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    I am trying to run a web service to establish baseline for an interface. I am able to see the response body for smaller response but it does not capture for larger response.


    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to separate some information that I have into C-functions.c file into separate and external files.


    I already tried to use the evaluate JS -> LR.scriptDir("C:\Testing.c") but I receive the error about the LR.scriptDir is not a function.


    the reason of this is because I dont want to share some IDs into the script therefore I need to save them into one external file and remove that information of the C-functions.c file that is also compressed when the file is saved.


    Best Regards!

    Cesar Solorio

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    Hello Team,

    I am getting the following error when recording an Oracle web application:


    Action.c(823): Error -26547: Authentication required, please use web_set_user, e.g. web_set_user("domain\\user", "password", "host:port");   [MsgId: MERR-26547]


    The error comes out of the following request:


           "EncType=application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8",


    Please assist.


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    How do you add the following header to a script:





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    Hi All, We have to do performance testing on OBIA application which is using HTTP protocol When I am trying to record with Vugen 11.50, the pages are going to unsresponsive stage and events are not increasing. I tried following options: 1.Changing Port mapping to Winlet 2.Recording by using URL mode Following Specifications using in my project 1.Vugen 11.50 2.Windows 7 with 64 bit 3.IE 9 4.HTTP protocol Please find the attachment for more information. Can someone help me in providing your inputs to resolve the issue Thanks, Sravan

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    Hi all,


    I have some trouble getting more than 1 Vusers to run script created with Java Selenium. I have my script setup in Eclipse and I start the LR Controller using Eclipse plugin. If I have only 1 Vuser running, everything works smoothly. If more than 1 Vuser run at the same time in the same machine, Selenium freaks out and loses control of the webdriver. Is there any workaround for this? 


    Side note: I use Eclipse Selenium because I already a lot of test cases being built in that environment.



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  • 10/16/15--03:18: Load Runner Web Services
  • Hi All,


    I am testing the Performance in Web Services. While the Web Service is trigerred from the Soap UI to the SOA Server the XML is getting totally encrypted due to the OWSM Policies configured in the SOAP UI. How to setup the same in the Load Runner using the Security and Protocol Settings.


    How to make use of the .jks file used in SOAP UI.


    Please explain me.

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    Hi Folks,


    I got this error while recording a script.

    I'm testing a web application on IE 11. And my loadrunner version is 11.52 with patch1.


    And in the log, here is the error message:

    2015-10-16 10:33:07,232 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t124.inf
    2015-10-16 10:33:07,237 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t125.inf
    2015-10-16 10:33:07,241 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t126.inf
    2015-10-16 10:33:12,253 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t127.inf
    2015-10-16 10:33:12,257 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t128.inf
    2015-10-16 10:33:12,289 VUGEN         [ThumbnailServiceUI] ERROR - ThumbnailCreationHostWindow.Create _ieSnapshotloader.Load failed for file: D:\users\f26045b\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\IVECO_Thinclient_Wildcard_Search_BOM_Expand\data\t82.inf




    I tried to disable thumbnails from regestry, but I did nt find it (Screen shot attached).

    Any one please help?


    Thanks in advance




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    I have 3 scripts, that when I try to run them in controler they just seem to hang after the vuser_init completes with the message of Run vuser...


    The 3 scripts are copies of each other but I didn't think that would matter.  I've given them each thier own data pool thinking it was aproblem with it locking ther pool when all the scripts tried to access it.


    Does anyone know what else could cause this?

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    Hi All,

    How to validate Excel data in VuGen while recording?


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    hello experts,

    I have developed a TruClient IE script using LR11.52. The script runs fine on my laptop but when I move the same script to windows Server 2012 R2 Standard edition and try to run it(this machine hase LR 12.02) I see the follwoing error


    TSC has stopped working . 




    Thankn in advance

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    We are working on windows application performance testing where the script is not getting generated with Http protocol. Tried with protocol as suggested by protocol advisor but the script isn’t being generated. Application is windows based(.exe), developed on .Net framework and underlying communication protocol is TCP/IP.

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    I'm new to Loadrunner and have got most of what I need working but I have an issue that I hope you can help me with:


    I have a script which connects to a RDP server, launches an application, performs task and then logs off again. When I replay it in VUGEN all is good, but when I run it in Laodrunner it runs….and then runs again! There is only one iteration set so I can’t understand why after finishing (and logging off) it then repeats the whole process. I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere but I can’t find it!


    Thanks in advance

    Mark Cousens

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    I'm new to Loadrunner and have got most of what I need working but I have an issue that I hope you can help me with:


    When I run the same script with three or four users everything is good, but when i try and ramp it up to 30 the majority of them freeze. From what I’ve read each Load Generator should be able host a lot more than 30 sessions. Our load generator is a physical PC with 4Gb RAM, I’ve run the Load Generator calculator against it and it seems to suggest only 10 sessions (see below) is that right?


    Load Generator calculator log sample:

    LG: cs055961pc Stage RunningScript, Type: Memory, Sample number: 93, Sample value: 2319.2265625, vusers estimating: 10


    Thanks in advance

    Mark Cousens





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    i am trying to write a script which will pick  dynamic values for the below boarding point  according to the bus, but i am getting the default values which are captured in recording .how can i dynamically change the BOARDING POINT values accordin to the bus



    my code is 



    For Bus:


    <h2 class='TravelAgntNm' title='APSRTC'>APSRTC</h2><a href='javascript&colon;void(0);' rel='' class='canclbtn custom-width cancel' id='canclP249285670'>Cancellation Policy  </a>
        web_reg_save_param("Buses","LB='>","RB=</h2><a href='","ORD=ALL",LAST);


    For Boardig Point

    //<option value="151^MARATHALLI (M) 8453415795  080 - 22971202 / 03 /04 /05 /06^07:45 PM^NEAR BMTC BUS STAND,MARATHALLI,BENGALURU-560037 +918453415795 , 080 - 25401882 , 42099909 SINOSH TOURS & TRAVES OPP  KALAMANDIR^^">MARATHALLI (M) 8453415795  080 - 22971202 / 03 /04 /05 /06-07:45 PM</option>


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    When I try to capture events from a https ecommerce site using load runner proxy, it throws the below error irrespective of the browser.


    I tried all the possibilities of SSL / TSL methods, proxy and direct connections. If I use load runner proxy to connect and proceed with unsecure method, I could see events are being captured but some sections(Search, Color / Size selection) are still not captured. Is there any alternate to handle this issue?


    Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from <website> (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

    Back to safety
    Hide advanced


    This server could not prove that it is <website>; its security certificate is not trusted by your computer's operating system. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.


    Proceed to <website> (unsafe)

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  • 10/20/15--08:43: winruuner cannot find object
  • Hello, im usig winrunner 8.2 with XP sp3, as of last week my script is no longer working after investagating why I found out that it's no longer able to see the the objects I created as vb_name  can someone please assist?

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    I need to understand what testing we should conduct based on our LR configuration, everything will be hosted by the client, except for vugen and analysis tools which will be installed on our laptops

    what testing should we do to validate the configuration?

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  • 10/20/15--23:02: About Correlation
  • Hi


    i am getting different boundries for Payment option and  my code is


        // <li class="first-child"><a href="#a" onClick="javascript&colon;fnpaymode(1);" class="sel">Credit Cards</a></li>
        //<li><a href="#b" onClick="javascript&colon;fnpaymode(2);">Debit Cards</a></li>


    Now my concern is how can i combine the Payment_Method1&Payment_Method2



    Thanks in Advance

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