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    I am using VuGEN 11.52 and i am having some problems whit the web_reg_save_param_regexp i need to correlate the value "2921674"  but i find it in 2 differents urls:





    The automatic correlation is:




    but this correlation only works for url number 1, how I can make it work for both urls??


    The error i'm getting is: No match found for the requested parameter "CorrelationParameter_2". Check whether the requested regular expression exists in the response data 


    Thanks in advance!!! 

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    I am evaluating the LR 12 for my client.


    The script that I have to create for a CRM application is very large- just to record the whole script it takes about 1  hour!


    (It contains about 20 forms to fill out and submit)


    After recording, my VuGen starts to generate the code and correlates dynamic parameters according to the rules that I have created previously.


    It takes more than 30 min (too long) ...and finally fails to correlate and displays an error message:


    One of the post-generation procedures has failed.
    Failed procedure: Performing scan for correlation post generation operation.


    Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors. Fix the errors and click Design Studio to scan correlations.


    Taking a look into the generated code I found that same of the code are corrupted: like broken lines etc.

    After that the resulting code became unusable and I have to re-record my script and getting the same error message over and over again!

    Among 7-8 attempts to record the script only 1 maybe successful.



    Can anybody tell me why it happens and how to overcome this problem?


    Appreciated any help and advice!


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    Would like to confirm on the performance test / HP Load Runner on mobile application concept.

    Let's say i have a customer to test on their new mobile application with 1000 concurrent users on iPhone 4, 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 for example. Questions are:

    1. How do I script? Do i need to have real device (both iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4) when scripting?

    2. Do i need emulator to do scripting?

    3. With 1000 concurrent VU, do i need multiple LGs like performance testing on normal desktop web app as well?

    4. Or,  in all those LGs, i need to have emulator to run the script?

    5. The licensing model is still based on total num of VU, not devices type isn't it?



    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi All,


    I need to run a selenium script in loadrunner. for this I tried the below steps but couldnt get the DevOps Vuser add-in eclipse.


    1. Insatlled the eclipse add-in which comes up with the loadrunner. 

    2.Once the wizard is completed, ran eclipse-clean option by adding the –clean in the target clause.

    once we installed the above add-ins we should able to see the DevOps Vuser option under eclipse menu but in my case its not happening.


    Currently LR-12.0 community edition is installed in my machine and aslo Eclipse 32 bit version is installed.


    Could you help me to get this DevOps Vuser option under eclipse if any one faced similar kind of issue. Thanks in advance.




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    on page 406 in the LR User Guide (V12.01) you can find the statement:


    "Transaction names cannot contain a "_" or "@" symbol. This will cause errors to occur when
    attempting to open the Analysis Cross Results graphs."


    I'm using a "_" for many years as a part of transaction names in LR. I never had any problems with this notation even not for a cross result analysing.


    Does anybody know, why the User Guide recommend to avoid a "_" as part of a transaction name?

    Or does anybody have experiences with errors beacause of using a "_"?



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    I am facing recording issues in Loadrunner while trying to use SAP web + citrix protocol combination.


    ·         First, I use VuGen from my local machine and connect to Citrix gateway link

    ·         Once I are into this Citrix box, I connect to SAP CRM  via the same Citrix gateway link.


    ·         Tried in LR version 12.01, IE10 and Citrix Receiver version is 4.1.

    ·         Initially while trying to record, the citrix ICA is getting opened and showing “Unsupported function”;

    ·         Now I am getting the registry error. 'Load Runner needs to install a Citrix registry patch to record on this version of citrix client.'

     I  click on OK but then the IE dows not open at all.


    ·         Tried in LR version 11.52, IE10 and Citrix Receiver version is 4.1. Here I am not getting any error, but the citrix events are not getting captured.

    Need you suggestion urgently.

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    hi everybody,


    Do you have any suggestion or methods  on how to test source code (JAVA) performance ?


    thanks very much.



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    I am scripting one business flow which is on kerberos authentication.


    Its giving me the below error.


    I did all the settings which kerberos needed.


    1) Place Krb5.ini configuration file in c:\WINDOWS\

    2) In run time setting-> preferences-> options, change "Enable integrated authentication" to Yes

    3) Use web_set_user function


    Its giving me an error

    Internal Error - can't get initial credentials for username/password

    intermittently  (Not failing continuosly) and and the user is terminated after that.


     I can not enable WinLnet because I have  project specific header file whcih deals with IP spoofing & error handling and winlnet and the file are not compatible. But I used


    in place of WinLnet options. But now I am getting the above error only for first iteration.


    Please any one help me to resolve this.


    Quick help will be appreciated.




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    hi All,

     During a test with 100 users, after 7 to 8 iterations some users get "Network timeout" errors at the first request of the Action Block (Timeout is set in runtime settings as 240 seconds). The first request is a "Refresh page" request. This is happening consistently with both Firefox & IE browsers in Truclient. In the error snapshot, only a blank white screen is seen. While firing the "Refresh page" request manually with a browser a white blank screen appears for around 4-5 seconds and then the expected page arrives but only the virtual users get the blank screen for 240 seconds. Pls help?

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    I am recording a REST API Web application using normal HTTP protocol. After I record I can see web_custom_requests recorded in code. (I do not want to use TruClient protocol as the memory footprint is really high)


    When I go to the snapshot view I can see a response received for the recording. But on replay I don't get any response back for some requests.  


    Any ideas?


    Sample recorded code:


    1) For the below request I can see a response returned & able to capture is.


        web_reg_save_param_ex("ParamName=InstrRef", "LB=CD", "RB=", "Ordinal=1", LAST );





    2) For the below I can't see any response returned.(I also tried giving empty LB & RB but nothing is returned)


       web_reg_save_param_ex("ParamName=LUD", "LB=lastUpdated\":[", "RB=]", "Ordinal=1", LAST );


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    Hi KertLuo,


    We are not able to run the scripts in Vugen or in Controller after installing the fix from given to us yesterday.


    Please refer to the below link for the fix you gave us for the protocol error. Also please see the attachment regarding status of running the script.  it is in "compiling..." status forever when we ran the script in VUGEN.








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    /* * LoadRunner Java script. (Build: _build_number_) * * Script Description: * */ import*; import; import com.hp.ecc.poc.connection.DataSource public class Actions extends DataSource { public int init() throws Throwable { return 0; }//end of init public int action() throws Throwable { //HelloWorld.main((String[])null); //return 0; }//end of action public int end() throws Throwable { return 0; }//end of end }



    Above is the Actions Code. And the classpath in RunTime Setting was assgined to src path of source code of applications.


    Cause I am a newbie ,so could anybody give me a suggesstion?

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    Hi Experts,


    I've developed MAPI Script for Outlook Monitoring.


    Outlook is set up & is made as the Default client in the machine.


    While running the script,  I get the error as attached,



    When I click on OK, I get the below error in VuGen.

    Error -87001:Failed to logon for Outlook2010 (rc = -2147467259).


    Vugen: 11.52

    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

    Outlook: 2010


    Please help me to resolve this issue.


    Thanks & Regards,


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    I have recorded my script with VuGen which is a search senario. When I have replayed the scenario, it gave internal server error for "" . This is a ajax call function. It calls "Ara"  post function on Kullanici/Ara page. This url has been recorded when I clicked "Search" button on  Kullanici/Ara page.


    On webpage,  I have replayed all scenario steps in manual and they are all successfull but when I haved replayed scenario, Vugen could not find this function. Also, while I am replaying this step, I have looked post function on browser's network with develeoper tools. Body part of this post function is same with Vugen record. 


    Is there anyonewho can help me?



    Here is the log:

    Action.c(162): Error -26612: HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error) for ""  [MsgId: MERR-26612]


    And my script is attached.





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    I am Facing a challenge of Uploading a File (Can be any type) through Vugen Script . While trying to correlate , I found that there is a huge value which is coming in the Upload transaction is similar for Multiple Requests . The value (40UHVibGljJTIwRm9...) is coming in the Request Header in the generation log  and unable to correlate the value . This is Open Text Application  . I am seeking for your suggestions to fix the issue . I am pasting the particular request below 


    "URL=https://urlname/otmmapi/v1/jobs/imports/{Corr_JobID}", (https://urlname/otmmapi/v1/jobs/imports/{Corr_JobID})
    "Referer=https://urlname/otmm/ux-html/index.html?p=" (https://urlname/otmm/ux-html/index.html?p=)
    "Body=-----------------------------7de3425b0584\r\nContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"import_template_id\"\r\n\r\n{Corr_TemplateID}\r\n-----------------------------7de3425b0584\r\nContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"parent_folder_id\"\r\n\r\n2f1294566e9b3310d8f2b2a12c4c31e2e2cc52f5\r\n-----------------------------7de3425b0584\r\nContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"import_job_id\"\r\n\r\n{Corr_JobID}\r\n-----------------------------7de3425b0584\r\nContent-Disposition: "
    "form-data; name=\"manifest\"; filename=\"blob\"\r\nContent-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8\r\n\r\n{\"upload_manifest\":{\"master_files\":[{\"file\":{\"file_name\":\"apple.png\",\"file_type\":\"image/png\"}}]}}\r\n-----------------------------7de3425b0584\r\nContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"file_name\"\r\n\r\napple.png\r\n-----------------------------7de3425b0584--\r\n",



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  • 11/26/14--14:28: LoadRunner - LG Space Issue
  • Hi,


    We have 1 controller and 2 LGs and it is been used by 3 projects. Due to simultaneous execution, LoadGenerator's space has been used up and only 0.1 GB free.


    I suspect this will be related logs that have used up the majority of this space, can you please help me identify what space saving measures can be taken? (deletion or archiving of logs or dumps)


    Also advise, From which location the logs/ result files can be cleared without any impact


    Earliest response will be much appreciated



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    As you suggested i have pasted MicRdp.dll and MicRdp_x64.dll in the bin folder. Still i am facing the same problem.

    I am using VU Gen 12.01 build 2079.


    When ever i try to record after login HTTPS is convertint to HTTP and displaying RDP Service error page.


    I have also selected "Record time Auto socket detection" check box in recording options.


    Please find the screenshot attched.Let me know the solution as i am not able to continue further.






    P.S. This post has been split off from other thread and edited its subject. - Hp Forum Moderator

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    Hi all,

    i have recorded a script that connect to a citrix application. When i made this connection manually the citrix receiver ask me with the client selective trust the permission to access to local file, i check the don't ask me again and get full permission and everything is ok. But when i run my script the Client Selective Trust popup come every time and there is no check for never ask me again so every time i run the script i need to manually give the permission. I add that even if i don't allow the access to local file the script run correctly , the real problem is the popup. I can't run a stress test if i need to answer manually. I have also made all the citrix best practices with registry key but seems that loadrunner bypass the system rules. Can anybody halp me?



    Thanks and sorry for my english


    Best regards



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    Hi Team,

    I am facing issues with SSL connectivity in Winsock Protocol.

    The application is using server side certificate (one way SSL).


    My script is based only on Winsock Protocol and its not recorded script rather manually written script. So we cant utilize the SSL connectivity option in Recording Options.


    Below are the options that I tried but DID NOT WORK

    web_set_certificate_ex("CertFilePath=pgtest2.pem", "CertFormat=PEM","KeyFilePath=pgtest2.pem", "KeyFormat=PEM",LAST); 

                  web_set_sockets_option("LOAD_VERIFY_FILE", "pgtest2.pem");
                  web_set_sockets_option("DEFAULT_VERIFY_PATH", "pgtest2.pem");

    web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "3");
                 web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "TLS");

                web_set_sockets_option("SSL_CIPHER_LIST", "AES128-SHA:AES256-SHA:RC4-SHA");


    Here are some back ground about my script

    LR verion : 11

    credit card transactions captured by network traces and used for creating LR script. The script worked for the last release when we were not communicating the data over SSLSSL is the new feature in the current release and that's where we got stuck at.

    The AUT is not any website, rather we have IP's & Ports that we use to create the TCP socket connection.

     Any help on this issue will be highly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance


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    Hi All -


    I'm new to load testing and i have to create a POC to flex application embeded in an HTML file.


    But LR cannot record the button and the input that i do in the flex application. 


    When i playback the script, i can only load the webpage at best.


    I did some research and tried to use the web protocol and the flex protocol.


    Can someone tell me what other options should i enable/disable to make this work.




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