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    1. How do I see the captured images while playing back my recorded scripts

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    I am using LR 11.50 VuGen to record a java Swing application. I use protocol advisor to detect the protocol is Java over HTTP.


    I select Java over HTTP protocol to record the application. I can see the events increase during recording (around 140 events). When I stop, it goes through code generation. and it only generate this code:


    import com.thoughtworks.xstream.*;
    import JavaHttpJ.*;
    import JavaHttpJ.parsers.*;
    import JavaHttpJ.replay.*;
    import lrapi.*;

    public class Actions
    public int init(){
    return 0;

    public int end(){return 0;}

    public int action() throws Throwable{

    String ENDFORM = "ENDFORM";
    String LAST = "LAST";
    String ENDITEM = "ENDITEM";
    String CONNECT = "CONNECT";
    String RECEIVE = "RECEIVE";
    String RESOLVE = "RESOLVE";
    String REQUEST = "REQUEST";
    int _webresult;



    }catch(Exception e){
    return -1;
    return 0;




    Here is output of code generation:

    ****** Start Log Message ******
    Web Recorder version : 11.50.2216.0
    Recording Mode: HTML-based script
    Not recording headers
    Not excluding content types
    Reset context between actions
    Record non-HTML elements in current HTML function
    Protocol Type: Multi-JavaHTTP

    $$$$$$ End Log Message $$$$$$

    Code generation version: 11.50.2216.0


    Any idea why it does not generate the code? Any recommendation? Thanks


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    We are using 12.01 and have some instances where we are getting the "TCS has stopped working" error.  There is an indicaiton online that this is a known issue. Is there any solution for this or a anticipated release where this will be fixed?



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    Currently, I have a problem on my LoadGenerators where the first time I run a script the very first vUser initializes and I get and error for TcWebIELauncher.exe pop up and a TruClient for IE Browser window opens.


    This turns out to be less a problem then a benefit. There have been several problems I could only debug because they only occur on the LG and I could only see it when this condition allowed it.


    Is there a way to bring up TruClient for IE Browser on the LG anytime we needed?

    If not, I would like to ask for this as an enhancement.


    Thank you

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    Hi every one, please help me with this problem,

    I have downloaded "HP_LoadRunner_12.02_Community_Edition_Standalone_Applications_T7177-15061.exe"

    and when I select to run file ->it extracted the DVD file with  2 folder : "Linux" and "Standalone Applications"-> select on folder "Standalone Applications"->show 3 files set up name

    •  SetupLoadGenerator.exe
    • SetupMIListener.exe
    • SetupMoFW.exe

    Then I run file setup "SetupLoadGenerator.exe" and installed in my computer-> When the installation was completed -> it shows me "Loadrunner Detect" windown


    Please let me know if the installation is correct and please help me where can i find the instruction of using this tool

    Please see the image that attached if you still not understand my step

    Thank you

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    I'm getting an error while replaying the SAP application using SAP protocol.
    URL - HTTP
    LoadRunner version - 11.52
    Steps followed -
    Recorded script using  SAPWeb    protocol
    I'm able to record the script, but unable to replay - getting error message "Error -26628: HTTP Status-Code=403 (Forbidden) for "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/;sap-ext-sid=MlleCo3CKKfNxUNIZFMwiw--ZPpjb_f4qQdNQRBrPpKQsg--?sap-contextid=SID%3aANON%3asapbatch02_WE3_14%3aPmbxySI88dBNeavpYpD2RtGMj2L1lCM7IZJ4-brU-NEW"
    Prompt response would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards

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    Hi, I am new to loadrunner.


    How to verify the particular button is enable or disable in vugen script.


    Verified in View source. But no inputs.


    by default the button was disable. once we select any one from container the button will get enable. Need to verify the button was enable or not.


    Please help us as soon as possible.



    Sarath Jai

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    When I record android studio emulator using mobile http/html protocol with record emulator option, VuGen records signficant amount of traffic but no lines of code. As a result it takes 10 minutes or more to boot up the homepage if you don't pause the recording.

    Once emulator boots up homepage, when i try to perform action on the emulator it is very slow to respond and sometimes freezes screen.


    Can someone please advise what VuGen setup is required in order to record with android studio emulator?


    Below is the current recording configuration.


    VuGen Recording Options
    Emulator to Record: C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\emul​ator.exe
    Command Line: -avd Nexus_5_API_21_x86 -no-audio -netspeed full -netdelay none -http-proxy http_proxy
    Working Directory: C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools

    Emulator APN Settings : (I found this on forum, no sure if this info is required)

    Mobile APN: VUGEN
    Proxy: localhost

    Port: 5555

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    We are using LGs with 11.52 verison and Controller with 12.01.

    Is there any issue with this, as we are seeing it is taking a lot of time in initialising the users, it takes more than 10 min. to come into run mode and users waiting at pending status.

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    I want to be able to add the parameter that I am using in the transaction name in AJAX Truclient. Does anyone knows how to do that?

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    I am using vugen 11.52 Build 5113


    we need to create web service using WSDL URL for create operation. this service uses webservice Atomic transaction. You can find the script snapt shot and output below.

    while running the script we are getting the error response -  The service operation requires a transaction to be flowed. Request you to pelase share your feedback on fixing this error


    WCF - Custombinding has been set as sceario type in Manage service setting.



    web_service_call( "StepName=SomeCreateService_101",



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" xmlns:a="">
        <a:Action s:mustUnderstand="1"></a:Action>
              <s:Value xmlns:a="">a:TransactionHeaderMissing</s:Value>
            <s:Text xml:lang="en-US">The service operation requires a transaction to be flowed.</s:Text>

    Action.c(203): After saving response
    Action.c(203): Error Exceptions:
    Action.c(203): System.Exception: Soap error:
    Message:Exception of type 'System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException' was thrown.
       at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.ProxyCreator.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)
       at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.NetReplay.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)
    Action.c(203): Error:<CENTER><STRONG><FONT COLOR=#FF0031>Expected SOAP result, received SOAP fault</FONT></STRONG></CENTER>
    Action.c(203): Error:<CENTER><STRONG><FONT COLOR=#FF0031>Failed to retrieve output arguments/checkpoints - SOAP fault occurred</FONT></STRONG></CENTER>
    Action.c(203): Notify: Saving Parameter "SomeCreateService_101_Response = ".
    Action.c(203): Notify: Saving Parameter "response = <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" xmlns:a="">\r\n <s:Header />\r\n  <s:Body>\r\n    <s:Fault>\r\n      <s:Code>\r\n        <s:Value>s:Sender</s:Value>\r\n        <s:Subcode>\r\n          <s:Value xmlns:a="">a:TransactionHeaderMissing</s:Value>\r\n       </s:Subcode>\r\n      </s:Code>\r\n      <s:Reason>\r\n        <s:Text xml:lang="en-US">The service operation requires a transaction to be flowed.</s:Text>\r\n      </s:Reason>\r\n    </s:Fault>\r\n  </s:Body>\r\n</s:Envelope>".

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    Hi all,


    I would like to share something that I'm experiencing at the moment and see if anyone else has experienced the same in the past and have an explanation for it, cause honestly I can't find one :D.


    Here is my case:


    I have the controller for LR 11.04 installed. Then I have 4 different injectors where the specifications goes from 4 Cores / 4Gb of Ram up to 8 Cores / 8GB of Ram. Hard drives are between 80Gb and 120Gb and in all of them there are over 60Gb of free space.


    Around an average of 80 users is running in each injector. Well, what is happening is 3 of the injectors (including the localhost where the controller is executed) are at 100% CPU usage capacity during the whole execution of the test. Looking at the task manager, the processes taking the main use are mmdrv.exe (lr processes). The response times in the test are steady and there are no degradation in any of the transactions. Also the computers where the injectors are installing are working fine and responding quickly to every command executed on them. LR doesn't even show any message about "generator using over 80% CPU". All the scripts are executed as Threads.


    As you could see, I don't have a crazy load.


    Currently, it is not a big problem as, as I mentioned before, the performance of the test an application is within the rates expected, but I'm curious if someone can explain why is this happening and, if you can give me any solution I would really appreciate it!


    Thanks a million in advance! 


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    I'm evaluating TruClient protocol for IE.

    Interactive record and replay seem to work pretty well (apart from few minor issues). When I move back to VU Gen and try to run it in Load Mode then nothing happens, except for the status bar which displays "Running..". Nothing is logged although log option in run-time settings is properly configured.


    I've tried to upload the script into performance Center and run it but the execution stops right after the "initializing run" phase (with Error -205177: To run an Ajax TruClient IE script you must have Internet Explorer 9 installed on your machine).


    Browser: IE 10 on local VUGen machine (no clue about the Load Generator machine).

    Perf Center/VuGen verison: 11.52


    Does anyone have any clue?


    Thanks in advance,





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    Hello Guys,

    We are seeing a strange issue in LoadRunner. Even if we have set the step download timeout as 120 seconds we are getting transaction response time which are much higher than 120 seconds like 168 secs or so.

    Now if the transaction is taking more than 120 seconds it should fail and there should not be any transaction whose maximum or average is above 120.

    Can you please help me in clarifying this doubt.


    I am adding the transaction below:




    "Name=view:_id1:_id2:txt_ServiceCat", "Value=SC/10004", ENDITEM,
    "Name=view:_id1:_id2:txt_ServiceType", "Value=ST/10071", ENDITEM,
    "Name=view:_id1:_id2:txt_RequestType", "Value=RT/10180", ENDITEM,
    "Name=$$viewid", "Value={c_ViewID2}", ENDITEM,
    "Name=$$xspsubmitid", "Value=view:_id1:_id2:_id135", ENDITEM,
    "Name=$$xspexecid", "Value=", ENDITEM,
    "Name=$$xspsubmitvalue", "Value=", ENDITEM,
    "Name=$$xspsubmitscroll", "Value=0|0", ENDITEM,
    "Name=view:_id1", "Value=view:_id1", ENDITEM,

    web_reg_find("Text=Price Change-PGP IP-SP",

    web_reg_find("Text=General Customer Information",


    web_reg_find("Text=Welcome to the LGS &#8211; Manila Service Request Portal",





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    After install an automatic IE update the protocol TruClient IE is not showing the transaction options. In order to solve the current  situation please make reference to the next link from the knowledge base.





    Alfredo Díaz
    HP LR/PC Support


    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.




    Performance Center:


    How to:


    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution


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    Hi Team,



     i got the issue like launching Citrix application during recording, using Multi Web+Citrix_ICA script




    i follow below KB articals to solve the probelm.



    But in my script throwing error like


    Error: Failed to get window size, wrong format.
    Unable to detect client version.
    Warning: Extension CitrixClientImpl.dll reports error -1 on call to function ExtPerThreadInitialize
    Error: Vuser failed to initialize extension CitrixClientImpl.dll.
    Vuser Terminated.


    So when i  checked the default.cfg file  to change the citrix code.


    i didn't get that code .


    in default.cfg file following info is there.







    How to rectify the issue.


    please help .


    Vugen version :




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    One of the available programing technologies in the market is Oracle ADF and in order to determine which is the best way for record and replay this framework you can get the information from the next Knowledge Base document.



    Alfredo Díaz
    HP LR/PC Support


    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.




    Performance Center:


    How to:


    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution


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    Through the record  process with Web(HTTP/HTML) or TruClient IE protocols the different brands of EndPoint Agents can block or prevent the opening of IE and is necessary to follow the information described in the next Knowledge Base in order to grant the recording of the application under test where is required to use IE.


    Keep present that the EndPoint Agent protection is a security software with a concept of remote console and it is administrated by the Security Administrator.




    Alfredo Díaz
    HP LR/PC Support

    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.


    Performance Center:

    How to:

    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution

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    LoadRunner includes compatibility for run the scripts created in Vugen inside the HP BPM engine, is just necessary to use the correct Vugen version for develop the script and then the equivalent BPM version for the test.


    For more information about the product compatibility please check the next knowledge base document.



    Alfredo Díaz
    HP LR/PC Support


    If you are customer you can try posting on our internal forums for more personalized support.




    Performance Center:


    How to:


    If you find that this or any post resolves your issue, please be sure to mark it as an accepted solution

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    I have downloaded the HP LoadRunner 12.02_Community_Edition trial version.Getting error  while intalling the software.I have tried 3 times and gives the same error every time at the last stage of installation.I am attaching the error screenshot.Please provide information that can help out.

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