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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I have recorded a sample google script using TruClient IE - web protocol in LR 12.50. When I try converting it to Web script, I see only the comments in the converted script (Please see below) .I tried few other websites and ended up in the same situation.

    function Action()
    // 1: Navigate to ""
    // 3: Type HP in Search combobox
    // 5: Press Enter key on Search combobox
    // 7: Click on HP® Official Site | Laptop... link
    return 0;

    Kindly help to resolve my issue. Appreciate your time on this.

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    I am not very good with regular expressions, and I am strugling now with this problem. I need to catch the value of the parameter "lt", that is send by the server when you go to the first page of a web application. It is send like this:

    type="hidden" name="lt" value=">

    So I want to use a web_reg_save_param_regexp to catch it. But no matter how I try to write it, it doesn't seem to work. The code below is accepted by LR, but gives the eror that no value is found for I am doing something wrong,  Can anybody see the problem?

    "RegExp=type=\"hidden\"\\ name=\"lt\" \\ value=\"(.*?)\"",



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     HPE Performance Engineering R&D invites you to join an introduction, High level, webinar on the new PC-over-IP protocol (In collaboration with Teradici) that will take place on December 15th at 09:00 AM PST.

     For registration, simply click the link below and register.

     Or, send an email to with PCoIP webinar in the subject line.

    Additional details can be found below and also enclosed.

    See you there :-)

    HPE R&D 

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    I have created an application to analyze LoadRunner test results from LRR or LRA analysis files using Analysis API. I am able to retrieve data from available graphs, filter it process it based on granularity interval.

    I'd like to retrieve raw transactional data (transaction name, start time, duration) and calculate (90th) percentile. Is it possible to get this data usin LR Analysis API? How can the transactional data be retrieved from MS Access or SQL server database files?

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    I need to know which version of HP Performance center and Load runner is compatible to test the Oracle EBS 12.2.5? Also if there is any dependency on version of ALM? Any help on this will be much appreciated.

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    Hi All,

    I have started working on Loadrunner 12.53 Enterprise edition and am facing an issue with the same.

    As soon as i initiate recording through the tool, I get a couple of popups "brkrprcs64.exe has stopped working" and "Windows Command Processor has stopped working".

    Please let me know in case anyone else has come across the issue or in case you have any suggestions to resolve the same. I have also attached a sheet containing screenshots of the errors as well.

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    I got some issue when I try to open my HP Loadrunner Analysis tool. It says "Startup error: Cloud not find MyDocuments folder location.".

    Anyone solved this issue?

    Best regards,
    Mattias Edman.

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    Forgive my ignorance here, but I'm having trouble understanding how the integration works between these Microsoft tools and LoadRunner.

    If I understand the LoadRunner 12.53 documentation correctly, there is no way to record a script in VuGen with the Visual Studio plugin, correct? It talks about recording the script for Eclipse, but for Visual studio it's all hand coding? What I don't understand though is what a .net Visual Studio VuGen script looks like. Is it an API level script like http protocol or more like a TruClient script on browser objects? 

    For continuous integration, do you have to use the Visual Studio VuGen plugin, or can you use a regular VuGen script the same way you can with Jenkins?

    Google and these forums don't seem to be able to tell me, so I think I'm asking the wrong questions. If someone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. :)


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    I need to load test confluence using HP Load runner. I tried installting this package. after extracting  these are the following folders available inside:

    SetupLoadGenerator.exe, SetupMIListener.exe,  SetupMoFW.exe, SetupTruClient.exe .

    Not sure on which one to install for the load test. Please provide me some insught.






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    Hi Everyone,


    I'm unable to record scripts on my VuGen 12.53. Gives me an error "This page can’t be displayed"".

    Attavhed is the screenshot for the same.



    Kindly, suggest me here.




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    I'm experimenting with the Loadrunner analysis API in Visual studio for a client who's working with HP Loadrunner.I'm reading throw the Loadrunner Analysis API Version 12.53 help. The interesting part in het help files is "General syntax for exporting to CSV" gives back "page not found". All the other links are working fine. But on every pc we try we get the same result for the link "General syntax for exporting to CSV", "page not found". Is it possible to provide me this page? Thanks in advance

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    Hi all,

    we are Running the script in VuGen in previous version(Build of Application) it was working fine but now we are facing the issue. can you please help me out

    Error Message;

    [‎11/‎24/‎2016 1:21 PM] Gogulapati, Meenakshi:

    No match found for the requested parameter "hidToken5". Check whether the requested boundaries exist in the response data. Also, if the data you want to save exceeds 4096000 bytes, use web_set_max_html_param_len to increase the parameter size, Snapshot Info [MSH 1 28]    [MsgId: MERR-35061]

    End auto log messages stack.


    Pruthviraj Paladugula

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    Hi All,

    I am using Loadrunner 12.53. In my recorded script, there is a timestamp (in  Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:36:55 GMT format) with every request sent to the the server. But my local machine is with IST timezone. 

    Is there any way I can paramterize the timestamp so that is sends the request with a GMT timestamp?

    The solution i could figure out was to create a date/time timestamp with "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S" format and replace all occurences with the parameter. But since the parameter reflects system current date/time therefore the request would send a GMT timestamp.



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    Hi All,

    I am working on a Citrix protocol script where I need to select ten values and click on a button after all are selected. First I tried using Ctrl key. While recording, I clicked on all the ten values with Ctrl key pressed and it recorded successfully but while replaying 5 values get selected and for the sixth one Ctrl key is lost and the selected values get unselected and only 6th gets selected. This happens randomly like sometimes Ctrl key is lost at 3rd value, sometimes at 7th value.

    Then I found a workaround for Ctrl key. I was able to record successfully using MODIF_SHIFT key. Here, while recording, I first normally clicked on the 1st value which will select the 1st value and then clicked on 10th value with MODIF_SHIFT key pressed. This automatically selected all ten values but again during replay MODIF_SHIFT key is not read and only the tenth value remains selected.

    Can anyone of you please provide a solution? Any help will be very much appreciated.


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  • 11/24/16--05:55: Flex correlation issue
  • I am recording on Flex protocol on LR 12.01

    For a particular AMF call, the response is huge and

    1. The snapshot shows a XML response but does not have the value that I want to correlate

    2. This value is found in the RAW response body of that request

    I am not able to correlate this value(REC0000000794892), neither with regex or the normal web_reg_save_param way ..

    As seen in RAW response

    strMiddleName:[1]‚& P!REC0000000794892    ’3[com..ib.colt.

    As seen in code generation:


    regex used : “Regexp=REC([0-9]{13})”

    or  “LB/BIN=\\x01\\x06!”,”RB=\\x01\\x01

    I dont understand if Loadrunner is not reading from the raw response and hence not able to correlate or Am I missing something....


    Please help.

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    Hi Folks,

    Am assinged for a SAP Application project for which i have to perform Load and performance testing.  SAP being complex transaction oriented system i will be only focusing on Business critical transactions

    Scope of testing will be to individually test each application for reliable load and performance and then later once the complete integration of system is completed than have to do L&P for only the Critical business transactions

    Have tested NON Sap applications in my career but SAP is new for me 

    Please share some insights, prerequisites and configuration set up for validating SAP scenarions in Loadrunner

    Appreciate your help!!!




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    I am writing a multi VUGen script of HTTP & Citrix, in Loadrunner 12.5.

    I have hit an issue where the recording has generated the below:


    The underlined text is a token that changes per session and is used further down the script to make the below call:

    ctrx_nfuse_connect("https://{server}/Citrix/StoreWeb/Resources/LaunchIca/{token}.ica?CsrfToken=8E3FABEB3F3C95F3D2FBE9B06E84291A&IsUsingHttps=Yes&launchId={launchID}&displayNameDesktopTitle=Windows%207%20Desktop", CTRX_LAST);

    Is there a way to make extract this token prior to the web_add_auto_header to parameterise it in the call further down.

    I've had a look around but I can't find a great deal of information on the web_add_auto_header. But i haven't found anything that looks to do this.

    If this is not possible, is there a workaround to get around this issue?


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    Im currently doing web perf testing and encountering the errors below:

    Error -26547: Authentication required, please use "web_set_user", e.g. web_set_user("domain\\user", "password", "host:port");

    Error -26630: HTTP Status-Code=401 (Unauthorized) for "some website here"

    I have tried applying the web_set_user functionality but still getting the same error and warnings.  

    Also, I have this warning comment inside my code. Hoping this will help you give me an adivse.

    "/*Possible OAUTH authorization was detected. It is recommended to correlate the authorization parameters.*/"

    I have checked some related forum posts but haven't found a way to completely solve my issue.

    LR Version: 12.53

    Protocol: HTTP/HTML

    Screenshot of the error: Attached




    Snippet of the code that causes the trouble:



            "Url=http://somewebsitehere/profile?_=somenumberhere", "Referer=http://somewebsitehere/?mode=view&_=somenumberhere", ENDITEM, 
            "Url=http://somewebsitehere?_=somenumberhere", "Referer=http://somewebsitehere?_=somenumberhere", ENDITEM, 
            "Url=http://somewebsitehere?_=somenumberhere", "Referer=http://somewebsitehere/?type=other", ENDITEM, 



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    I use PC 12.53.

    I tried to set up a new SLA. The measurenent was "Transaction Response Time (Percentile)". Under "Transaction" tab, SLA wizzard shows only vuser_init_Transaction, Action_Trasnsaction and vuser_end_Transactions. How do I "register" my transactions in order to be able to set up SLAs?

    I have tens of transactions at "Action" file and I don't want to split my "Action" file to tens "Action1", "Action2" etc files to include only one transaction at each file.

    Thanks in advance.

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    When I tried to download HP load runner from this link "", It showing me following error 

    Sorry, the page you requested is napping at the moment.

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