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    I just recorded a scripts when i try to replay it ,i'm getting an error occurred and unable to close the application.



    i verified in logs and came to know as below:


    2015-05-07 10:09:48,858 VUGEN         [ 1] ERROR - Failed to close the open solution

    HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerInvalidDebuggerStateException: The debugger must be in state Running, Paused instead of Stopped to execute this operation.

       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.CheckState(UttDebuggerState requiredState) in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\12.0.776.2\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 435

       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebuggerImp.StopDebugging() in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\12.0.776.2\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebuggerImp.cs:line 1551

       at HP.Utt.Debugger.UttDebugger.Stop() in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\12.0.776.2\src\Infra\app\UttDebugger\UttDebugger.cs:line 349

       at HP.Utt.ProjectSystem.UttProjectService.CheckIfCancellingCloseWhileDebugging() in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\12.0.776.2\src\Infra\app\UTTProjectSystem\UttProjectService.cs:line 421

       at HP.Utt.ProjectSystem.UttProjectService.CloseOpenSolution() in e:\LT\UTT\win32_release\12.0.776.2\src\Infra\app\UTTProjectSystem\UttProjectService.cs:line 441

       at HP.LR.Vugen.BackEnd.Project.ProjectSystem.VuGenProjectService.<>c__DisplayClassc.<CloseOpenSolution>b__b() in e:\LT\LT-LR\win32_release\12.0.1362.0_clean\app\VuGen\BackEnd\Current\Project\ProjectSystem\VugenProjectService.cs:line 1510



    Please help me on this.



    Manojkumar Tenali

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    I have to send \ in soap request. When I am sending \\ in request \\ is send but It is required to send \ or \\\. Any help would be appreciated. Also When using these backslash in lr_log_message() for debbuging it is working fine.

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    We have Loadrunner 1152 and we need to use IE11.    Can we get patch for defect (77102) for IE11 COMPATIBILITY WITH Loadrunner 1152?

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    I have a Java over HTTP recorded script. The script was recorded using Java Web Start. Everything seemed to record and compile. When I replay, no scipt errors are thrown but in the output log I see the text "System.err: error captured".


    This java application recorded in the script prompts the user to login with a user name and password. After this login, a dashboard is displayed. The script replays but it does not seem this login process was successful.


    Anyone have any insight as to what might be causing the "System.err: error captured" text in the output?


    Here is the script excerpt that is throwing that error text:


    RemoteInvocation RemoteInvocation_login31 = (RemoteInvocation) JavaHTTP.readObject(RemoteInvocationBA0);

        JavaHTTP.sendSerialized(RemoteInvocation_login31, 31,
        new String[]{ 
            LAST});// 31 is the number of the header file, couldn't decode response from body



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  • 05/07/15--10:34: Date Range help
  • Hello All,
    I need a help on handling the date range in my script.
    I am working on application where data(like name, address etc) are populated for 30day(which is default). Sometime the vendor number which I am using might not have data for 30 days, so I need to change and select the last 4 months or 6 months of data.
    So if select 30days and do scripting it works fine. But if select the vendor which does not have data for last 30days, my script fails. How can I handle this in my script to check first if data available for 30 days or nor, if not available go and execute the next request which has data(for 4mntohs or 6mtnht)?
    Any help/suggestion on this?

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    Hi everyone,

    I need to extract all requests made during the test. Is there any way to do this ?

    What i'm doing is genereate a Page Component Breakdown over the Time but i think this data don't have all my requests during the test. Also this graph don't give me a full url ..(Main Url) and i need full url.


    Anyone Can help me?



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    Is there a LR Spoofing expert that can assist me?


    I set up a PC with about 8 additional IPs for IP SPoofing... when I run a script w/o Spoofing, it seems to work fine. With Spoofing enables, it just blows up from the start... seems to be issues connecting to the site. I used the wizard to add the IPs myself, but maybe I did something wrong configuring it.


    I would really appreciate ANY type of help. I've had HP techs look at this with me and have so far been unsuccessful. I was hoping that one experienced testers may have encountered this in the past and could let me know where I went wrong.



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    Hi ,


    I need to do Mobile application performance testing using LoadRunner

    Please let me know how to do this,with details like any prerequisites required,Different approaches...etc



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  • 05/08/15--00:29: LoadRunner 12.02 RMI Issue
  • Hi!

    I have to record the server acitiviteis the java applet produces for the server. The java applet is communicating with the server by the RMI. The server which I'm using is GlassFish 3.01. What type of script I have to choose in LR and how can I record it?

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  • 05/08/15--04:24: Correlation
  • I am trying to catch a value using the following Left Boundary and Right Boundary from a server Response:





    I am pasting the part of server Reposne from where I got these boundaries.Can anyone tell me whats wrong with the above function as Data is not getting saved .


    <input type=hidden name="statusList[0].subscriptionId" value="80578543989158605946
    Action.c(30):     5860404565121081710826497" />\n







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    I am trying to record a Java application using Vugen 12. Everything seems OK in the recording process but no script is actually recorded.


    I've set it up to record a .bat file that has the same information as the Java Web Start shortcut that launches the java app...


    START C:\Windows\SysWOW64\javaws.exe -localfile "C:\Users\testuser\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\31\4b4449df-24b51767"


    During the record process this launches the app as expected.


    I've put all of the .jar files into the Classpath.


    Any ideas why nothing would be recorded?



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    Currently i am working at one of our client location, where we are using LoadRunner and performance center V12.00 is used.


    One of the project requirement is to load test the web applicaiton, which requires client side certificate authentication.


    We were able to convert the certificate file to .pem format and execute the script in VuGen, but when the same script is executed through performance center we are getting "InternetSetOption for INTERNET_OPTION_SECURITY_SELECT_CLIENT_CERT" error. When we investigated on the same error, we found one of the possible cause might be because of load genarator is running as service.


    When we insisted the same to our client, they rejected our request to install the load genarator as a process as it is aginst their security policy.


    Please let me know if you anyone faced similar kind of issue and found a solution for this.


    Any feedback will be much accepted.



    We are using the WinInet mode to execute the script as the recording happening through proxy.




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    I am using 12.02 and attempting to run a AJAX operation from a Web HTTP/HTML script. I cannot use TruClient - IE or the AJAX script and click because the number of users to be run requires me to use threads. Not enough agent systems  to use processes.


    A link on the page that starts this has the following structure:


    <a name="j_id215:1:j_id263:0:j_id274:0:j_id303" 
          class="tse a4j-restore-focus-by-id" 
          style="width: 100%; display: inline-block;" 
                          ,'actionUrl':'/usda/Timesheet'} );return false;" 

    2 web_custom_data calls are created when that link is clicked and the popup that appears has an account selected.


    The first web_custom_data call does not give a failure and appears to do a POST with the following request body:


    t=8090ms: 6418-byte request body for "" (RelFrameId=1, Internal ID=34)


    -  -  -  more stuff and at the end of the request - - - 




    So, if I read this correctly, it is sending that I clicked that link.


    I get back a bunch of stuff that seems to include the same code segment listed above. When executing the next recorded custom call, it fails with a mystery message from the app - no help from developers saying what that is other than null parameters. I have done multiple recordings and there is nothing to correlate.


    I do not have access to the javascript as far as I know - still searching the massive download from the app.


    So. The question is how do I run these and send back the correct strings to the app. I have tried using WireShark to get information but it is https and not much use there.

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    I am novice in load runner.


    I need to test whether my server is able to handle multiple requests at peak hours.


    Please let me know the steps to be followed to test this scenario.



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    We are using LR 12.02 (Win 7), We are trying to connect to external machine as LG which has Win 7 and full LR installed on it, we are able to connect to LG machine through controller but when we try to run users, users are getting initilized, they remains in run state for few minutes and then automatically getting stopped without passing any transactions.


    Do we need to habe both machines in same subnet?



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    Hi there, 


    pls guide 


    i have installed loadrunner 12.0 community edition. i started web tour server through run as administrator account.

    when i started web tour application in IE 9.0 then it says 

    "The device or resource ( is not set up to accept connections on port "1080"."


    i am using windows 7 home basic edition. 


    i have tried to open port 1080 through different ways but till it is showing the same problem. 


    pls guide me how can i run web tour application.  

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    I notice that if i increase step download time , the response time also increases. However if step downloadtime is less, my response time is also less though some iterations fail in a one hour run.


    Is there an impact on Response time when the step download time is set to a higher value. Or is it indicating some other issue which i am not aware.


    Please clarify.

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    we used to use sap as DB for our raw data, when I make a load Test for example to get our business partner, all the requests access the sap dB, and I got the response of the business partners, when I send the following request code:

    web_custom_request(MDM_GET_BUSINESS_PARTNER,"URL=  {TEST_ENV_HOSTNAME}/api/v3/clients/{BUSINESS_CONTEXT}/customers/{GCID}/businessPartner","Method=GET","EncType=application/xml","Resource=1","Referer=Loadrunner",LAST);

    Here as you can see there is no mention of SAP DB or whatever DB are used, and now we move (migrate) from SAP DB to PostgreSQL. My question is now, how to check the HTTP Requests send and their Responses are using which DB's (SAP or PostgreSQL)? is there any method solution for that, because as you can see above, the request goes to the "{TEST_ENV_HOSTNAME}" which is a parameter file, and there is no mention of any DB 

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