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    The customer want us to do a performance testing of their application, which is hosted in Citrix , giving an user load of 50...but they won't be able to give access to 50 test userids to their application: 2 to 3 testuser id's can only be given access to the application to be tested.

    Is there any way to simulate 50user load on the application using only limited number of test user ids...even I hav heard that there are some restrictions on the number of sessions an user can have in Citrix

    Please suggest

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    Dear community,

    We currently have a PC v12.01 patch 01 configuration that is entirely Windows based, that is : ALM, PC Servers, Controllers and Standalone LoadGenerators have a Windows OS.

    We read that in combination with a Windows based controller one can use also Linux based LoadGenerators.

    Our current Windows based Standalone LoadGenerators are on version 12.01 patch 3 (patch 3 = LRLG_00087), so the basis PC Standalone Application LoadGenerator v12.01 installable with on top LoadRunner patch 3 applied .  This works fine together with version 12.01 patch 01 on the ALM platform server, 12.01 patch 01 on the PC Servers and 12.01 patch 01 on the Controllers.

    My question now : if we want to install & hook up to the above described configuration some Linux based LoadGenerators, how to get a compatible patch version on these Linux machines ?  I only find Linux installables for the basis LoadGenerator 12.01 version but no patches for these Linux based LoadGenerators (they are available for Windows based standalone LoadGenerators) ?

    Thank you for your feedback on this.


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    I've a script in which everything is recorded in Action part.

    The steps include Login - Many user action - Logout. 

    The requirement is to login and logout each iteration.


    1. A failure in step x forces the iteration to start from the begining
    2. A new iteration starts with no cookie, no cache - since "New User on each iteration" is enabled
    3. But a Firefox authentication dialog is displayed and the execution halts there, I tried recording clicking on Cancel button on the same dialog, but the step never reached, it blocks the execution even before the "action" blocks starts in the next iteration.
    4. This happens only when the user is already logged in to the system, if the iteration fails before login the next iteration starts and works fine.



    A manual validation in a normal browser indicates the below,

    1. Login to the application in tab-1,

    2. Open a new tab,  in tab-2 and navigate to the same URL (the user Auto logins), now logout in tab-2, and close it.

    3. Goto tab-1, the auth prompt pops-up. This is the pop-up that blocks the next iteration in TruClient replay.

    The only difference here is manually logging out, and the LR clears the cache and cookies as per RTS.


    Edit 2:

    1. Manually stop the iteration after login to the application

    2. Start the Iteration again using replay button

    3. The pop up blocks the entire replay process (I could see the "Init" block itself blocked due to the dialog, after cancel / closing the dialog the "init" block starts to execute.



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    currently i am facing difficulty in capturing the dynamic value in pop window. Actually in my web application, every time after creating an issue, a pop window comes on top right corner of the screen showing "issue name with ID" like "PerfID 23" and every time i create the issue the issue ID increased by 1. In that pop window, i have to click on that "PerfID 23" link to open the issue. one more thing ,the pop up mesasge only last for 3 second on the screen. i recorded the script but while replying it not able to click on the "PerfID23" link, because its the ID number gets increased by 1.
    So how to solve this issue kindly help me out.

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    Hi there,

    I was hoping I could get some help with VuGen, as I’m butchering a previously defined script for use in BPM and I’m having a weird issue.

    Basically, as you can see in Screenshot 1, I have 23 steps and four transactions (confusingly 1, 2, 4 and 5) in my script, which is fine.

    When I run the script in TruClient, after step 20, I see the error in Screenshot 2.

    There’s no Subject textbox in Step 4. It was only by accident when switching transactions, that I found the hidden steps shown in Screenshot 3 - two actions, 4.1 and 4.2, that are listed after the Send action. I have tried deleting the Actions either side of them simultaneously to see if they disappear, but that doesn’t work. They don’t appear in the Script Viewer or in TruClient and I have no way to remove them manually that I can find.

    Can anyone help at all? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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    can any one please let us know how to record an excel which opens a file download popup with in the windows not from the browser. we are not able to record the pop up to open excel.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Team,

    I am using LR 11.52 version. But it does not supprot scripting with IE v11 using web or sapweb protocol.

    Can you tell if there is any patch or upddate available for LR 11.52v that support IE 11.

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  • 03/10/16--09:28: Biztalk Performance Testing
  • Hello Guys,

    Could you please let me know if any of you guys have any experience in Biztalk performance testing with loadrunner?


    Sijo Mathew

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    We have two set of scripts - each set with same scripts with different URL

    currently we are managing by two seperate set of scripts, scenario in performance center.

    this makes it difficult if there is any changes in the script as every time we need to change in both scripts and uploaded it again.

    how can I create a SINGLE set of scripts with two URL. and when I indicated it will run a particular scenario with that particular URL


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    We have two set of scripts - scripts are same except unique URLs (URL1, URL2)
    Now we are using performance center and currently we are managing by two set of scripts and scenarios. This makes it difficult if there is a change in the script, we need to update and upload two scripts. this is also creating problem of tracking of changes made or not.

    How can I create single set of scripts with two unique URL (URL1, URL2) so that when I run a scenario indicating URL1 - all scripts will use URL1 and if I use URL2 then all scripts will pick up URL2

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  • 03/10/16--22:15: 90 percentile LR_Analysis
  • Hello,

    I was running multiple LoadTest and found the 90 percentile is different for all 3 runs. Could anyone please help me to crack this. Thanks 

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    we are getting a Pop-up from windows to download Excel we are unable to capture that Popup is there any solution to download file within the broswer.

    i am using  AjaxcTru client IE protocol .


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    Could not read block - no data 0x000000000

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    I have a Truclient Firefox script recorded with Vugen 12.02 and running on BPM 9.25. The script replay setting Action on Error is set to Continue to the Next Iteration. Sometimes the script will fail on a Wait for Object statement, but this does not result in a transaction failure status to BPM. Also, the remaining transactions in the script do not appear to run when this happens. Other types of failures that sometimes occur in the script, like with a Click statement that gets a target object not found error, DO result in a transaction failure and DO result in the script continuing on to subsequent transactions.

    This problem was also reported at but there has been no good explanation for this behavior. Is it a defect or is there a solution?

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    Hi All,

    Im trying to develop a loadrunner script on Oracle R12 version. I dont want to use the web http/html protocol.  It has its own headache of correlation.Instead i want to use only Oracle NCA.

    Earlier in 11i version of Oracle, I used the link as mentioned in the attached image file.

    The above link will directly launch the form without browser login when pasted in IE.The user name and pwd can be directly given in form window. I Made sure that the above url is present in the ICX form launcher profile option at user level.

    This also avoids the use of ICX ticket parameter in the script which is a huge relief for me atleast. It was used as a link in the URL address of LR record window and used single protocol(Oracle NCA).
    Can anybody help me in getting similiar url for the Oracle R12 instance. I tried several combinations, but it failed.

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  • 03/13/16--22:05: Rename the csv file.
  • Hi Friends, I have a requirement to rename the downloaded csv file. but But the downloaded file name contains current date and time appended in the saved file. I want to rename the file in run time . can anybody suggest/guide me. Regards, Santhakumar

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    Chinese characters are being  identified while debugging script in HP LR 11.5 :

    For example 船用GPS is being identified as ??GPS (this is observed in execution log). Please help me in this regards.

    This is a mandatory input and im not recording the script, i wrote it in the part of JSON request execution.



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    Hi Team,

    Scenario 1

    recording and i got all resouse file separately and in controller I've executed and found the average response time for the home page.

    Scenario 2

    Executing the same scenario by using the concurrent_ start and concurrent_end function.(real browser emulation)

    Here I'm going to get the same average response time.

    Now, could anyone please explain me the relation between the scenario 1 & 2?

    Is there any response time will differ? 


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  • 03/14/16--05:17: Load Runner Proxy recording
  • Hi,

    I am trying to record an app through mobile device with LR12.5 using Load Runner proxy recording option.

    But while recording, I am unable to open the app through mobile and none of the events are getting generated in VuGen.

    I have already implemented the below pre-requisites -

    1. Both the device and the VuGen are on the same WiFi network

    2. Have entered the SSL certificate of the app in the Recording options - Mapping and Filtering.

    Kindly help.

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    I'm developing a script with LR 12.50 using TruClient Chromium browser. On develop window I can replay it without any problem, but, when I run it outside develop window or in Controller, I receive the following error. (The error is also attached)

    t=00074591ms: Error -205177: Failed to attach to debugger: Cannot access contents of url "". Extension manifest must request permission to access this host.       Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177]


    One particular feature about the application I want to replay is that on some circunsances it opens a new tab, and the target navigation open 4 tabs, in 4 separated steps.

    The first step that open new tab, doesn't report any error, but the following steps drop the above error.

    Please, can you provide me any support about this?


    best regards.

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