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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    Hi all,


    Is there any baseline / guideline to spec out HP Load Generator based on standard protocol, let's say HTTP/HTML?

    Looking for a guideline like:

    CPU: 4 cores 2ghz

    Memory: 4 GB

    Protocol: HTTP/HTML

    VUsers: Up to 50 VUsers




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    Hi all,
    I have recorded a CRM application just the Login part and when I replay the script one web_custom_request always fails with following error message: "HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error) for "https://gestion-dossiers.integration."
    The request contains "Body=<soap:Envelope" and looks like that:
      "EncType=text/xml; charset=utf-8",
      "Body=<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=''><soap:Body><RetrieveMultiple xmlns='' xmlns:i=''><query i:type='a:FetchExpression' xmlns:a=''><a:Query>&#60;fetch version&#61;&#34;1.0&#34; output-format&#61;&#34;xml-platform&#34; mapping&#61;&#34;logical&#34; distinct&#61;&#34;false&#34;&#62;&#60;entity name&#61;&#34;"
      "micc_pageaccueilentitees&#34;&#62;&#60;attribute name&#61;&#34;micc_entite&#34; &#47;&#62;&#60;attribute name&#61;&#34;micc_nombdentite&#34; &#47;&#62;&#60;attribute name&#61;&#34;micc_pageaccueilentiteesid&#34; &#47;&#62;&#60;order attribute&#61;&#34;micc_entite&#34; descending&#61;&#34;false&#34; &#47;&#62;&#60;filter type&#61;&#34;and&#34;&#62;&#60;condition attribute&#61;&#34;statecode&#34; operator&#61;&#34;eq&#34; value&#61;&#34;0&#34; &#47;&#62;&#60;&#47;filter&#62;&#60;&#47;entity&#62;&#60"
    And I have no idea what needs to be correlated and how to correlate the "Body=<soap:Envelope".
    The response for this request is a XML with error message:
    The message with Action cannot be processed at the receiver, due to a ContractFilter mismach at the EndpointDispatcher.
    Check that sender and receiver have the same contract and the same binding (including security requirerments, e.g. Message, Transport, None)
    Please help me to figure out on how to overcome this issue.
    Thank you

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    Hi all,


    Would like to confirm whether where should i install the NV/Shunra?

    Should it be together with Controller or Generators?

    And any specific hardware/software requirements for NV?


    Thanks in advance



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    Hi all,


    I am having issues replaying a BPC script with LR12, I have recorded the flow with fiddler serveral times and created the script directly (right click on fiddler log) and using the BPC 10 Toolkit as well, getting the same requests.


    When running the script it failed due to a 500 error, almost at the end of the script. The error message is:

    "[{"code":"UJX_ERROR_003","description":"Invalid value <PACKAGE_GET_PROMPT_REQUEST xmlns=\\"http at offset 0 expecting null or { for data type \\\\TYPE=UJXD_S_PACKAGE_INFO","severity":"error","...


    But one request before the response is not complete, it is only"[]"  instead of the proper table but the HTTP code is OK "200".


    Do you know about any VuGen limitations with BPC 10 NetWeaver or any security settings that may be blocking the script to get into those processes?



    Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated.





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    Hello HP Support.


    LR controller 11.52 sending an error message while opening. If you pelase let me know how to fix the below error message ?


    Error message:

    Cannot initialize driver dll. exiting. Please let me know how to fix this error.




    Thank you.

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    Hi All,

    i am facing different and new issue in loadruner controller like while doing Execution with 5000 users (WEB,CRM,PeopleSoft,Oracl nca),

    as soon as the testing started we notice slowness of the controller and the rate at which ramp-up is happening. The ramp-up rate was set to 90 users/minute. Previous PT with 4,600 VUsers was successful and test carried over 3 hours (including ramp-up and ramp-down). No network delays found during recent run. We checked controller logs and its captured below erros.for 4600 users and 5000 users there is no changes in scripts,LG,controller machines.

    Error: Failed to start connection over firewall. No "MI Listener Name" was given,Error: Failed to start connection over firewall. No "Local Machine Key" was given, Error: Communication error: Failed to bind socket. A process on the machine is already bound to the same address. Error: Two Way Communication Error: Function two_way_comm_create_acceptor failed. Communication error: Failed to bind socket. A process on the machine is already bound to the same address., Error: Two Way Communication Error: Function two_way_comm_create_acceptor failed. , Error: Non Mdrv Message - Failed to create acceptor.

    More details:

    LR version-11,

    total 10 LG machines,OS Windows,

    LC box Ram size-20 GB

    Please help me on above issue since i am in critical situation and want complete 5000 users.





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    We are working on the performance testing of HP Asset Manager for our customized business process using LR12.0. The protcol advisor, suggestted the Winsock protocol as the favoured protocol to record the business process.


    We recorded the business flow succesfully using Winsock. While, enhancing the script, we encountered first occurance of dynamic value for SessionID in the send buffer request. My question is,


    1. Whether correlations for dynamic value is allowed in send request ate at all correlated? If yes, how do we correlate for dynanic value encountered in send buffer.




    1. The first occurance of dynanic value is in send buffer only.


    2. I checked in all the receive buffers which occured before the send request, but that value is no where occured before.


    3. i tried to do the correlation on output window by selecting the value->right click, but "create correlation" option is not appearing for send buffers. It appears only for values in receive buffers.


    Pls do suggest!




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    I have installed load runner 11 on my windows 7 64 bit laptop. And am getting the following error when am trying to open up the controller.
    Cannot initialize driver dll. Exiting.....
    I did reinstalled load runner 11.
    Is it because i have the 64 bit version? The Analysis and vugen works so far.

    Am only testing it to see if i can use load runner 11 on windows 7 64 bit.


    P.S. This thread has been moevd from Performance Center Support and News Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator

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  • 12/01/14--02:07: Export Raw Data HP Analysis
  • Hello,


    does anyone know a Tool or a .NET-Script (for the Analysis API) to export the Raw Data's (without a limit of 100.000 rows) in a CSV, Database or any other type?



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    I am new to loadrunner testing. I have encountered a peculiar scenario.


    I created a script in loadrunner 12 vugen (Ajax truclient with FireFox) and is perfectly working fine there.

    When I run the script in controller with one user, it is working fine and all the graphs are generated. But, if i increase the number of users, an error is occuring 'target object was not found.    [MsgId: MERR-205177]' . As mentioned in one of the other threads, I increased step timeout and object timeout to almost 10 min for each step in the script. still, I am getting the same error.

    Can anybody help me out for the issue?






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    I'm using LoadRunner to load test my application. At some point, this application generates an html report.
    Is there a way to integrate this specific report with the one generated by LoadRunner?
    If yes, may I have clear pointers on how to proceed?



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    We have a business process to open the report in cognos 10, recorded the script using LR 12 version and did all correlation. While replaying it, the correlated value cv.actionstate value captures intermittently in replay log. 


    i.e. The value sometimes displays in few runs and sometimes it doesn't, just a blank value for cv.actionstate in server response.


    Auto Correlated as:




                   "LB=\"cv.actionstate\": \"',




                    LAST );


    Is this is the commom issue related to cognos10 or any configuration/setting need to be done to overcome this issue....?


    PC and LR details:


    Win 7 OS, RAM 8GB, LR 12, web (http/html) protocol, recording mode: URL




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    Good day.


    I have a problem with run True Ajax scripts from controller.

    I testing SAP application on russian language, and record in True Ajax because there is generator restriction to use SAPGUI protocol.

    The script itself work properly in vugen and develope mode, but when I put it to controller and run, it can't find objects on page.

    Navigate url step run correct, I see the whole page in extended log (also it have incorrect charset for russion symbols).


    What a problem it can be?


    Thank you.

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    We tried to change domain for one of our Controller VM and apply group policy. Getting an error to open the Controller and loadrunner license utility. Error "The License module's not initialized successfully”. We know it’s because of group policy. Is there anybody who experienced this type of problem and knows what security policy is causes these. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.

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    I would like to transfer HP LR 11.5 controller license from one machine to other high configuration machine. Please let me know process.

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  • 12/02/14--20:28: Extract values from json
  • we need to extarct all the PROGRAMID  from below json string  i tried using below code but failed to fetch need help on same



    this is sample json string


    var programData=[{"Key":"Response","Value":[{"Name":"Demo Procalc program","ProgramID":199433},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE DEMO","ProgramID":196813},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE-APRN","ProgramID":199511},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE-MASSAGE THERAPY","ProgramID":199424},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE-MEDICAL ASSISTING","ProgramID":199340},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE-PN","ProgramID":198172},{"Name":"ELSEVIER COLLEGE-RN","ProgramID":198171},{"Name":"ELSEVIER MOCK UNIVERSITY-RN","ProgramID":199527},{"Name":"elsevier test uatt","ProgramID":199442},{"Name":"Elsevier Uniiversity Test 10","ProgramID":199444},{"Name":"Elsevier Uniiversity Test 11","ProgramID":199445},{"Name":"Elsevier Uniiversity Test 12","ProgramID":199446},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY","ProgramID":195903},{"Name":"Elsevier University - UAT - ProCalc","ProgramID":199441},{"Name":"elsevier university test 8","ProgramID":199443},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-CAT","ProgramID":198263},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-Elsevier","ProgramID":196296},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-EXAM REVIEW","ProgramID":198968},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-HOSPITAL","ProgramID":199136},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-Houston-ADN","ProgramID":197418},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-Houston-BSN","ProgramID":195925},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-HP","ProgramID":198274},{"Name":"Elsevier University-MBS","ProgramID":199428},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-Paramedic","ProgramID":198915},{"Name":"ELSEVIER UNIVERSITY-PILOT","ProgramID":199266},{"Name":"HESI QC","ProgramID":196789},{"Name":"P8han","ProgramID":199439},{"Name":"Prog8","ProgramID":199438},{"Name":"Prog8jan","ProgramID":199436},{"Name":"Program7jan","ProgramID":199434},{"Name":"Program8","ProgramID":199437},{"Name":"Program8j","ProgramID":199440},{"Name":"Program8jan","ProgramID":199435},{"Name":"Test Procalc Gradebook Issue","ProgramID":199448},{"Name":"UAT PROGRAM-EMT","ProgramID":199538}]}]

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    Hi folks,


    My load testing laptop with the Loadrunner Controller software installed was stolen.  Now I need to reinstall the software on a new machine, but the license utility won't let me use the same license file.  Is there a way to deactivate a license (without having the pc on hand) so that I can reuse my original license file with another pc?  


    Thank you,


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    I am facing an issue, if anyone can help me.


    If I run my scripts in VUgen or in Controller with many users it works fine but they are not signing in
    during a load test with other scripts.


    We have 11.52 version and HTML protocol for all scripts. 


    Thank you

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    I am trying to run a Citrix script on the Controller, I noticed the script runs fine when it is LOCAL HOST however when I use a remote load generator, the script fails immediately. Note that the Agent on the Load Generator is installed as a Process (not as a Service) and I'd logged in manually to the Generator machine
    The error that I get on the controller is below:
    vuser_init.c(4): Error: Connect can not be established - Last Error=64, Last client error=0
    Anyone who may have faced this before and any suggestions that you could provide would be appreciated.




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    I have prepared one script in LR VuGen. It is working fine for single/multiple users in VuGen & It is running successfully in Performance Center for 1st 1hour of the test. But after 1 hour it is starting fail continuously. Not a single oneis getting passed for the particular transaction.


    Below is the flow,


    1.Sign In

    2. Main transaction (Iterating) - passing for 1st 1 hour, thene continuously failing.

    3. Sign Out


    It will be appreciable if anyone helps me to find the issue & resolution.






    P.S. This thread has been moved from Community Feedback & Suggestions to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator

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