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    I am trying to install load runner 12.53 trial version on window 7 operating system. When its validating installed softwares in pre requirement phase, it throws an error for missing windows update KB2999226. when i try to isntall this update, an alert box appears with 'this update is not compatible with your system".

    Can anybody please tell me what is the pre requirement for load runner trial version 12.53 on windows 7? Am i missing a step?

    Please help.




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    Hi guys,

    I'm using the web_convert_param function to convert an HTML value into a URL value as it's needed in a subsequent web_custom_request.

    The value is being captured as  Northern Ireland REGION and when I convert it to URL it becomes Northern+Ireland+REGION
    If I then use the web_convert_param function again, the value becomes Northern%2BIreland%2BREGION.

    So either I'm converting the value incorrectly (I've tried HTML and Plain as the SourceEncoding) or there's a problem with the function -  I would expect the spaces in the original value to become %20, not %B. I also wouldn't expect to see the '+' symbol used to replace a space when converting to URL!

    Can someone check this for me or correct me if I'm doing it wrong? I would expect the value to become Northern%20Ireland%20REGION.

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    I installed loadrunner 12.5 and the Loadrunner Community License doesn’t get installed.

    I just get the message on the license utility "No Valid Licenses have been installed"

    How can i get the key file to install the following that HP its including:

    • 50 Community Virtual Users including all protocols (except COM/DCOM, Templates, and GUI)
    • 2 Virtual Users of the award-winning Network Virtualization capability, free forever.


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    I am working on an application where  the steps are

    a) enter the login URL, but it lands to another URL

    b) So UserId,pwd is given in the landed URL

    C) But userID and password is not captured in the script.

    d) There is a sessionID kind of dynamic value getting generated. How to make LR to capture the UserID,Pwd and sessionID.


    Pls find the attachments for script idea as a sample.

    Awaiting for the responses. Pls suggest.



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    Hi All,

    I got an Error when I tried to excute the webservice based recorded script.

    Error In Detail:

    Error: Run Section does not exist.

    Warning: Extension runlogic.dll reports error -15956 on call to function ExtPerThreadInitialize

    Error: Vuser failed to initlialize extension runlogic.dll

    Vuser Terminated.

    Please provide me a solution for this which you can think of.

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    Dear All:

    I have recorded a script using Truclient with loadrunner version 12.5 but when  I try to open and run a script on loadrunner version 11.00, I faced a problem (“TruClient Web” not supported) message appear.

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  • 11/02/16--03:19: parameters in extra files
  • I'm submiting an iDoc request as an XML attached extra file. When I run the script all is OK but when I attempt for parameterise the XML extra file the script fails to recognise the parameters and sends them straight through as curly brackets.

    For example I the XML file contains:

    <POSTING_DATE>20160818140006</POSTING_DATE> which I change to


    When I replay instead of sending 20160818140006 I send {date}

    How do I send the value ?


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    I'm using LR12.53 in windows server 2012.

    When I'm trying to record a script with TruClient the page in IE11 is rendered partially.

    In Firefox it works fine.



    Thanks for any advice,


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    As Oracle no longer supports LoadRunner ( switching to their OAT suite) I have found that in this version of Oracle (12.2.5 EBusiness suite) they have also hardcoded their FND key values (a security enhancement).

    This causes huge amounts of autocorrelation to be required (in web) - where it was not needed in previous versions (all comments on this are welcome)

    Where weneeded auto-correlation on Oracle forms a few times - This now appears to be over 5000 correlations for a few scripts.

    How does HP propose to overcome this ?


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    I have an page that during playback in the Deveolp Script section, and also replay, that will scroll unexpectedly.  This causes the object at the top of the page to not be visible, and so when run I get an object not found error.  Please advise.  Ther edoes not seem to be an option to lock the page.  I am using the FF with TruClient -web protocol.



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    This has been an annoyance for a while, but VuGen is no longer recording think time when I record scripts.  I'm using the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol.  It worked in older versions.  I have the following settings

    Recording Options -> General -> Script

    Generate think time greater than threshold = 3

    Generate fixed think time after end transaction = not set

    I have installations on two separate machines, and I experience the same behaviour.  I'm also waiting for longer than 3 seconds while browsing each page while I script.  I don't think I'm missing any patches either. 

    Any ideas anyone?


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    One of the old issues with TC is recognition of external OS pop ups.  With 12.5 coming in , did we get any workaroud by using javascript to recognize the OS pop up box and press cancel/save in it . I have a step in UI which opens a pop up to save/open/cancel an excel file.  If i do not not press any button in this step and continue to next steps, the next iteration fails as the file operation is still not completed. I tried few of the JS (self.close() etc.) snippets but it did not work. Without using other automation tools than LR, did anyone face this issue recently and got any solutionTC?  The application is build on Qliksense and Http/html protocol does not recognize the objects, thus we are using TC IE (parsing header with use of fidler would be troublesome for 25 scripts!!)

    Reference from an old thread:



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    Dear HPE Community Members,

    There is a recording issue with VuGen TruClient (12.50) while login to the Salesforce application


    - Open TruClient 'Develop Script' for Firefox browser

    - Select a Salesforce application (Lightning experience mode) and start recording

    - Type the valid user credential (user id and password) and click on login button

    - The Salesforce home page is not loading, hence further steps couldn't get recorded.

    Note: There is no any issue observed while navigating similar steps manually. The Salesforce home page get loaded successfully.

    Other Required information:  VuGen 12.50, Firefox 47.0.1

    Please let me know if any additional information required.

    Thanks in advance for the quick response.




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    Hi all,

    I have a flow where the first half takes the proxy settigs in system say 20.***.***.*** ,

    and the second half has a login Id password to be entered and it takes a different settings like *

    LoadRunner captures the first flow only and gives cannot display webpage error in second flow. Let me know how to deal with this.


    Have given 20.***.*** in use custom proxy setting in LR, and in exceptions gave the *

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    Hello Experts,

    I have question to clarify on Termainal services/

    1) In oder to have Terminal services enable, do we need to purchase seperate license? What kind of licenses should be purchased to enable Terminal services

    2)What are the steps to be taken into consideration, to enable the Terminal services and run the load test.

    3)Termainl services should be enabled on Load Generator machines, is that correct?

    Can you please adivse and provide further information on Terminal services?

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  • 11/06/16--10:53: Load Generator setup
  • Hello Experts,

    What is ideal scenario to setup to the Loadgenerator machines? Our data center is moving to State "Y" from State"X and users will be accessing from state A(90% users). State B(10% users)

    At this moment our client cannot afford for LG on cloud or stromrunner, so in this case what will be the ideal condition to setup the LG to mimic the real production sceanrio.

    Should we setup Load generator at location "Y", close to Data center or in State A where max users will be accessing the application?


    To my knowledge, we should setup LG's at State A to mimic the realistic sceanrio.

    Can you please advise if that's correct approach.

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  • 11/06/16--11:08: Network Virtualization
  • Hello Experts,

    Need some information on Network Virtualization in LoadRunner.

    1) When to use Network Virtualization?

    2)How to setup Network Virtualization?

    3)What kind of licenses available for Network Virtualization?

    4)How to create virtual locations?

    Please advise.

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  • 11/06/16--16:33: Truclient wait for object
  • The wait and wait for object do not seem to really work as I would expect.  I really need events to happen, once a page is fully loaded, and an object appears.  I have tried WAIT, with a specifici amount of time, and also WAIT FOR OBJECT, but not getting the results I think I should expect.  for example, click a button, and then a new page or popu appears.  I can't do anything until the page or popup is fully loaded, to perform the next action..   I can identify the object when running interactively, and often in the run in GenVU, but not controller.  I have tried several things, but really need a better (more consistent) way to not perform an action before the page fully loads (including any and all images, which might take 2-15 seconds)  I currently have the wait for object run time setting at 30 seconds, but find it hard to believe the app is taking longer than this.  I have tried using different parts of the page/popup, but no luck so far.  Please advise.  

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    our LR can not record any application under IE11. We ar using LR 12.53 and Web - Http/Html protocol  (WEB 2.0 bundle). System Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

    I tryied everything. For example turn off SSL and so on.

    Do you please have any advice how to solve it?

    Thank you very much


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    I am trying to call a GO.CMD fil using system("C\\FILE.cmd");

    But this is not working. CMD opens for a sec and closes quickly.


    Can anyone suggest an alternative solution.

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