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    Hi Team

    Here i have Vugen 9.10
    I am trying to record Web base application(HTML).

    While trying to replay it, showing below error.
    I have done all correlation. Even i scaned for correlation nothing came.

    I dont know what to do now?

    Could any body help...

    thanks in advance

    Action.c(529): Resource "" is in the cache already and will not be downloaded again [MsgId: MMSG-26655]
    Action.c(529): web_submit_data("wfResolutionPage.aspx_5") was successful, 4074 body bytes, 524 header bytes [MsgId: MMSG-26386]
    Action.c(625): Notify: Transaction "resolved" ended with "Pass" status (Duration: 1.2881 Wasted Time: 0.0001).
    Action.c(629): Notify: Transaction "logout" started.
    Action.c(631): Error -27979: Requested form not found [MsgId: MERR-27979]
    Action.c(631): web_submit_form("wfResolutionPage.aspx_6") highest severity level was "ERROR", 0 body bytes, 0 header bytes [MsgId: MMSG-26388]
    Action.c(631): Notify: Transaction "logout" ended with "Fail" status (Duration: 0.0467).
    Ending action Action.




    P.S. This thread has been moevd from Performance Center Support and News Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp forum Moderator

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    Working a project that uses "Angular.JS".


    I am facing problem to handle "Protractor Java Script" throw Vugen in LoadRunner.


    Q) LoadRunner can handle Protaractor Java Script ?


    if answer is Yes for my questiong, please provide me sample script, guidelines and steps how to handle these scripts in Vugen.


    Your help will be appriciated.


    Thanks & Regards,


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  • 03/24/15--02:44: HP Loadrunner help
  • Hi experts,


    In Loadrunner, I want to create 2 schedules (schedule1 and schedule2) for a scenario. When the first schedule1 finished, delaying some minutes and then start running schedule2.


    Can I do that in Loadrunner? Help help me in this case.



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  • 03/24/15--04:58: Soft Error Identifiaction
  • Hi All 


    How to identify or capture the Soft error/warning message in Web application using Loadrunner ?


    In Hard Error a pop up message is displayed, till we click "OK" or "Cancel" it will not allow execution in VUGen to execute. In Soft error it will be like a pop up message display for certian interval of time and disappears. 


    While execution if LR encounter Hard error execution fails/ stops,  but in soft error LR dose not detect the message/ popup but execution completes and give success message. 


    Any one know the idea how to detect the soft error and steps to handel the soft error please let me know. 


    Thanks in Advance.





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    I am running few scripts in controller, of which for one of the script I see "LR has stopped working error". I have assigned 50 vusers, it runs smooth till 8 users ....above 8 pops up error...and remaining goes in to error. But 8 will run smooth...


    Once I select OK or cancel button, all the users assigned to that script goes into errors.




    1. Tried with different LG machines (LG with Win 7 and Win 2012 R2 server machines)

    2. Tried with different Controller Version (12.02 and 11.04)

    3. Re-Recorded the same script again (Thought script corrupt), still errors

    3. Unchecked UAC and DEP settings..still same error..


    Machine and Tool Specs:


    LR 12.02 on win 7 OS, Protocol: Web(Http/Html), LG: Win7 and Win 2012 R2.



    Prasanna Kumar


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    We are having trouble getting a definitive answer on how the Flex protocol works with Flash, Java  or any other rich web application that downloads files from the server to run on the client.


    Our client wants to see how a large Flash module being downloaded by 1000 users at once will affect bandwidth,


    If we record a script using Flex protocol that downloads the Flash objects and interacts with them, is there some way that the download will also be simulated for each vuser in the load test? I don't see any way of doing this without using UFT or TruClient.

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    I am trying to run a script for the first time on a new LR12 installation on a new machine. The script runs on the machine perfectly in VuGen, but errors out when attempting to run even 1 Vuser on the controller. I've never seen this error before. Its a multi-protocol script using Web/HTTP & Web Services. Perhaps it  requires a configuration/settings fix. I tried looking this up. Some say it has to do with the CLASSPATH, but I'm not sure.


    Please help!




    Start auto log messages stack - Iteration 1. [MsgId: MMSG-10545]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(401): web_submit_form("searchSummonsNonFleet.action_32") started [MsgId: MMSG-26355]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(401): Submitting form to "https://mtsuvw-dofccw.nycnet/CCWeb-1/pubmain/searchSummonsNonFleet.action", Target Frame="" [MsgId: MMSG-27978]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(401): web_submit_form("searchSummonsNonFleet.action_32") was successful, 28130 body bytes, 436 header bytes [MsgId: MMSG-26386]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(410): web_submit_form("searchSummonsNonFleet.action_33") started [MsgId: MMSG-26355]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(410): Submitting form to "https://mtsuvw-dofccw.nycnet/CCWeb-1/pubmain/searchSummonsNonFleet.action", Target Frame="" [MsgId: MMSG-27978]
    CreateNonFleetECF.c(410): Error: Message sent by service with id=800 failed. No service provider was set at the target point. [MsgId: MERR-29741]
    End auto log messages stack. [MsgId: MMSG-10544]

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    I have my application which is hosted on MicroSoft Azure server. I recorded script using VUgen and doing performance testing using Load controller with 10 Virtual users.


    While I setup "Load Generator" on "Load Controller" at that time i need to add "Server Name" like IP address.


    Now, My question is, I have cloud server as i mentioned above So which IP address i need To add?


    I got 2 IP address from MS Azure cloud server - "Internal IP & Public IP "


    I installed Load generator on my MS Azure cloud server as well.


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    I need to know one thing does HP Load runner or UFT supports telecom protocols such as


    can it support telecom apps
    testing calls etc.. If yes then how?

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    During the test script (WEB - HTTP/HTML), one of the Actions registers a new customer. Since the web application does not allow duplicate IDs, I have a java code sampler which creates a unique customer ID.
    Where do I put the java code and how do I store the string that was generated by the java code in a variable and use it during a POST inside an Action?


    Hope to hear from you guys.


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    Hi All


    I have all set up of chrome and LR 12.01 it was working good but suddenly the chrome disappeared from the list and even if i try to add it and record the script it is troubling by not capturing the events properly and page is becoming unresponsive.


    any one had face this issue and what was the solution please let me know?





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    I am using HP loadrunner v6.5. I am using licenced version, as I want to use controller as well. 


    Can you suggest , how much will it charge to upgrade the loadrunner from 6.5 to 9.5 or latest version.

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    If so, how do I go about upgrading?

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    I am using SiS 11.24.241 64-bit JVM, Build 165 and LR:12.01


    I am trying to set up the Sis monitor in the Controller and I am getting an error message:


    Parsing error.
    Details: host taxssdv01, port 8080, line: 10.
    Reason: DTD is prohibited.




    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
    <BASE HREF="http://taxssdv01:8080/SiteScope/">
    <TITLE>Login - SiteScope</TITLE>
    <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html;charset=utf-8">


    ... [MsgId: MMSG-47587]


    I have followed a few posts on here for troubleshooting and one suggested that I verify if the ports used to integrate SiteScope and LR are open by doing a telnet sample connection from both sides. The connection failed and could not get a connection from the host port 8888.....I am not sure what troubleshooting steps to take next. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.applet.*;
    <applet code="Cal" width=300 height=300>
    public class Actions extends Applet
    implements ActionListener
        String msg=" ";
        int v1,v2,result;
        TextField t1;
        Button b[]=new Button[10];
        Button add,sub,mul,div,clear,mod,EQ;
        char OP;
        public void init()
            Color k=new Color(120,89,90);
            t1=new TextField(10);
            GridLayout gl=new GridLayout(4,5);
            for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
                b[i]=new Button(""+i);
            add=new Button("add");
            sub=new Button("sub");
            mul=new Button("mul");
            div=new Button("div");
            mod=new Button("mod");
            clear=new Button("clear");
            EQ=new Button("EQ");
            for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
            for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
            String str=ae.getActionCommand();
            char ch=str.charAt(0);
            if ( Character.isDigit(ch))
            else if(str.equals("sub"))
            else if(str.equals("mul"))
            else if(str.equals("div"))
            else if(str.equals("mod"))
                else if(OP=='-')
                else if(OP=='*')
                else if(OP=='/')
                else if(OP=='%')



    This is the code which i want to run in Load runner Vugen. When i compile the code showing No errors but when i try to run the program showing  "Error: Can't find method:init."


    Kindly let me know how can i solve this problem.




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    I captured a vaule from server response which is of long string.


    humantaskInfoID":"xxxx","taskSource":"REGIONAL_PC","creator":"APC","title":"Design Circuit","workflowPatterns":"1","internalTaskID":"2351de71-4630-4528-9e29-0ce0e6612383","externalTaskID":"23396716","customerName":"SHASHI PC DM TST","serviceOrderNumber":"NEW050106","workOrderNumber":" ","internalWorkOrderNumber":"1409258","relatedOrder":" ","orderVersion":" ","orderType":"NEW ACTIVITY.....

    "taskAttributes":"{attribute=[{Name=PROVISIONING_TSP}, {Name=CUSTOMER_DESIRED_DUE_DATE, Value=2014-11-20T00:00:00.000-05:00}, {Name=TFAS_PRIORITY}, {Name=MCI}, {Name=TFAS_MEMO_ID}, {Name=RESTORATION_TSP}, {Name=CUSTOMER_DUE_DATE, Value=2015-11-19T00:00:00.000-05:00}, {Name=FAC}, {Name=FORMATTED_CIRCUIT_ID, Value=18OBGY501060NJ}, {Name=CLO, Value=CFS050106001}, {Name=ORDER_NUMBER, Value=NEW050106}, {Name=CDD_GREATER_THAN_CDDD, Value=Y}, {Name=CIRCUIT_ID, Value=18/OBGY/501060/   /  NJ}, {Name=CIRCUIT_STATUS, Value=ENTERED}, {Name=CIRCUIT_ACTION, Value=ADD}, {Name=TFAS_REQUESTED_BY}, {Name=PENDING_BUILD}, {Name=TASK_OBJ_DATE, Value=2015-12-30T00:00:00.000-05:00}, {Name=TFAS_CREATED_BY}, {Name=ACNA, Value=OPT}, {Name=TASK_NAME, Value=Design Circuit}, {Name=UDOS}, {Name=EDA, Value=N}, {Name=REGION, Value=NJ}, {Name=ESCALATION}]}"


    I tried with strtok, with separators as ":",. but it is splitting the some values like 2015-11-19T00:00:00.000-05:00 which i don't want  and I need the entire attribute=[{..}] in single value. how can we do this?

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    I am trying to add JAR files to my web services script via coding. How do I achieve it? I do not want to associate JAR in Settings nor in Env variables.

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    hi, i downloaded the latest v12.02 community version with the 50 user limit. during my tests i have seen that the "transactions/second" is also limited to 50. are the vuser limit and the transaction/second connected? additionally, when i try to give load (full 50 users) i'm getting quite high response times (on average and maximum). i have the feeling that because of the limited transactions/second my "recorded" transactions are "waiting" for execution. may this cause high response times? any hints would be helpful. regards

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    Hi ,


    I have a requirement to do performance testing for the GE centricity application. I am facing issues in recording the application in vugen. Few events are not getting recorded in vugen. I even tried recording the application with HTTP/HTML and URL mode recording. But nothing helps.


    If any one worked on the centricity performance testing eariler, kindly share the protocol information or any case study  would help me.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I have requirement to do performance testing for the GE Centricity application. I tried recording the application with Dotnet protocol in load runner. But nothing is getting recorded.


    Any one worked on the centricity performance test earlier kindly share the casestudy/ protocol might help me


    Thanks in advance.


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