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    This may not be a tool issue but wanted to get an opinion on the below issue seen.


    I ran a 12 hr soak test (LR 12.01, HTTP) and test runs fine the first two hours and then just after two hours the throughput and response times drops (see figure attached). The server CPU/Memory usage was less than 10%. 


    The test continues to run (i.e. I can see transactions going through) but at a lesser throughput.  


    Checked the servers (4 Tomcat) but all were seen to be active BUT two of the server logs were seen not to be updated with any information after the two hours. Developers checked the Tomcat servers and confimed that all was fine and severs were runnning/ active. Got in touch with the Networks team who confirmed that they could not see any errors in the LoadBalancer logs (F5). 



    I ran the test the second time with the same results. A bit confused as to what to check next.  




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    First of all i am using Performance center 12.01

    I created a truclient script for firefox with VuGen 12.01. When i am replaying the script with vugen the system is able to take snapshots.

    But when i am conducting a load test i get the error message

    t=00103891ms: Error -205177: APIError: File_Not_FoundundefinedWhile calling handlers in RuleEngine dispatch, event=[Event type="step/errorSnapshot" target="1: Navigate to TC.getParam("URL")"], handler=function (e) {"use strict";        SnapshotManager.genSnapshotOnErrorFiles(e);    }       Snapshot Info [MSH 4 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177]    [MsgId: MERR-205177]

    and no snapshots are created.In the error message i get the hint that a file is missing but no file name is specified

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    I tried to record simple scripting using Web+citrix protocol for capturing events, but when trying to establish connection i am receiving a "unsupported function" window.


    I am assuming that Vugen 11.52 should be compatible for citrix Xenapp 5. Please let me if other


    I have about year of experience Load testing Citrix related application using LR 9.5 using only citrix protocol alone (by log on record mode and Via ICA file record mode).



    1. Xenapp 5+ installed in Win 2003.


    a. Citrix online pulgin 13+

    b. Citrix receiver 3+


    2. Application are hosted in the citrix server and accessed via web interface.


    3. Vugen 11.52 installed in Win 7 (64 bit).



    solution tried:


    recorded with admin rights -no use


    disabled anitvirus - no use


    checked/changed settings DEP (data execution prevention)


    merged registry settings from "enable_citrix_api.reg" - no use





    Please help!


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    Posting in the general forum, as I dont know whether everyone has access to customer support forum or not.


    Vugen is throwing exceptions in the following cases:


    1) While running the script. Solved after re-saving the script with a different name. 

    2) Every time I am trying to open an action.  - attached image lr-1.jpg. Had to close the Vugen process explicitly.


    There are other exceptions that are coming up. If anyone wants to get those, I'll start capturing them too.


    A LR crash report came up after closing the vugen process. Below are the contents.


    HP.Utt.StandaloneDebugger.exe caused an The string binding is invalid.
    in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0023:76B1C42D, RaiseException()+0088 byte(s)

    EAX=003BF1F4 EBX=00843C78 ECX=00000001 EDX=00000000 ESI=00843C78
    EDI=084710F0 EBP=003BF244 ESP=003BF1F4 EIP=76B1C42D FLG=00000212
    CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

    0023:76B1C42D KERNELBASE.dll, RaiseException()+0088 byte(s)

    0023:677D28E3 clr.dll, GetAddrOfContractShutoffFlag()+41590 byte(s)

    0023:6778C966 clr.dll, AttachProfiler()+312900 byte(s)

    0023:67562391 clr.dll

    0023:090F92D8 MicLogFile.dll, CMicLogFuncEntry::operator=()+6232 byte(s)

    0023:090F981C MicLogFile.dll, MicLogWriteToFile()+0028 byte(s)

    0023:0F49AFA0 Logger.dll, DllUnregisterServer()+19728 byte(s)

    0023:0F492A44 Logger.dll

    0023:0F494646 Logger.dll

    0023:078501BF VnpReport.dll, EndIterationReport()+55839 byte(s)

    0023:0784563C VnpReport.dll, EndIterationReport()+11932 byte(s)

    0023:07844AFA VnpReport.dll, EndIterationReport()+9050 byte(s)

    0023:07844A3C VnpReport.dll, EndIterationReport()+8860 byte(s)

    0023:775799A0 ntdll.dll, RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable()+0577 byte(s)

    0023:7758D702 ntdll.dll, LdrShutdownProcess()+0321 byte(s)

    0023:7758D5A4 ntdll.dll, RtlExitUserProcess()+0116 byte(s)

    0023:754C79ED KERNEL32.dll, ExitProcess()+0021 byte(s)

    0023:6F1D42F0 mscoreei.dll, GetMetaDataInternalInterface()+16286 byte(s)

    0023:6F1D4321 mscoreei.dll, GetMetaDataInternalInterface()+16335 byte(s)

    0023:67718696 clr.dll, CorDllMain()+1122 byte(s)

    0023:67718745 clr.dll, CorDllMain()+1297 byte(s)

    0023:676EAD79 clr.dll, GetPrivateContextsPerfCounters()+9934 byte(s)

    0023:676EADD5 clr.dll, GetPrivateContextsPerfCounters()+10026 byte(s)

    0023:676EA0A0 clr.dll, GetPrivateContextsPerfCounters()+6645 byte(s)

    0023:6769CB38 clr.dll, CorExeMain()+0028 byte(s)

    0023:6F1C55AB mscoreei.dll, CorExeMain()+0056 byte(s)

    0023:6F3C7F16 MSCOREE.DLL, CreateConfigStream()+0319 byte(s)

    0023:6F3C4DE3 MSCOREE.DLL, CorExeMain()+0008 byte(s)

    0023:77579F72 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0099 byte(s)

    0023:77579F45 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0054 byte(s)


    OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit/Windows 2008 r2 standard


    Please let me know if anyone has come across this stuff.





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    Hi folks,


    I'm using Citrix/ICA single protocol script to capture a Citrix business flow. As part of the flow, there is a unique number generated which i would like to capture in the script. I understand that we have a function named ctrx_get_text function that could be used to capture text - however per HP's Function Reference "ctrx_get_text function is available only if the LoadRunner agent is installed on the Citrix server" 


    I do not have an Agent installed on the Citrix server so is there any otherfunction that could be used to capture this unique piece of text from the screen? Please let me know. 


    Appreciate any help.




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    I build serval truclient scripts for firefox with VuGen Version 12.01. During a load test started from HP ALM 12.01 i get an error for several virtual users:


    ReferenceError: step is not defined
    While calling handlers in RuleEngine dispatch, event=[Event type="step/ready-state-updated" target="16: Wait for switch left image"], handler=
    addOnetimeEventListener: type=step/ready-state-updated, function=function (e) {
    "use strict";

    var retVal = true;
    var step =;
    if (step.readyState._aborted) {
    retVal = false;
    delete step.readyState._aborted;
    else if (step.readyState.isReady) {
    if (step.type == "handler" && !step.preemptive) // Do not allow other handlers to interfere?
    disableHandlers = true;


    After this error message the user process is still running but the script itselfs stopped. Does anyone has an idea, it is quite urgent.

    // Note - when calling the state setter the step is pushed into the Step.STATE_* array
    step.state = Step.STATE_RUNNING;;
    } else {
    var timeout = RTS("step/readyTimeout", step);
    if (timeout === undefined || (new Date()).getTime() - step.startTime <= timeout * 1000) {
    retVal = false;
    else {
    // Note - when calling the state setter the step is pushed into the Step.STATE_* array
    step.state = Step.STATE_RUNNING;

    if (Script.state == Step.STATE_STOPPING)
    extRetInfo : Step.EXT_RET_INFO_STOPPING
    Event.dispatch("step/processed", step, { retVal : retVal});
    } [MsgId: MERR-205177]

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    I’m working with Virtual User Generator12.01 to run API’s.

    I need to add new lines to the post entity description field (one of the entity parameters is “description|” that support new lines in it).

    I have tried 3several combinations like /n, /n/r, //n//n, %0D%0A and so on.

    For example: "\"description\":\"text text text //n text text text\",”

    How can IO enter new lines???

    Please help…




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    I'd like to use LR.decrypt in TruClient with a pamaeter.


    Here's what I've tried:


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    I have downloaded LR 12.1 evaluation from HP site and tested AJAX Truclient protocol for a web application with 5 users.

    Observed high CPU utilization for AJAX Truclient protocol – IE. Each TcWebIELauncher.exe instance is taking 15% on average per instance, for 5 concurrent users CPU utilization is around ~ 75% and test is failed and stoped with error “Error: CPU usage for this load generator has exceeded 80%” after 20 min test execution. Results were also not saved for the test executed. Used different load generator also and observed same. Can you please advice to run the test with out any failure for longer durations.

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    I have installed LR 12 on my win7 system, while compiling the recorded script a popup message is received as "An error has occured" and it hangs there...while showing compiling at the bottom of the screen..


    I have reinstalled the application by following all the uninstall steps...still reproducing the same error...


    Please advice...

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    I am scripting on BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6 web client and I use the Truclient for Firefox protocol becuase the plain web http/html with Remedy DFE is not fully functional and can't replay correctly all the backchannel requests.


    At the login, if the user previously didn't disconnect correctly, the browser sends a windows.confirm message asking if the user wants to take control of the session and override the already opened one.


    I wanted to use the event handler on this event but the object is not recordable as it is from the firefow itself and not the page. So i cannot use event handler on this message.


    How can I test in javascript if the window.confirm box is tdisplayed in order to use afterward the available truclient step that simulates a user clicking on OK in the confirmation message box.


    Regards, FG.

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    I have been trying to capture script for the application - Informatica Business Glossary desktop by Informatica organization. It is a very simple tool but I am unable to use any of the existing protocol to record this application in VUGEN 11.50. Has anyone successfully created a script for this tool in VUGEN 11.50? If yes, can you share the protocol to be used along with any settings to be done in the recording options.


    Regards Ravi

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    Hi Friends


    What protocols should i to use to test an application in Delphi Please?.


    Best Regards



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    Hi All


    I am getting an error, when I am trying to open some citrix Scripts which were already Scripted. I have attached the error, please let me know how to get rid of it.




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    We are trying to prepare the script for a Web Service. We are using SOAP UI request message generated from Web Service WSDL. We are using HTTP/HTML protocol and passing the SOAP UI request with web_Custom_request . We have found following observations. • When Web Service Binding is SOAP_DOC_LITERAL the web_Custom_request is Failing with the SOAP UI message generated from this WSDL. And • When Web Service Binding is SOAP_RPC_LITERAL , the web_Custom_request is executing successfully with the SOAP UI message generated from this WSDL. The client wants the Binding of Web Service as SOAP_DOC_LITERAL but in this case script is not working. Please suggest how to proceed the scripting in this scenario. Any kind of help will be useful.




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    I am running a script in LR 11.52, TRU client Firefox protocol. The website does a couple of calls to external websites, that I don't want in my test results.


    So I try to block them like this:


    Utils.addAutoFilter("", false);


    But when I use this, I still see when I replay he script messages in the bottom right of the screenlike this:


    Connecting to


    I tried to change the value of "false" to "true", but then the entire website is not loading, so that is not the answer. Why are there still calls to the external website, and how cann I block this?

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    Hi I am using Vugen 11.52 and we are trying to record Main frames simulator developed in C++.


    We are using Attachmate Extra to launch the application.


    I tried to use RTE protocl and it is saying access denied when login to the application, which is actually working fine directly when opening with Attachmate extra.

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    When I use 'Java Vuser' protocol in LoadRunner 12 meet error "Cannot start replay due to compilation error".


    I also set the CLASSPATH env variables.


    and the code in Actions as belows:(Sample)

     * LoadRunner Java script. (Build: _build_number_)
     * Script Description: 
    import com.*;
    public class Actions
    	public int init() throws Throwable {
    		return 0;
    	}//end of init
    	public int action() throws Throwable {
    		return 0;
    	}//end of action
    	public int end() throws Throwable {
    		return 0;
    	}//end of end

     Could anybody give me some suggestions?


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    Hi team,

    When i try to record using multiprocol web Http/html-Citrix ICA, only web part is getting recorded and i dont see any Citrix functions inside my scripts.Please let me know the chages that i have to make or do i have to install any registry patches?


    Tool Version: Load runner VuGen 11.52

    Citrix ICA Client file version:



    Thanks in advance


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    We are getting the following errors:


    Action.c(53): t=1620ms: Connecting [0] to host    [MsgId: MMSG-26000]

    Action.c(53): t=1824ms: Connected socket [0] from to in 204 ms    [MsgId: MMSG-26000]

    Action.c(53): Warning -27776: Server "" shut connection during attempt to negotiate SSL session    [MsgId: MWAR-27776]


    when we dissable SSLv3 and try to just use TLSv1 as the protocol for our SSL session. We tried to use a winlet connection insted of the socket connection, and we get the error that: 


    The certificate index could not be found


    Has anyone else experienced this with LoadRunner v11.52? Has anyone found a work around?

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