playback of a simple Login and logout script I recorded in one of our lab environments and looking for any type of support or recommendations. 

    I have also downloaded the correct correlation add on for Hyperion as you can see in the snapshot attached, auto correlation applied. 

    Here is the error I cannot get passsed and unsure why, 

    Error 220 Action.c(220): Error -26627: HTTP Status-Code=404 (Not Found) for "http://infralab2.lab.corp:19000/workspace/modules/com/oracle/workspace/mode/Adf.jsp"   [MsgId: MERR-26627] Action.c C:\Users\hypadmin\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\PlanWebHttp1 PlanWebHttp1

    Code is attached in txt file. 

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance. 

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    Hi ,

    i'm Using Loadrunner 12.50, i have generated the script in Trueclient Web, in Chromium,

    in my application , i had to open multiple browser windows (Chromium not in IE) ,when i replay,

    i got the error as "Error -205177: Failed to attach to debugger: Another debugger is already attached to the tab with id: 18.       Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177] [MsgId: MERR-205177]" 

    but no screenshot is displayed in the replay results folder,

    and its for only 2nd window not occured for all the other active browser window, 

    please tell me the reason and solution for this error

    thank you

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    Does TruClientIE protocol works with Internet Explorer 11 using VUGen 12.02?

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  • 12/13/15--23:49: Different analysis result
  • Hello,

    I have problem load runner analysis tool. The results are different i dont understand. i upload the picture.

    responses are different why ?

    but i have another analysis result and the values is close.

    for example

    getmypolicyremainglimit           maximum 43.086 sec      and     on the graph 0.735 sec ? ?



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    I carefully followed all the instructions provided at this link to provision  load generators in AWS. I am getting the following error message

    "Error while validating account credentials: element of RegionItemType is not regionNname"

    Please help

    Thank you

    error messgae

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    Due to Community restrictions i am unable to post the data here. Attaching the same in word document. Please have a look and let me know the possibilities.



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    I am getting error while replaying java virtual user script. The complilation is succesful.

    A error popup occures "An error has occured".

    I am using LR version 12.5. 

    I have started Vugen as administrator as well and tried replaying the script but still I get the same popup.




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    I want downloaded component sizes (KB) in following format. Please help on how & where to get it from. I tried looking up session.mdb file but was not much useful. Please share query if possible.

    Transaction Name, URL, Size


    HomePage, xxxx/app/Default.aspx,130





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    May i know the how to record the script for vaadin applications by using loadrunner.




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    Hi team,

    My query is to perfom loadtest vaadin application?

    which protocal we are using for recoding vaadin apllication?

    can you pls send good links for regarding the above query?

    I am facing some problems while recording vaadin application?


    BVS reddy

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    hi all,

    How to edit the  recorded script in loadrunner. The scrpit was recorded  by Trueclint protocal.




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