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    Hi All,


    I was trying to these below mentioned things using Loadrunner:

    1. Launch the controller using cmd

    2. Run the scenario

    3. Analyze the results and send an email.


    I have sucessfully automated the 3rd step and I was able to perform the step 1 as well (was able to open controller from cmd).


    But the problem is that I was able to open the controller but could not see any scenario in it.


    I have given the proper path (at least I think so).


    cmd command: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\bin\LoadRunner\bin\Wlrun.exe -Run -TestPath C:\Users\Amar\Desktop\SalesOrder\Scenario.lrs -ResultName C:\Temp\LR_Res\result_0


    Could anyone please help me on how to open the scenario immediately after launching the controller.


    Thanks for your time.

    Any help would be really really helpful.

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    Hi, I enabled Web Page Diagnostics in Controller, when I finished my test. I opened Time to First Buffer Breakdown, but Network Time is 0, and Server Time is also 0. You can refer to the fourth attachment.

    I am unable to solve this problem, please help me.

    Thank you very much.


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    Can we create scripts using VUGen 12 and run them into Controller 9.10? Is it allowed from licence point of view?

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    I would like to send the Load Runner Test Results using HTTP/REST Interface to my custom Dashboard.  Is there a way to pull data from Load Runner using HTTP/REST Interface. 





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    We are trying to write a UI script where user just clicks on one of the button and screen navigates to next page (every time same). Before coming to UI, the data was sent to the system in xml mode. We wrote UI script and it works fine with one set of data. If we change any input values in xml datafields, still script works fine. Here the problem comes, if we add/remove datafileds from xml, the request body is being generated by laod runner. When we add/remove datafileds, its not like we are changing the xml schema. eg. we have two nodes of one type in xml when first time we recorded , and 3 in next one. These changes will appear on UI screen and being captured while recording. Our problem is even we are add/removing data fields in xml, we dont care while clicking Button on screen in script. Saying that we are interested in creating a script which can just click the button without caring about what data is being sent along within Body request. 


    //Not Interested Part-------*****-------
    //Interested Part----*****------ 



    Please help !

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    My Vugen script has duplicate step names for different web_url request.


    I need to know what will happen if i have duplicate step names. Is it going to impact my transaction response times? or will this impact my page break down analysis?


    I have these duplicate step names in different transactions.




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  • 08/13/14--07:41: TruClient IE issues
  • Hello Forum,


    I am using TC-IE for one of my project and having the the following issues during execution from controller.


    Issue 1 -  Vusers executing TC-IE scripts fail while executing from physical load generator:

    All vusers executing the TC-IE scripts from controller fail after launcing the scenario from controller. The error message displayed is "Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination".  


    Vusers are able to perform login steps and start failing from then. The script works fine when executed from Vugen on the same machine.


    This load gen machine has LR 12 (evaluation) with patch 1 and attached is the system info extracted using LR Detect & execution log. Prior to LR 12 upgrade this machine was installed with LR 11 with patch 4 and was working perfect and primarily used to execute web & SAP vusers.


    Issue 2 - TCS has stopped working & IPC connection to the browser process is lost:

    As the physical load generator was having issues, trying to execute the scenario with virtual machies (windows server 2008 installed with LR 12 with patch 1) and a laptop (windows 7) as load generators.


    Trying to execute 10 vusers from the laptop and atleast 5 of them are terminated with error message "IPC connection to the browser process is lost". Rest of the vusers are poped up with "TCS has stopped working" but still execute unless the popup closed.


    Experts, please provide your valuable thoughts and inputs to overcome these issues.




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    Hello All


    I need vugen to create Sitescope WebScript Monitors. I just need it standalone (no loadrunner).

    How can I download it ?


    Your help is appriciated 


    Thanks Thomas

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    Using .net Protocol LR is not generating script for windows based application.


    Application Developed in: Net

    Application Type: Windows based Using .exe file

    Protocol used: .Net with Single Protocol option

    and COMDCOM+winsocket with Multiprotocol option


    Issue: We are doing performance testing for .net windows based application; we tried to record the application using .NET- single protocol, winsocket and COMDCOM protocols (Multiprotocol). During recoding application is getting launched but we are observing that, after stopping the recoding no requests are captured. Can someone please help us here.


    /*Below warning is getting after recording with .net protocol*/


       warning:  Code Generation Error      Exception during GenericHook execution ,  Recorded method - System.Activator::CreateInstance , info - MethodCallEventSender::SendEvent encountered an error during sending the event

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    I have a Truclient script running in Vugen with 'snapshot on error' enabled. The script fails:


    t=00067406ms: Error -203256: ** Click on Cancel button ** failed - target object was not found.       Snapshot Info [MSH 1 1]    [MsgId: MERR-203256]


    But where is the snapshot? The Snapshot tab is empty and says "No Snapshots Available".


    Really need that snapshot to debug the script...




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    Our citrix environment is running on CGP which is port 2598 not ICA which is 1494.    Where do I change the port default in Performance Center?   We are avoiding using ICA files due to the number of virtual testers.    Tried to set it with the protocol/port options in Vugen but it defaulted to 1494 and can't find anything in the script that indicates what port is specified.




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  • 08/14/14--10:40: Hi All
  • I am using Citrix protocol in Loadrunner. I have 10 users. For synchronization purpose i am using synch on bit map values. is there any alternates to that instead of using bit map values.


    In addition to that, I am getting very high response time value for a particular transaction. Can anybody suggest how to find the reason for that?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I have a Truclient script where in several places a "Done" or "Cancel" button is clicked. Some of these actions were copy/pasted to create the script (not sure if that matters). Now when I change one of them they all change... e.g. I edited the JavaScript xpath expression and the "Name" on one of the actions, and it made the same changes on other similar actions in the script. It is maddening... is this by design? The totally breaks the script when I edit any of the actions.


    Two screen shots attached. The first one shows two actions expanded in the TruClient editor pane before making any changes (note that the UI is inconsistent with respect to the object name... seems like another bug that I see often if I edit the "Name" field - the red marks show the inconsistency).


    The second screen is after changing the "Name" and "JavaScript" fields of the FIRST expanded action. Note that the SECOND action's Name and JavaScript have also changed (red marks)... why?


    There is even a 3rd action between them that is not expanded that also changed when the edit was made - note that it's name went from "Done" to "Cancel". Ugghh!


    It this some kind of 'change all' feature or a bug?

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    Hi All,


    Can anyone suggest is Vugen 11 is supported for Citrix Receiver client 3.2. If yes, how to record the application ( it's a desktop application hosted in the citrix server and the client uses citrix receiver 3.2 as citrix client on their desktop).

    What are the settings and configurations to be done from server end and client end as well please.

    Your prompt suggestion and help is highly appreciated.





    P.S. This thread has been moved from Application Perf Mgmt (BAC / BSM) Support and News Forum
    to LoadRunner Support Forum. -HP Forum Moderator

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    I am using Citrix protocol in Loadrunner. I have 10 users. For synchronization purpose i am using synch on bit map values. is there any alternates to that instead of using bit map values.


    In addition to that, I am getting very high response time value for a particular transaction. Can anybody suggest how to find the reason for that?


    Thanks in advance!



    P.S. This thread has been edited subject title. -HP Forum Moderator

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    We have a requirement to load test the adobe connect version 9.2.2 using LR.


    Recorded as HOST:

    With Protocol Analyzer, its listed Flex, Web(Http/HTML)...We tried recording using Web(Http/Html) protocol [Flex + web does not support together in LR 12] and got the request content in binaries for web cam sharing, Document and Video sharing for host.


    We tried with LR 11.04 using Flex + Web protocol with following recording option settings:

    1. Capture port mapping as WININET

    2. Protocols as AMF, web, flex checked.

    3. Externalisable Objects : Do not Serialize Externalisable Objects checked.

    4. Configuration options as Do not Use External JVM


    For above also, the requests are in binaries...also while relaying the same it got stuck at one of the request without any errors ..(Step Download time set to 999 secs)


    Recorded as Guest:


    Here we tried with Web Http/html protocol but while viewing shared video, shared document no requests are captured in transactions..


    We also tried with web + flex protocol with above listed options and the same request gets captured where it stuck for 999 secs and finally pops request timed out error...


    Please suggest:


    1. Whether webex and Adobe connect kind of applications are supported by LR for loadtesting or not...if yes


    then please let us know how to get rid of the above issues....


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    I am trying to install the User Interface Packs provided by HP LoadRunner 12, but after running the exe file, it says that "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing". Also the English version under User Interface Packs is unavailable.

    Please advice.

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    Hello Experts,


    I have a quick question with relate to stopping the load test scenario while the vusers running. Is there any setting to tell LoadRunner that finish all the remaining transactions before exiting the vuser?


    For example: I have 10 transactions in my vuser script and if suppose during the load test, the vuser executing 1st transaction and I clicked on stop scenario button in controller and what I expect Vuser has to do is to finish all the remaining 9 transactions and exit the load test instead of exiting immediately.


    Could you please let me know if there is any setting like that in LoadRunner.




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    Good morning all,



    I am trying to configure  my sitescope monitors with loadrunner. I am using LR 12.01 and Sitescope 11.20. I am receiving this error message:


    HTTP error code 401: Unauthorized.
    Check the following URL in the Internet Browser: http://tjones:<password>@.........


    When I check the URL in my browser it says that the URL could not be found. I can manually log into Sitescope with my username and password without any issues. Thank you in advance for your time.





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    Hi Experts,


    My LoadRunner Scripts are having cookie values (User SessionID & UserID) submitted in the header requests and when I tried to find from where they are generating and I see there is no page response containing these values.


    I have spoken to one of the developers in my project and he said that those values are generated from the Browser. So for every user, the browser will generate unique cookie values.


    Can you please guide me how to correlate the Browser generating cookies?




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