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    Hi All,
    Could you please help me on the below error I am getting while replaying my script:
    306|error|500|Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

    Please suggest ways to mitigate this issue. I have correlated the viewstate, what additional steps needs to be taken to solve this issue.

    Its a bit urgent. Please reply fast. Appreciate your help.

    Warm Regards,

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    In TruClient IE,I deleted all steps,and added new step,but the first step number wasn't 1.It seem I can't delete them fully.


    How can I get a clean script?




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    Hi All,


    I am trying to record an Appliction (Retail) using LR 12. I have Chrome 40 installed and I am connecting the application through Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client VPN. Appliction is accessible without the tool.


    But when I try to record using tool , its not albe to record the appliction.


    Any settings do we need to make for this to make it happen.


    Pls advise.

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    I am facing an issue with an Oracle NCA+WebHttp protocol script that it works with 1 users but getting failed for multiple users load after login transaction.
    It fails exactly at the line - nca_button_press("BLK_HCS0000_HCS202100_0");
    Error is: object is not diplayed.
    I have already tried below -
    1. It's recorded in VuGen 12.01 with enabling object name for the appl.
    2. I have corrleated all the values such as NCJsessionID, etc
    3. Login, logout are placed as part of Action block itself.
    4. Application support more than one connetion with same users Id.
    Please let me know if any of you face this issue before. Attached is the script for your reference.
    Is there any run time settings needs to be changed? Appreciate you response.

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    I am working on 3-tier architecture application (Client > Webserver > Database)


    I want to bifurcation the response time in client > webserver > database.


    Using Loadrunner, can we get the response of each tier in 3-tier architecture application?


    If it is possible then could you please explain me how we can get the response time of each tier.

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    During the replay of a script via an HTTPS connection to the SSL Web server, the script fails with the following error:


    "Attempting to reuse saved session db 1e 00 00 dc 9f 20 9f ab 8b b8 a1 4e 8a c4 ad 97 e6 14 66 74 0e 42 cb af d6 9d 87 bd 67 d4 a3, time=1115737680, timeout=300
    SSL State: (before/connect initialization)
    SSL State: before/connect initialization
    SSL State: SSLv3 write client hello A
    SSL State: error in SSLv3 read server hello A
    SSL State: failed in SSLv3 read server hello A
    Error -27776: Server "[server_name]" shut connection during attempt to negotiate SSL session"


    This error is caused due to an SSL session being reused. Information from previous handshakes is incorrectly put into the failing SSL handshake.

    To fix this issue, you can Limit the number of connections open from the client to the server

    You can reduce the amount of connections simultaneously opened to a Web server by using the following statement in the script:




    It has been found that changing the number of open connections does not cause a significant change in performance. Performance issues are more likely to be caused by other factors such as network congestion at a router/switch/hub than by the number of maximum connections allowed.


    Also, make sure that Keep-Alive is set to "No." This setting can be found via Run-Time Settings -> Preferences -> Options -> Keep-Alive HTTP Connections.


    For more details, You may refer to the following KB article:

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    An error pops up while recording a script usin Truclient firefox protocol.
    Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response.

    (Error code: sec_error_ocsp_invalid_signing_cert)
    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site.

    Cause: This is due to the flag OCSP Stapling which is enabled.
    Fix: The flag has to be disabled at Truclient level. If we disable at browser level, then the error comes with new script again.

    Adding the line

    user_pref("security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling", false);
    into the 'user.js' file which is located under  C:\\Users\\userID\\AppData\\Roaming\\Hewlett-Packard\\LoadRunner\\Web2\\LrWeb2MasterProfile of PC Host machine.,

    By default, the setting is loaded from C:\\Users\\userID\\AppData\\Roaming\\Hewlett-Packard\\LoadRunner\\Web2\\LrWeb2MasterProfile
    So changing the setting directly from browser won’t help, making the change directly from the mentioned directory will make VuGen load it by default.

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    When running 1 Vuser on the Controller against localhost, the following error occurs even though the script replays fine in VuGen:


    Error: -27778 : Action1.c(xx): Error: SSL protocol error when attempting to read with host ""
    Action1.c(xx): t=82568ms : error:140943FC:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert bad record mac.


    Consider the following possible workarounds to this intermittent SSL error when replaying a LoadRunner scenario:


    1. Add the following statement to the beginning of the script:

         web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "3");

    This forces the SSL connection to the server to use version 3 of the SSL protocol rather than letting the server suggest a version during the connection handshake.


    2. Add the following statement to the beginning of the script:


    This forces a single TCP connection from the Load Generator to the server under test, thus eliminating the possibility of the server prematurely shutting down an existing connection and causing errors when LoadRunner sends data using that connection.


    It has been found that changing the number of open connections does not cause a significant change in performance. Performance issues are more likely to be caused by other factors such as network congestion at a router/switch/hub than by the number of maximum connections allowed.


    3. Disable the LoadRunner Controller Web Page Diagnostics if there is a proxy server located between the Load Generator and the server under test. To disable Web Page Diagnostics from the LoadRunner Controller:


        a. In the LoadRunner Controller Design tab go to Diagnostics->Configuration
        b. Select "Disable" tab for "Web Page Diagnostics"
        c. Click "OK" to close the diaglogue to complete the setup
        d  Save the scenario and run it

    Note, this workaround removes the Web Page Component Breakdown data from a subsequent Analysis session using  Graph -> Add New Graph -> Web Page Diagnostics.


    4. If none of the above helps, then use the WinInet Replay engine. To do so, go to Run-Time Settings -> Preferences -> Select "WinInet Replay Engine instead of Sockets (Windows Only)."


    You may refer below KB link for more details:


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    When you replay an SSL encrypted script in Vugen, It fails with the following error;


    Error -27778: SSL protocol error when attempting to connect with host "<Certificate Server>", Snapshot Info [MSH 1 2]   [MsgId: MERR-27778]


    The correct SSL server, Cipher and version was already set according to the document Error: "Cannot connect to remote server" in the Recording log when recording against HTTPS sites.


    An openssl verify command against the .pem file included in the script directory prints the following error;


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\bin\openssl" verify "C:\<Script Directory>\<PEM File>.pem"
    error 20 at 0 depth lookup:unable to get local issuer certificate


    This error shows that there is a certificate hierarchy which was not included in this .pem file.


    You need to add all the certificates in the certificate hierarchy for the SSL certificate to a .pem file (e.g. CAs.pem) and

    include this .pem file by adding the following line at the beginning of the script:



    For more details, you can refer to the below KB article link:

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    You can find the SSL Version and Cipher type used by a HTTPS website. You can as well set SSL Version and Cipher type through the script.


    From DOS prompt, type OPENSSL s_client -connect


    In order to find the SSL cipher being used by a particular HTTPS website, You can follow the steps specified below:


    1. Launch a DOS Prompt.
    2. Browse to the LoadRunner\bin folder.
    3. Type in openssl and press ENTER. After this you would notice the prompt change to OPENSSL>.
    4. Type in the following command


       OPENSSL>s_client -connect

    The above statement will make the initial SSL handshake and the display output after the handshake is completed. The information will look as follows:

       New, TLSv1/SSLv3, Cipher is RC4-MD5
       Server public key is 1024 bit
       Protocol : TLSv1
       Cipher : RC4-MD5


    This indicates that the SSL Version is 3 and the SSL Cipher being used is "RC4-MD5."


    The SSL version and Cipher type can be set in Vuser script using the web_set_sockets_options() function.


    Note:If you get error as shown below, make sure that you are able to ping the server from the machine from which openssl command was run.

    gethostbyname failure
    error in s_client'


    For more details, You may refer to the below KB link:

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    You may encounter the below error in Vugen while replaying a web http/html script:


    Error -27776: Server "x.x.x.x" shut connection during attempt to negotiate SSL session


    This issue is caused due to LoadRunner using a different SSL version 2.0, however the environment uses TLS protocol.


    Use this function at the begining of the script resolves the issue:


    web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "TLS");


    For more details, refer the following KB article link:




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    While replaying a Web Click & Script protocol/web http/html protocol script recorded against a secure HTTP (HTTPS) site, the following error was reported in the VuGen replay log:


    Action.c(7): Error -27778: SSL protocol error when attempting to connect with host "<hostname>" [MsgId: MERR-27778]
    Action.c(7): t=2320ms: Closed connection [0] to <hostname>:7002 after completing 0 requests


    What does this error message mean and what action should be taken to ensure that the script replays successfully?


    This error indicates that VuGen failed to negotiate the SSL version and cipher to use to interact with the server.


    As the script was recorded successfully, the VuGen recording log should be inspected to determine the SSL version and ciphers used during recording.


    In this case the following entries were found:


    [Network Analyzer ( cf0: ae8)]   (Sid:  2) Negotiate Proxy -> Server SSL Handshake (ssl:TLSv1, ciphers:AES256-SHA)
    [Network Analyzer ( cf0: ae8)]   (Sid:  2) Negotiate Client -> Proxy SSL Handshake (ssl:TLSv1, ciphers:RC4-MD5)


    The "web_set_sockets_option" function may be used to instruct VuGen to use a particular SSL version if necessary. In this case it was found that setting the SSL version to "TLSv1" by adding the following at the start of the script allowed it to replay successfully:


    web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "TLS");


    For more information on this function, see the Function Reference in VuGen. To access this use Help-> Function Reference.


    For more details, You may refer to the below KB article link:


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    I have the following setup:


    - Loadrunner 12.01 (Controller, Load Generator & VUGen) on Win2012 R2 8GB RAM - Server

    - LR RDP Agent installed from the LR Additional components directory to Win 7 Pro SP1 8GB RAM - Workstation


    Using VUgen I recorded a simple script using the RDP Protocol to connect to the Workstation, login, launch an application, conduct a transaction then log out.


    I ran 3 iterations of the script (End-to-End) in VUGen on the LR Server and each one passed. I had the following settings in the RunTime :


    - RDP, Synchronization

                Fail image synch step on timeout = No

                Disable synchronization failure dialogue = Ticked

    - RDP, Advanced

                Socket receive buffer size (bytes) = 65536

                Socket receive buffer timeout (msec) = 5000

    - RDP, RDP Agent

                Replay using RDP Agent = Ticked

                Wait time for RDP agent response (msec) = 30000



    I loaded the script on to the LR Controller and userd the same Server for the LR Generator (Did not use the Workstation as a LG) to run for 1 user  1 iteration but it failed.  It failed at the point where the RDP client tries to locates the RDP Agent on the Windows 7 Workstation.


    In the script the login password is entered then straight after the following synch is attempted but fails:



        rdp_sync_on_agent("StepDescription=Agent Synchronization 1", 


    The Vuser log shows the following:


    Action.c(29): Warning:Received error PDU with code 0.

    Action.c(29): Detected MCS shutdown packet

    Action.c(29): Error:Connection reset by the server

    Action.c(29): There was an error while synchronizing on the agent

    Abort was called from an action.


    The RDP Agent is installed and working on the Windows 7 Workstation because 3 iterations of the script were run successfully.  So, why does it fail to recognise the RDP Agent when running the same script via the LR Controller? I am not using the Workstation as a Load Generator because the RDP Agent is installed on it.


    Any help would be most appreciated.


    kind regards


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  • 02/27/15--05:34: Redirects?
  • Just wondering whether LR deals with redirects automatically?

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    i've been trying to record the Oracle Hyperion application with Truclient.


    I've been stymied by pop-up windows that show briefly during recording, then seem to disappear and/or hide behind the main application window. These are NOT OS pop-ups as described in some other posts. They are application pop-ups, maybe from Java? Whatever they are, I can't get to them and close them.


    I'm also seeing that some of the main application windows don't draw. They are there but blank.


    Any ideas here? Is Truclient the best protocol for this?


    I've tried http/html and Click and Script protocols with headers recorded but those present other problems with correlations that just don't work right. There have been some posts about this too. Very tricky because the script can run through clean, but it can return OK http responses even though the response data contains XML with an error in it!

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    I am recording a basic script to login into Oracle 11i applicaiton. Goto the Sales Order form and book an order. I am recording script as Object names (record=names tagged at the end of nca_connect_server). During play back, I get the following errors.

    Execution Log:
    vuser_end.c(6): Error: nca_menu_select_item("Sales Orders","File;Close Form") failed, Window or object is disabled
    Source Code:
    nca_tab_select_item("ORDER_REGIONS", "Line Items");


    Execution Log:
    Action.c(54): Error: nca_tab_select_item("ORDER_REGIONS","Line Items") failed, Window or object is disabled
    Source Code:
    nca_tab_select_item("ORDER_REGIONS", "Line Items");

    Can you please suggest what is the issue here?




    P.S. This thread has been moved from Performance Center Support and News to LoadRunner Support Forum . - Hp Forum Moderator

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    I developed a script with Truclient Ajax Firefox and ran fine in one machine that has firefox 31.0 (that comes with Loadrunner and sits inside bin folder of Performance Center Host).

    Vugen Version : 12.02 Build : 2739


    But when i run the same script in other machine and it wasn't running at all and showing up not even first step. And, this machine has firefox with version 22.0 inside bin folder of PCHost. When i open it in develop mode the steps are not showing up .

    Vugen Version : 12.01 Build : 2079


    How to upgrade firefox 22.0 to 31.0 ?

    Or is this problem with Vugen Version ? Does this Firefox version proloaded with Vugen and is this constant ? Can it be changed to other version that installed externally for recording/replay ?

    Or any other workaround for this problem ? 


    Thanks in advance !!





    P.S. This thread has been moevd from LoadRunner Information and News to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator




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    For testing of an Finacle application, i require a large dataset. So how muh data does loadrunner handle  ?


    The application & sccript details are as :


    Application : Finacle


    Protocol : Winsock+Web(HTTP/Html)




    OS:windows 7


    RAM: 8GB


    Currently using .csv file to put data sample data & suppose to use a data file of 1gb size.


    kindly provide input on this..




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    Vugen 11.52 "run-time viewer" not working during replay (on my machine)


    I switch on it via "Tools->Options->Scripting->Replay->show run-time viewer but it still not showing anything. Even a tab is not started. 


    On the other PC this script replaying without any problems with run time viewer tab (we checked all General/Editor/Scripting/ settings, they are equal on both PC)


    I tried to reinstall the vugen and analysis, but the result is the same.


    i suppose, i should register some dlls manually, or smth. like this.


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    I am faing issue while running truclient script in PC11.52. 


    In performance center script runs successfully for single iteration and for second itration it fails.


    Tried to run the script in VUGEN and it runs sucessfully for multiple iteration.


    For second itration,it  is showing "Timed out " error for Home page load tranaction.It takes less than 15 sec to load the home page.


    Please suggest what shoud be the possible reason of this behaviour during exeuction of script.

    Any leads to solve the same is appreciated.








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