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    When i try to record a web application using web-http\html protocol in vugen using chrome, an incognitive window is getting opened. i am also windows command prompt has stopped working error with mutiple  command prompts getting opened and closed automatically.

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  • 03/15/16--08:12: Get IP of controller machine
  • Hi,

    Is there an easy way to get the IP address of what controller machine is running the test?  I'm looking for something similar to the lr_whoami function.

    1.  I can use openSSH to copy a file with the ip address but that is a little messy as I'd need a localhost scipt to run and only do that.

    2.  VTS is not an option as that's why I need the controller IP :)

    Many thanks,


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  • 03/15/16--12:39: Show Arguments
  • In the TruClient protocol Debug Layout, I have selected the step navigator located at the bottom right of the screen.  When I right click a step my show arguments option is grayed out (disabled) but my copy is enabled. When I try to copy the step to notepad it does not give me the enitre step, arguments...etc.  Does anyone know why, or how to enable the show arguments option?

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    Moved to StormRunner Load Practitioner Forum

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    While Executing Web service through Load Runner Trial Version: 12 . 50

    We are getting this Error:--


    Error:InvokeMethod failure: Request "https://XYZ/ABC.DEF.Services.SOAPService.svc/SOAPService.svc"  failed.

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    I am facing problem in recording issue in java webstart application which is a  jnlp url . When launching the url,the jnlp file is getting downloaded and opening the java applet login page.

    I added all the jar files(downloaded from the application using the jar path available in the jnlp file) to the class path and added the class path as mentioned in the HP website

    When i tried recording with java over http protocol , i am not able to proceed after giving the credential in java applet.

    The script is getting captured till before the login.

    Please let me know how to resolve the issue.


    Raghul M

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    Hi ,

    I am  facing an issue with Binary data(\x14\x03\x01\x00\x01\x01\x16\x03\x01\x00) in LoadRunner frequently with flex protocol. I need the recorded  script to be in  readable format rather than seeing in binary data format.

     Is it possible to use "Binary to XML" conversion in Data format extention in recording option to convert the binary hexadecimal values to readable xml format without importing jar files like GWT data format extension?

    Please kindly provide some useful solution and ideas  that can help us.

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    WIthin the past 30 days, I have successfully completed, with an Administrator level windows login account, the installation of the Vugen 12.5 by itself as well as the full Loadrunnner isntallation (with or without network virtualization) on multiple Windows 7 Enterprise systems.  During these installations, the McAfee Antivirus services were disabled, Microsoft UAC was disabled and Windows DEP was disabled as was recommended by HP Loadrunner technical support engineers. One of these systems, was a freshly installed image of Windows 7 Enterprise that had been validated by my company's IT infrastruture department just eliminate the possibility of trying to install the Loadrunner software on a system that had a corrupted Windows registry/environment.

    On all of these machines (at least 4 systems), the Loadrunner Full Setup or the Vugen installation without an errors being logged during the installation process. 

    However, once I try to record using the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol, the recording does not record any web trafffic since the browser window (IE 11, Chrome or Firefox) NEVER APPEARS.  Windows Task Manager shows that the browser process is active and the Process Explorer tool shows that the browser process has been launched by Vugen. Also, the Vugen Recording pop-up window is actively counting the seconds the Recording process has been active. After 60 seconds have gone by, Vugen posts an error message stating that there was a communication error with the browser process. 

    At this point, this Vugen error message suggest that an interference with the Symantec Endpoint Firewall agent may be causing this problem and that a change to the Symantec Firewall policy may be necessary in order for any recording to occur. 

    Unfortunately, NONE of these failing systems use the Symantec Endpoint Firewall agent or any other software that provides a similar function.

    I would really appreciate any feedback regarding this issue, since Loadrunner 12.5 is not of much use to my company if I cannot record any new Vugen scripts with it.

    I even tried using the Winsock protocol on these failing systems and the same problem occurs.

    Does anyone know of any Windows update or some other monitoring software that could prevent the browser process, be it iexplore..exe, firefox.exe or chrome.exe, from displaying its own browser window?

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    Hi, I am working on LR12.05, am using trueclient protocol.

    I am able to record the script in trueclient but unable to replay in deveopscript mode.

    Please suggest.what could be the issue.





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    I have LR 11.52 on W2K8 R2, Forms, IE8x86 and JDK 1.7_7 32bit

    When i record this Oracle forms application with Oracle NCA recording with HTTP i have  web_custom_request insead of nca functions.

    Any Idea ?


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    Hi All,

    I am writing a quick IMAP/SMTP script. I need help figuring out how to use the saved parameters.

    	            "Search=SUBJECT \"BSM Monitoring For DOE Exchange Service\"",

    Action.c(68): Search Results = 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 [18/03/2016 1:03:21 PM]

    As you can see, I have results. How do I then use those results in another command (i.e imap_expunge)?

    I've tried hours of googling and trying to interpret the Function Reference to no avail.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Cheers :)

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    Please share a Video or any link or Tutorial for Web Service Testing for Load Runner Trial Version 12.5.


    Also Share a Video Or any link or Tutorial for Web service Testing FOr Load Runner 12.5



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  • 03/20/16--16:32: Protocal Advisor
  • while do recording through "Protocal Adviser" i am getting the below error message when stop the recording

    "Cannot create report. Reason is Requested a name string that is not present in the font"

    Some one help me on this?



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    I have created four scripts for Loadrunner in the Virtual User Generator, using the TruClient protocol. I am trying to run those four scripts in the LR Controller as a scenario, each script by itself, consecutive, not parallel.

    However, one script always fails when run inside the Controller, but runs fine when replayed in the VU-Generator!

    Because the script is complex, contains passwords and uses non-public resources, I cannot place the script here.

    But what can I do to solve this problem? How to get the one script passed in the LR Controller as well? What exactly can I do to investigate the problem? How to analyse possible differences?


    It also happened that I run the identical scenario multiple times, just to see different results (i.e. some scripts passes, the other fails, and next time it is different again...). There must be some ways to figure out / investigate what the cause/reason is for that! But how to do that??

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    Hi  All,

    Please help me to understand I want to generate load for 10000 Concurrency User ,

    I need to reach for my WEB Application. Think time: 10 sec.

    What will be the Virtual User??

    Please share with me detail plan.


    Also I want to do Load testing for Web Service Testing Load Runner 12.5 .  So , please let me know the Process??








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    How to generate Concurrent user : 1000 for web service Testing Load Runner 12.5 Full version.

    Every time new Session key generate for Every Concurrent User.

    Please share your ideas.....







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    Hi All,

    If an application is recently developed and it needs to be performance tested before production, how to decide the number of users to be executed in Load test.

    How do we conclude the other criteria like TPS, Think time and Pacing 


    Thanks in Advance 




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    I am closing pre-existing browser before I start my application in vugen truel client protocol.

    I used IF Browser exists condition from tool box.

    Before closing the browser, I get a popup "Vuser is running. Do you want to stop it now" with OK Cancel button

    I like to click on cancel and continue with script


    Any body got an idea how to click on cancel

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    I am using Load runner 12.5 and I am trying to upload files by using web true client. The problem is that when trying to upload files the files are either not uploaded or the page is stuck during record with sign of processing in the browser.

    The site front end is based on jQuery-File-Upload which can be found in the following link:

    Please advise,



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    Hi All,

    I am trying to capture the entire response of request in HTTP/HTML script. 

    Used open boundaries in web_reg_save_param to cabture the entire body by mentioning scope=body.

    Before that i have increased the length of parameter  using web_set_max_html_param_len(999999);

    The response of the request is huge so unbale to capture the response even after increasing the length


    Content-Type: application/dlf;charset=UTF-8

    sample output as below


    Can some one suggest alternate option to capture the response. I have customized code  before further request which needs the entire response as mentioned in the above format.

    Thanks in Advance!





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