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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I want to hit a web app url to do load testing.

    It has a login with dual authentication method. So everytime there are more steps involved than just entering a login and password. How to ignore the login part(entering username, password) and hit the web app url which comes after login to do load testing?

    Please help!


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    Hi ,

    I am trying to find a way in which my LR analysis report will tell me if a transaction has passed or failed. Since most of the time our Expected response time is fixed, i am wondering if there is a way to feed in the expected response time in the LR and after the execution, it can compare the Expected vs Actual response time and tell me if my transaction is pass or fail. Presently I am doing it in excel which is a tedious process.

    Please help

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    In the code generation we see 'Replace Event for Transaction with Id xxxx' for a VuGen script and how is it different from 'Add Event For Transaction With Id xxxx'

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    Am using HP Load Runner Community Edition 12.50 Trial Version. In Virtual User Generator tool recorded the script and when i run the script, the blue screen appears and display a message "Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart we're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you ." Error Screenshot is attached for reference.


    Thanks & Regards,


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    I have clicked everything in correlations config, but it's not creating script.

    After I record and stop, it starts to generate something, but an error is shown: No correlation occurences were found

    check that scans were enabled in the recording options.

    I have checked all options in config-correlations, but any idea why it keeps giving me this issue? Please let me know, thanks!

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    I am using Loadrunner 12.01 vesrion. While recording i am not able to record the pop Up present in the application.
    The appliction is web application only and the pop up are regarding to entring any value for an example Address.
    Even pop up's are not opening while recording.Need to use IE browser only.

    please provide me any solution, ASAP.


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    Is there any function in Ajax Truclient, which can be used to retrieve multiple parameter values in the script from same row? For example: Wants to retrieve values from column 2 and column 3 but both the values are from row 1.



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    Hi All,
    I am facing a replay issue with script recorded in Web+Oracle NCA / Oracle WebApp 11i protocol .
    Getting error like:
    Object is not displayed.

    Advanced Logs I can see that "Failed to receive the data from the server"

    When I replay with "WinInet instead of sockets " the script is passing but taking very long time for each event.

    Please advice the ways to debug the issue.

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    Hi All,

    Kerberos authentication is implemented in Application as a part of Development. This causes issue in running the Vugen script using Socket option. To overcome this issue, we used WinInet option and enable the "Integrated User Authentication" and not seeing any issue while running the script.

    Is there any alternative way/approach of testing using socket option by implementing Keberos as a part of web_set_certificate or can we write c code to have the windows authentication using Kerberos Key rather than using WinInet.

    WinInet is showing a slow reponse time result from the test run as compared to Socket option testing,

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    I am getting an internal problem error durng the test run. Transaction is passing in develop script mode in Vugen and fails when I run the script.

    In TransactionsAdapter::HandleMessage, calling EndTransaction failed

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    I have to measure PDF document generation response time using truclient scripts. Can I use wait for object to measure the transaction response time? Is there any other way?

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  • 05/04/16--12:35: TruClient Pop Ups
  • IE version: 11

    Loadrunner version: 12.53


    So I have an application that when a button is selected it links to a PDF doc. 2 Questions I have for how truClient is going to handle this:

     1. There is a pop up that is displayed that has the following buttons, Open/ Save/ Cancel and the focus is on the cancel. So when I use a browser action to hit the ok button it selects the cancel. Any way I can get it to select the Open?

    2. Has anyone had any success using the verify PDF truclient feature?

    Thank you!

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    Can any one please please share the guidance on developing/recording the Scripts with SFTP and SMPP protocols in Load Runner. Appreciate the help quickly





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    I'm experiencing an issue which has happend on 2 seperate systems, whereby upon reaching Lesson 4 of the bundled tutorial - "How do I emulate multiple users?"  I am unable to see anything populated on the data tab that appears, when trying to parameterize the script.

    Steps taken:

    1.Find the section where you want to vary the data. a.Select View > Step Navigator to show the Step Navigator in the left pane.
    b.In the Step Navigator, locate the Submit Data: step.

    c.Right-click the Submit Form: step and select Show Arguments. The Submit Form Step Properties dialog box opens.

     Can anyone possibly assist with what may be causing the issue or point me in the direction of overcoming this hurdle.

    I have attached a screenshot of what is presented to me upon selecting 'Show Arguments'

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Everyone,

    So I have a TruClient Script with a 5 separate Actions. Everything runs fine from Vugen.

    In Controller, I used the option "Define each action and step as a transaction". Which means that I have 5 transactions (apart from Init and End) from the Actions, and a number of others from each of the steps within the action.

    I ran this scenario for just 1 vuser (for testing) and was looking at the results in Analysis. However, I found it curious that if you sum the timings for individual steps that make up an Action, it never reconciles back; the sum of timings for individual Steps is either greater or less than the timing for the complete Action. Keep in mind that I ran for only 1 vuser, so there are no Average Timings/Max/Mins distorting these figures (as they are all the same).

    For example, Lets say Action_1 has 5 Steps - Step_1 through Step 5.

    This is what I am seeing in my Analysis Summary:

    Transaction Name                                   Minimum           Average           Maximum

    Transaction_Action_1                                   50                     50                        50

    Transaction_Action_1_Step_1                        15                      15                        15

    Transaction_Action_1_Step_2                        10                      10                        10

    Transaction_Action_1_Step_3                        20                      20                        20

    Transaction_Action_1_Step_4                        15                      15                        15

    Transaction_Action_1_Step_5                         5                        5                        


    As you can see, the timings for Step 1 through 5 add up to 65sec, whereas the overall transaction on the Action level says 50 secs.

    Can somebody help us explain what's going on? I am sure there is a simple explanation - but I can't figure this one out and it's doing my head in!!

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    I am unable to record a Java application using JNLP.

    I have tried tried recording the application using Java Record replay protocol with  the steps mentioned in the link for Document ID: KM169714.

    Citrix and RDP protocol can't be used.

    Script is not recorded with Web(HTTP/HTML) and Java over HTTP.

    I have tried recording the application via browser, Command Prompt and Batch file.


    Can anyone please guide me


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    When LoadRunner scenario is executed using Jenkins via the HP Plugin, it creates the following folders and files:

    • LRR folder- The Controller raw result folder, viewable in LoadRunner Analysis.
    • LRA folder- The Analysis session folder, viewable in LoadRunner Analysis.
    • HTML folder- HTML reports in two subfolders, IE and Netscape, in their respective formats.
    • SLA.xml - An XML report showing the status of the SLA in the test.

    But the HTML report it creates, contains basic graphs. Is there any way to apply custom analysis templates so that customized HTML reports are automatically created?

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    Hi, Gurus.

    Good day!

    I'd like to ask if Client IE is compatible with SAP Netweaver 7.01 ? I'm trying to record a scenario but the whole functionality of the portal page are not loading properly such as menus and pictures. I could not even click the links inside the portal page. Are there any settings that I need to configure? Please advise.



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  • 05/06/16--06:44: TruClient Tab Count
  • Is there a way to count the number of tabs that are open in IE 11 using Truclient?

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    Hi ,

    What's the difference beteen wait for object and verify ? Response time for verify object and wait for object will be the same?

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