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    We are facing issue while trying to replay Truclient IE script through LR12.01. In Development mode IE is getting stuck (going in Not Responding mode) for specific objects.


    While recording everything worked fine & application/object is working outside of LR in same browser.


    Current browser version is IE 10, even with IE 9 same behaviour was observed.

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    Hi I am fairly new to the loadrunner scripting and would like some help.


    I need to POST some xml files which I am attempting as follow:




     lr_end_transaction("BDD_trajectories", LR_AUTO);


    the {xmlFiles} is path to the xml files and the {URL_Param} is the server that takes a set of trajectory values from these xml file and sends it to another server (external to our ogranisation) which in turn returns as set of CSV values for the requested parameters, here some smaple input and expected output.




                    <wps:ComplexData mimeType="text/csv">lat,lon,height,time




    Relative humidity (N_PERC),Temperature (T_KELV),Wind - u component (S_MPS),Wind - v component (S_MPS)


    I would like to be able to log/validate the CSV values any help would be appreciated. I have enabled the "Data returned by server" option in the Runtime settings>Log section but can not see in the ouput the CSV values!





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    Hi all,


    probably not the smartest questions around here..

    I have Vugen 12.00 and want to record a simple http-web script that emulates IE11

    I have IE 11 on my machine, I saw in the support matrix that IE11 should be supported from vugen 12.00

    BUT I don't see IE11 emulator in the repy options - it goes only up to IE10


    Any suggestions?








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    Hi all,


    probably not the smartest questions around here..

    I have Vugen 12.00 and want to record a simple http-web script that emulates IE11

    I have IE 11 on my machine, I saw in the support matrix that IE11 should be supported from vugen 12.00

    BUT I don't see IE11 emulator in the repy options - it goes only up to IE10


    Any suggestions?








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    I am working on performance testing of one of the application, which requires two diffirent PKI certificates to acces. One certificate to login & another certifate to access one perticular page over there.


    I tried below options:


    1.Used one certificate at the time of login  & 2nd certificate before the page view. here I am able to login but got bad certificate error during page view.


    2.Used one certificate at the time of login  & 2nd certificate before the page view. here killed the first certificate session before setting the 2nd certificate but again no sucess.


    3. Then I checked the "WinInet Reply" option. It worked on LR but failed in the performance center.


    4. Installed one of the certification on specific LG & try to use web_set_certificate("index") providing the index parameter 2nd certificate..but no luck.


    Please let me know if anyone has faced this issue & had solution for tis issue.


    Thanks in advance..


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    Hello Experts,

    Just want to understand, if there is any difference between SAP Web and Web(HTTP/HTML) loadrunner protocols?


    If yes, what difference it would?

    If no, can we use the regural web(HTTP/HTML) protocol for SAP application, instead of purchasing licence for SAP protocol?



    Simillary, what would be the difference between SAP(Click and Script) vs SAP GUI protocol.



    Please advise.

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    I am testing VDI (VmWare) solution and was wondering if it is possible to boot multiple VDI View Client sessions using HP load runner?

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    I cannot receive approval from HP for the Load Runner free trial edition.  I chatted with tech support who did not help and routed me to this board.  When I click to download, I am asked to register.  I have tried signing in with my HP Passport and creating a new account, but keep receiving the email below.  I have tried different Company names, my work email and 2 different web emails, 3 different browsers, but keep receiving the same message below in my inbox. Even tried 2 different computers in case its a cookie thing, but no difference.  Thanks for the feedback.





    Hi Brian

    As your request for creating HP Software account could not be properly verified and approved, we were unable to provide access.

    If you believe this is an error on our part, please resubmit your request, or contact us.

    We appreciate your patience and interest. 

    The HP Software Team

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    Hi ,


    I am trying to record a application which is hosted in Windows Server 2012. In order to access the application you need to login to Remote desktop web access and from web it will again redirects you to the remote desktop(RDP) where the application will be launched.


    When I try with HP Load Runner, I tried using multi-protocol  both Web Http/Html+ RDP. But it records only the web part and not the RDP connections.


    Could you please help us in this issue and does HP Load runner 12 supports Remote desktop services with Windows Server 2012.




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  • 08/12/15--03:52: Vugen Debug Logs
  • How to enable Debug logs for VuGen?



    Please follow the below steps to generate debug logs for VuGen
    1. Close all VuGen instances running
    2. Navigate to %LR_PATH%\config folder
    3. Edit log.config.xml with a text editor
    4. Change the log level value from ERROR to DEBUG at all the occurences of below line.
    <level value="ERROR" />
    5. Save and restart VuGen.

    After the above changes, VuGen creates debug logs at %temp%\HP.LR.VuGen.log

    After reproducing the problem, please revert back the above changes, and send the log file to hp team for investigating the problem.
    Note: The above steps are application for VuGen 11.5x onwards.

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    For web sites that uses Windows  Security Authentication is required to add the certificate using the next steps


    Before follow the next steps is necessary to grant that the Windows User account has administrator permissions and the IE settings can be modified, this

    because the certificate and password for the certificated need to be generated and added to the IE.

    1. Open the script in VuGen (Do not open the browser yet)

    2. Open General Settings dialog from VuGen toolbar

    3. Go to Client Certificate tab

    4. Attach a certificate to the script. You need to make sure the certificate appears in the Personal Store in order to TruClient to recognize it

       >> This should attach a certificate to the script folder called CC.pfx

    5. Replay the script.

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    Hi, I created a simple testscript to run a report in livleink, I use web_set_user_ function to set the user to run the load test and the ran with 20 vusers. I did not recieve any http errors when running in vugen but when running in controller I received http 400 errors, but no issues with running the report ran ok and no errors were detected, just the http 400 errors which did not effect the outcome of running the report.


    I just want to understand why the http 400 errors occured, but the report still ran ok?


    any help would be appreciated.



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    I am facing issues to install load runner's proxy root certificate (.cer) in my samsung galaxy s5 device. i tried the below options


    1) Copied the certificate in my phone memory

    2)Settings-->install from device memory


    Issue: Not able to find the certificate.


    Does it support .cer extention? 


    1) Changed the certificate extention to .p12 and located the certificate from device memory


    Issue: It is aking password to extract the certificate.


    Could you please provide a solution for this.




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      I am facing a strange issue.


    I have a script, in which the function runs in loop. I have trying to capture the value from responce of the function. When i run the script in Vugen and the loops run for 2 time, correlation function captures the value both the time. But when run the same in performance center, it captures the value for the first time and not for remaining loops. And if the clear the cache everytime, it capture the value.


    Please provide me you experts suggestion on the same.


    Protocol : SAP-Web

    Performance center 11.


    Please do let me kno if any further info required.

    Appreciate your help !!




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  • 08/13/15--00:56: Failure during API Execution
  • During API execution, some times we are getting time out error and someimes, TPS is not acheived for few APIs. Can you please let us know what may be the reason behind it?

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    Tengo una aplicación que para poder acceder a ella me pide 3 de 5 respuestas a preguntas random: 1) Apellido Paterno 2) Apellido Materno 3) Nombre 4) Sexo (M ó F) 5) Fecha de Nacimiento (aaaa/dd/mm) Obviamente, como es Random, pueden entrar en cualquier orden solicitando la respuesta. La pregunta es ¿Cómo meto estos statements en LoadRunner? Te anexo un pantallazo con las preguntas (Como te dije, 3 de 5, random) I have a web application asking for 3 out of 5 questions to be able to gain acces to it... 1) Name 2) Second Name 3) Last Name 4) Sex (M or F) 5) Birth Date (yyyy-mm-dd) As the questions are shown randomly, they can be shown in any order, asking for the answer... How can I include these statements in Truclient FireFox protocol?

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    Hi All,


    I have recorded the script using Oracle 2 Tier Protocol, accessing a
    9i databse using 6i forms. We are currently upgrading our databases
    and have recently upgraded from 8.06 database using 4.5 forms. I can
    record the test script OK through the GUI but when I replay the
    script through Loadrunner it falls over very early on.

    The loadrunner error message reads:

    vuser_init.c(75): Error: lrdo.c/fjParse: "oparse" LDA/CDA return-
    code=06550: vuser_init.c(75): Error:ORA-06550: line 1, column 89: PLS-
    00221: 'F_CHK_USER_LOGINS' is not a procedure or is undefined ORA-
    06550: line 1, column 89: PL/SQL: Statement ignored vuser_init.c(75):
    lrd_stmt: ERROR, return-code=LRDE2009. /* select text from
    sys.all_source where owner = 'CIS' and name = 'PKG_MENU'; */ BEGIN

    The line in the Loadrunner script which fails is:

    lrd_stmt(Csr5, "/* select text from sys.all_source where owner
    (/* INSERT PARAMETERS HERE */); END;", -1, 0 /*Non deferred*/,
    1 /*Dflt Ora Ver*/, 0);

    It looks to me like it can't run a particular package, 'PKG_MENU' in
    this case. However the package does exist within our database. I
    have spoken to one of our developers and he thought it loooked like
    loadrunner is trying to compile code from within the database and he
    couldn't understand why it would do that. As I am new to Loadrunner
    I couldn't really answer that question ! Does anyone have any ideas ?

    It has been suggested that it had something to do with database
    access rights. However the access rights for the users used in the
    script have since been granted explicit execute rights and the exact
    same error still occurs.

    We did not have the problem when using 4.5 forms. I've set up all
    the relevant parameter lists and correlated all necessary values
    within the loadrunner script. I can't understand why the script will
    record OK but falls over when playing back. Does anyone have any
    ideas ?

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted....



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  • 08/13/15--07:54: WCF services
  • Hi, Has anybody any experince of running Loadrunner towards WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) applications?


    Thanks for any information


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    When trying to run the scripts in controller we get the folloowing error. Can Someone suggest the solution Please.


    Error: Exception was raised when calling per-thread-init function in extension LrWebIEReplay: System Exceptions: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION [MsgId: MERR-10490]
    Error: Vuser failed to initialize extension LrWebIEReplay. [MsgId: MERR-10700]
    Error: Exception was raised when calling event-notify Vuser function in extension LrWebIEReplay: System Exceptions: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION [MsgId: MERR-10487]

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  • 08/13/15--18:44: Windows 10-LR Compatablity
  • Hello All,

    Just wanted to know if LR12 or which version is compatablie with Windows 10? I was trying to upgrade to windows 10, but wasnt sure if i can download LR on windows 10.


    Any suggestions?

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