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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I am having difficulty importing WSDL file into Loadrunner.


    Loadrunner gives me this message after recording:


    Warning 1 The WSDL for EndPoint http://xx.xx.xx.xx/clickschedulewebclient/SXP.asmxwas not found in the script.
    WSDL Automatic Download is off.

    Steps: GetTimeZones, GetServerTime, GetGanttObjects_3, GetObjects_13, GetEngineersDynamicProperties, GetLunchInformation, GetTravelTimes, GetGanttObjects_2, GetCalendarsLogicalIntervalsEx, DeletePages, GetTasks, GetObjects_12, GetObjects_11, GetObjects_10, GetEngineersCrewAllocations, GetObjects_9, GetGanttObjects, GetTaskList, GetObjects_8, GetReportInstanceID, GetSetting_12, GetSetting_11, GetSetting_10, GetObjects_7, GetObjects_6, GetSetting_9, GetObjects_5, GetObjects_4, GetSetting_8, GetSetting_7, GetObjects_3, GetSetting_6, GetSetting_5, GetSetting_4, GetNavigationTree, GetSetting_3, GetSetting_2, GetSetting, GetObjects_2, GetUserSetting_2, GetObjects, GetUserSetting, GetCollectionIndexes, GetCollectionsScheme, GetSchemeModeInfo Turn WSDL Automatic Download On from "Recording Options" dialog, for more information please refer to LoadRunner manual.


    After speaking with developer he assures me that the SXP.asmx  URL does not exist in the IIS structure. So where yould loadrunner be getting that from?


    Additionally, he provided me with the URL for WSDL:


    However I can't understand how to import this using the LoadRunner Recording options Services.
    What do i put in the two fields?  Additionally for Local File import, what do i put for service endpoint?





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    I'm using TruClient Firefox to develop some scripts.

    They all works fine when recording, adding "Wait for Object", transactions and then replaying the script in Develop script mode.


    I save the script in "Develop Script" mode and go back to VuGen and try to replay the script there. 

    1. No replay window is visible. Can I activate that in any way?

    2. No snapshots for the replay are saved. Can I activate that in any way?

    3. Script times out waiting for a step in the middle of the script where it should click on a link on a page. (It's hard to know whether the link exist on the page or if the script finds it and nothing happens when beeing clicked. 

    "Error -205177: ** 12: Click on Next link ** timed out Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0] [MsgId: MERR-205177]"

    4. Is there a problem with my setup since VuGen 12.01 feels like a beta-version running slow as an old turtle?

    Vuser Generator

    VuGen protocol: TruClient Ajax - Firefox

    Browser: Firefox v23.0

    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit with Service Pack 1

    PC: HP EliteBook, i5-4300@1.9GHz, 8GB RAM, Intel SSD harddrive





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  • 09/11/15--00:41: SNMP resource monitoring
  • I have a question about HP LoadRunner version 12.1 SNMP software support for monitoring server utilization while conducting the test (Linux and/or Windows):


    - What version of SNMP is supported in HP LoadRunner (version 1, 2, and/or 3)?
        - If version 3 is supported can it be configured as a preferred version.
    - Is authentication over SNMP supported?
    - How can the community string for SNMP be customized / defined?

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    Is there any formula to calculate the number of concurrent users for Load Test?


    Suppose we have 1000 users in application but we are interested in concurrent users. So what should be the user load that we can achive in LoadRunner scenario


    Thank you !!



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    Please advice, thank you.

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    I've used LoadRunner before, my concern is that Load Runner cannot handle the complexities of FileMaker. My experience with LR is dated, I will like to know if the current capabilities of LR is a suitable tool to use with FileMaker.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here's an issue that I'm having. On the same page, I am retrieving two variables , PARAM1 & PARAM2. Depending on my actions, only one will be populated with a 7-digit number, the other will be an empty string.


    web_reg_save_param( "PARAM1", "LB=xxx",
    "Ord=1", "IgnoreRedirections=Yes", "Notfound=warning", "Search=Body", "RelFrameId=1", LAST );

    web_reg_save_param( "PARAM2", "LB=xxx",
    "RB= xxx",
    "Ord=1", "IgnoreRedirections=Yes", "Notfound=warning", "Search=Body", "RelFrameId=1", LAST );


    How can I compare the 2 values, so that I can use a if/else clause to control the following actions?


    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!



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    I was trying to explore GUI mode of recording in latest version i.e. 12.5. This mode was use to be available in Web Click & Script earlier and now in AJAX click & Script. When I performed few steps in WebTour sample application and stopped recording, its showing only first request i.e. to open browser and there are no more steps. When I regenerated script in other two mode i.e. HTML or URL, it was able to show all requests. That means recording has happened properly but either reneration is not working in GUI mode or GUI mode in AJAX click & script support only AJAX part and not regular web based application like webttours. please help.




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    Please find attached screenshot. I have installed LR v12.02 and recently also installed v12.5. In both versions, sample WebTours application was not working when tried booking flight. It was working till browsing different links on left side and login, logout. Did I missed any particular step?

    I have Windows 7 64 bit OS and IE 11, 10 and also on chrome.




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    Hi Team,

    we are recording a script for exchange URL in VuGen, the recording ends successfully however replay fails with the following error.

    Action.c(46): Warning -26604: Unsupported "Content-Encoding"      [MsgId: MWAR-26604]

    Please help us to resolve the same.


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  • 09/13/15--10:00: SAP BO 12 correlation file
  • Am performing load test for SAP BO v12.2 using HP Loadrunner 12.2.

    Am able to record the script using web(http/HTML) and correlatated 'smsessionid' and find few dynamic values in the script like sentry, valued but script passed seems correlation is not working.
    Did any one used SAP BO V12.2 correlation file?

    Please help

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    I was not able to launch the URL through chrome. Am getting the below error

    Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key



    Last week every thing is working fine suddenly it stopped launching the URL through LR. I was able to open URL successfully in my local browser. Only problem coming launching the URL through LR.
    CHrome version am using is 45.0.2454.85.
    Please suggest me how to fix this issue

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    Dear team,


    I'm using the latest version of LoadRunner v12.50 (community edition) and upon connecting from a controller to a load generator over a proxy using SSL, I get the following error: "dh key too small". I found that this error is caused by a change in the latest version of OpenSSL, which does not accept DH keys smaller than 768 bit anymore (see link below). I found that LoadRunner still uses a 512-bit DH key, located in \dat\cert. Could you please advise me how to solve this issue?




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    I am trying to replace decompress function from the third party zlib library with the lr_unzip in LoaDrunner 12 but it is failing with this error "compressed data corrupted". However, it did pass when I attempted to reverse engineer by getting the human readable output from decompress then compress using lr_zip and then decompress using lr_unzip any idea how to fix the "compressed data corrupted" issue appreciate your feedback.

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    I have a script where I have recorded the file upload functionality and as of now, LR is picking up the file from the script directory itself. However, how this particular scenario will need to be handled when the script will be running on the controller - whether I will need to provide the relative path. If yes, how can I do that and where should the file be kept ?

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    What protocol do you use for PeopleSoft in LoadRunner? There used to be a PeopleSoft protocol in older versions of LoadRunner, but not in version 12. I have tried the Web - HTTP/HTML and Oracle -Web protocals but they don't work correctly with PeopleSoft. Thanks

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    Does Version 12 has MQtester Pluging....I want to do MQ testing using can i do 

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    Hi Experts,


    For a basic URL we are trying to create a Vugen script but for some reason while accessing the URL it asks to download a file each time. For some occasion the URL works fine and sometime it asks to download the file.


    From Diff Browser like Chrome and  Firefox also it asks to save file some occasion.


    So my question is : How to deal with  this case while recording script via Vugen . is it Application URL issue or Browser issue.

    is there any setting available in Vugen which will resitrict the file to get downloaded ?




    Mahender Joshi




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  • 09/14/15--22:49: Load Runner Trial
  • Hi,

    I would like to know if I can simulate virual users to test a mobile application using load runner trial software?




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    I'm creating Vugen scripts on a 64-bit .NET Application, framework DevExpress, using Vugen v12.50 and Winsocket protocol and I'm experiencing several crashes of application (not of Vugen) mostly during most heavy actions like saving of many data modification and performing a search.


    I have configured Direct in Recording option -> Network to allow communication between Client and Server.


    Monitoring system resources via task manager (Handles, Threads, USER Object, GDI Object) we notice a normal behaviour.


    Moreover, doing the same actions on application manually without recording, no crashes happen.


    Do you have any suggestion to resolve it?


    Thank you.



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