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    Hi All,


    Have few queries regarding Extrares :


    1.While replaying the script shall we comment the extrares or not & Why ? What is the impact of commenting/uncommenting on response time and the load test ?Please explain in detail

    2.If dynamic values are there in extrares then is it required to co-relate those values?




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    HI Team,


    1.What are hits in terms of vugen script , i mean which part of code will correspond to one hit?

    2.Also how to calculate the total hits generated by a web http script ?






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  • 02/28/14--05:24: Analysis question
  • Hi,



    I need to know how to remove a transaction from the analysis calculation.



    For example, I don´t want to take into account the Login response time.



    Is it possible?



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    Action.c(16): Error -26396: The "¶" argument (number 8) is unrecognized or misplaced   [MsgId: MERR-26396]
    Action.c(16): web_edit_field("userid") highest severity level was "ERROR"   [MsgId: MMSG-26391],


    at below code this above error is getting it is machine specfic and proxy are working fine for other all apps

    web_edit_field("userid", "Snapshot=t1.inf", 


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    I am new to the Ajax truclient.

    I am able to record replay using the truclient on vugen11.4 but when I close the firefox fox the save window pops up and I save and close the firefox and vugen. But when I reopen and select develop script button the firefox opens blank and my previous recording is missing

    Also the vugen window does not show the script.



    Any help is much appreciated

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    hello All


    I am using one script to check if SAP systems are up (just opens sap logon window, log in and run transaction), but few dais ago on about 4 sap systems this script started showing this error: Action.c(42): Error: Failed to resize window to 33x180


    (it is mistery to me but one of the four started working again)

    do you know what might be wrong ?

    loadrunner vs.: 11.03


    in advance, thank you.

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  • 03/03/14--16:15: Design Scenario
  • Hi,


    Could you please help me on this.


    I have to design the scenario like this.


    Total No.Of User 380.


    First I have to Ramup 50 users, once 50 users ramped up I have to run the test for 25 Mins , then after that again I have to Ramup 100 users and  once 100 users ramped up I have to run the test for 30 Min’s  should go on up to 380 users.


    How do I do this?




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    VuGen hangs while replaying a SAP GUI protocol script at a grid related API step for example sapgui_grid_select_cell_colum.

    This issue appears in the following LoadRunner and Performance Center VuGen versions: 11.50, 11.50 patch 1, 11.51, 11.52 and 11.52 patch 1.

    Please find hotfix files for each affected VuGen 11.5x release in the following knowledge document:


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    Transaction names dynamically generate by a VuGen scripts are not deployed into a BSM/BPM environment as the transaction names are not written in the script usr file.


    An addin has been developed that allows dynamic transactions to be specified in VuGen scripts that are to be used in a BSM/BPM monitoring environment.


    Instructions how to install and use the TransactionWriterAddin to specify dynamic transaction names for VuGen scripts used in a BSM/BPM monitoring environment are available in the following knowledge document:

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  • 03/04/14--08:30: Global Variables in VUGen
  • Hi,


    I got a problem in declaring global variable in VUGen scripting.

    How can I create a global variable that can be unique across all running virtual users.


    I tried below ways, but not working.


    1. declared a variable in globals.h file 

    2. declared static variable  in globals.h file .



    in the both cases each VUser having his private set of global variables but not on a shared manner. 

    I want to declare a variable similar to VuserID or Iteration Number.... !


    How it is possible to declare such kind of variable in VUGen. Solution is really appreciable.


    Thanks in advance..!

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    This article provides a general guidance on VuGen PowerPack – Open Source extensibility for VuGen


    Link in Knowledge base:

    Eddy Segura
    HP LR/PC Support


    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.




    Performance Center:


    How to:


    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution

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    This article provides a general guidance on 5 tips to solve the most common problems seen in Web recording


    Link in Knowledge base:

    Eddy Segura
    HP LR/PC Support


    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.




    Performance Center:


    How to:


    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solutio

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    We've been struggling with recording a script for our native mobile app using all methods including pcap, emulator, and proxy recording. We've narrowed the issue down to VuGen not generating a script when trying to interact with native apps using SSL. We can't even sign into the mobile app when proxied from an Android phone to our laptop with VuGen (all on the same wifi network).


    The VuGen help mentions downloading the proxyroot.cer using the machine name or IP. This did not work for me. Also I suspect the proxy certificate is the problem because I was evaluating a different tool and the one difference is that we were able to download a similar certificate from the providers of the test tool and had a successful script.


    We're using v11.52 on both a Windows 7 laptop and Windows Server 2008 on a VM.


    Thanks for any help!

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    Hi All,


    In my project I have to post XML messages to the host server and see how the server is reponding.

    But I dont have the WSDL or the host URL. I have tried using Web service protocol. But it needs either WSDL file or the Host URL.


    I have only hostname, port and the credentials.


    Please help. Let me know if you need more information. Its a kind of urgent.

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    Hi All


    I am trying to record oracle CC&B application using Loadrunner version 11.52 by using protocol Https, Oracle NCA, Oracle Web App 11i, Web Http/Html protoclos but it is not recording script. could you please let me know what i have to do to record the script ?




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    I've got an error like in topic, when I try to replay WebServices protocol, using SOAP service.


    Input string "0.15" has an incorrect format for type Double in path


    Why "0.15" is not correct value for Double type?


    Please help.

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    Did you know that you can register yourself to receive an email notification when a patch is released?


    Here is how:


    First go to


    Select Patch e-mail notification




    then select Manage My e-mail notifications




    in here you can add or edit the registration, it can be for multiple products.

    select Add new registration



    Look for the product and the version you desire, the registration can be for one specific version or for any version, this includes current and future versions.



    click on Register and then you are done.




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      I'm trying to login to UCMDB to check the availabilty of the application using Vugen (1.Login, 2. check if status of server is available or not, 3. logout).Web HTTP doesnt seem to be a nice choice of protocol since the application has java applets and it is returning Binary data.


    I'm trying with Java over http protocol. BUt I need to set the path to the JAR files used by the application. I verified that the jar file used is: "ui-shared-applet-tools.jar". However I'm unable to copy those jar files as per the procedure identified in VUgen documentation because I'm unable to find them in the JAVA temp directory. Is there anyway that I can retrieve the above mentioned jar file?


    If any one has UCMDB implementation of 9.05 version, Please provide the above mentioned jar file from your "jar" files directory.


    I also tried recording with IE Truclient protocol, butthe Truclient browser is getting terminated everytime when i login to UCMDB with an error that "communciation error occurred between vugen and Trucleint Browser"



    Any help on the above is very much appreciated. If you have any better view of implementation, kindly suggest.







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    Hello Everybody,


    I am using LR 11 for scripting a scenario which includes editing the document name of a document in a document library in sharepoint 2013.


    The script generates a "ProcessQuery" request and I am manually adding X-RequestDigest header to this request. Though the script runs without any errors after adding the header, the document name is not being updated and the run time viewer shows an error saying there was a save conflict due to which the updation did not happen. This issue is only during editing the meta data related to the document(Document name or title). I have tried adding a custom column in sharepoint(comment) and i am able to edit the comment successfully.


    Suggestions from someone with previous experience in sharepoint scripting would be helpful.


    P.S. Using a network analyser, I see that there is another Authentication header for this "ProcessQuery" request but the header value is not available in any of the previous server responses and hence unable to correlate it and add as header.

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    I don't know how to handle messageID in silverlight_soap_request. This message is different for all soap requests. Even, I cannot find this messageID in server response to correlate. Below is the Silverlight soap request.


                "<s:Envelope xmlns:s=\"\" xmlns:a=\"\">"
                        "<a:Action s:mustUnderstand=\"0\"></a:Action>"
                        "<a:To s:mustUnderstand=\"0\">https://rxxxxxx.svc</a:To>"
                      "<a:To s:mustUnderstand="0">

                        "<GetUserDetails xmlns=\"\">"
                            "<request xmlns:b=\"\" xmlns:i=\"\"></request>"


    Please suggest how I can handle this messageID.





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