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    Hi Team,



    Can someone please help me on how to integrate Tortoise SVN with Load runner.


    Problem Statement:

    Our HP Load runner scripts are checked in to tortoise SVN. I wanted to execute my scripts from SVN in a easier way.


    I just wanted to know whether HP has given that provision to integrate Load Runner scripts from SVN to make the execution easier.

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    Currently i faced VUs thrown out into Error column after the VUs failed to initialzed with error message "Failed to initialized. Reason: Timeout"


    I saw some poeple mentioned to increase the init timeout but still i faced the same issue.
    May i check,
    1) what will be the impact of increased the init timeout?
    2) what are the root cause of the VUs failed to initialized and finally thrown into Error column?

    3) Any log files for me to check on this issue on the LR i used?



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    There is a "base64.h" file in the vuser_init to perform some encode and decode password. Other than that, nothing.


    When you mentioned about estimated time, what do you mean?






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    I have built a LoadRunner 12.5 TruClient Web (IE) script for an SAP Business Intelligence application (Hana and Lumira). The script works OK from end-to-end, but it does not seem possible to run multiple iterations consistently in any mode: Develop Script, Load, or Controller. I occasionally get the error:


    IPC connection to browser process is lost


    I have an HP Service Request open for this issue, but thus far the Technician has not been able to determine the source of the problem or any recommended solution.


    As a "Plan B" I tried using Chromium as the SAP BI Team has stated that Google Chrome is the preferred brower. The Chromium approach fails because mouse activity is not playing back correctly. I have a separate HP Service Request open for this issue.


    One of the HP Technicians suggested that I use one of the LoadRunner SAP protocols to build my script. I can see that others are using the Web protocol but encountering correlation problems. 


    Does anybody have any suggestions?


    Should I try my hand at using the Web/SAP protocol? I know that it will take me days to do all of the needed correlation, but if TruClient cannot handle SAP BI, I will need to inform my customer that the timeline needs to be extended. However, if even the Web/SAP protocol has issues, I may be headed down any even thornier path.

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    How can I configure Performance Center 12.2 to access Sitescope monitors for a load test?

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    Using LR version 12.01 

    Truclient recognizes the field and assigns it 

          Roles: "focusable, element" 


    When I try and record typing a number in the field, TruClient does not capture anything. It captures when I Click on the field, but that is it. I don't have the option in the Step section to select an Action of "Type" so I can't assign a value to this field. 


    the object on the website I'm attempting to record is defined as:

    <div class="inputFieldContainer"><input type="number" id="DOBDay" style="width: 40px;" data-validate-functions="validateNumberRange,validateDate,validateAge" onchange="validate(this);" class="numericInput" required="required" maxlength="2" max="31" min="1" placeholder="Day" /></div>



    I'm not strong on the JavaScript side, is there a way using JavaScript to assign a value to the field?



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    Greetings, experts!


    I am attempting to record synthetic transaction use cases for Citrix 6.5.


    I am using multi-protocol mode, using Citrix ICA and HTTP.


    Only Chrome launches in 64-bit mode and I get a Diffie-Helmen error about the SSL certificate of the site.


    I'm applying a fix for this, provided by support, but do not know the result yet.


    UPDATE: The result is that I get the same "SSL Certificate Revoked" error in Chrome.


    The issue is that the Citrix customer wants IE 11 to be used, and VuGen launches Firefox and Internet Explorer in 32 bit mode, so the browers never launch.


    FYI, using just the Citrix ICA protocol alone, using login and the ICA file gives me these errors:


    1. The Citrix XenServer is not accepting connections at this time.


    2. I receive Citrix XenServer Error 1110, using just the ICA file.


    Now, if I launch all of these browsers outside of VuGen, I don't get any certificate errors, and all 3 log in no problem, download the ICA file and launch the Citrix application.


    Any ideas as to how to fix or work around this?




    ~ Mike


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  • 11/06/15--04:41: LoadRunner 12.02 Correlation
  • Hi folks,

    I am currently working on a script where I get a dynamic value from a redirected URL ( not captured in VuGen) which needs to be correlated.

    For example :

    Redirecting URL1

    To Location URL2.

    Now URL2 has a value that needs to be correlated.

    Kindly someone help me resolve this.




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    Hi All,

    Having a weird issue, hope someone can suggest something.

    I am using TruClient IE on LR 12.01. I have variable reading in a parameter for a URL.

         var pURL1=LR.getParam('pURL')

    I called the JS variable something different to the LR parameter *incase* there was some scope conlict, also removed any comments from before the declaration step; I also just tried putting in a second delay after declaring the variable before i used it in the load step and still happening.

    The script will play through several iterations, of logging into the AUT, doing a search, opening a PDF, then logging out. There is just one value of my URL in my parameter file.

    It will run through several iterations perfectly and then give an error saying that the variable that I'm using in the Navigate to step is undefined. (even though it's successfully ran several iterations!). Error log below and screenshot attached.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Or suggest anything?


    12:04:20: ** 16.4: Select Archive file in option #1 from element (2) listbox ** successfully completed
    12:04:20: ** 16: If Search resultexists ** successfully completed
    12:04:20: ** 17: Wait 3 seconds ** started
    12:04:24: ** 17: Wait 3 seconds ** successfully completed
    12:04:24: ** 19: Click on Exit Documents image ** started
    12:04:25: ** 19: Click on Exit Documents image ** successfully completed
    12:04:25: ** 20: Verify Login's "Visible Text" contains "Login" ** started
    12:04:25: ** 20: Verify Login's "Visible Text" contains "Login" ** successfully completed
    12:04:26: ** 1: Evaluate JavaScript code var pURL=LR.getParam('pURL') ** started
    12:04:26: ** 1: Evaluate JavaScript code var pURL=LR.getParam('pURL') ** successfully completed
    12:04:27: ** 2: Navigate to pURL ** started
    12:04:27: ** 2: Navigate to [Exception] ** failed - an argument is invalid:
    'Location': JavaScript exception 'ReferenceError: 'pURL' is undefined' during evaluation



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    Hi ,

    When we are trying to record the Web based Java-applet application using LR-Vugen 11. Its not capturing any events when some link opening additional java applet pages. Kindly help us to resolve this issue.



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    I am using LR version 12.20.Trying to create webservice script.

    While importing the WSDL, I used .NetFramework in the toolkit option.

    I am getting below error while replaying the script-

    Message:WSE005: The input was not a valid SOAP message because it has either the wrong name or the wrong namespace. The name specified follows: Envelope. The namespace it was defined under follows:
       at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.ProxyCreator.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)
       at Mercury.LR.LrWsNetClient.NetReplay.InvokeMethod(String sMethod, IWSMethodParameters mParams, String sAsyncEvent)

    Then I used the Axis/Javabsed webservices framework in the toolkit option and got below error-

    Action.c(3): Error:InvokeMethod failure: AXIS engine threw an exception.

    Action.c(3): Error:Internal error, please call customer support. Details: Error while retrieving body -- can not parse output parameters

    Need help.




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    I had a support case recently with a customer who is using TruClient IE 11.52. They face an issue that is reproduced on certain machines and was resolved in 12.0x. For some reason TruClient IE does not perform click on Confirm/Alert boxes causing the script to hang during replay.

    I wanted to share an easy workaround - prevent the confirm/alert box from showing. I have seen this issue more than once and in all cases the workaround below didn't affect the functionality of the application under test


    Script before the workaround:

    1. ..... script logic before relevant part
    2. Step A that triggers pop up box(es).
    3. Click OK on confirm box
    4. Click OK on alert box
    5. .... script logic after relevant part



    1. Add "Evaluate JavaScript" step before the step that triggers the pop-ups with the following code in it


    // Save original alert and confirm functions in order to restore them later

    var browserAlert - window.alert;

    var browserConfirm = window.confirm;


    // Override browser alert and confrm behavior not to issue a pop-up

    window.alert = function() { returntrue; }

    window.confirm = function() { returntrue; }


    2. Add "Evaluate JavaScript&colon;" step after the step that triggers the pop-ups with the following code in it

     // Restore normal behavior of confirm and alert boxes

    window.alert = browserAlert;

    window.confirm = browserConfirm;


    Script after the workaround

    1. ..... script logic before relevant part
    2. Evaluate JavaScript to prevent pop up boxes from showing
    3. Step A that triggers pop up box(es).
    4. Evaluate JavaScript to restore pop up boxes
    5. .... script logic after relevant part


    Notice that there is no need in the Click OK steps anymore since the browser does not show them


    Hope it helps


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    I am getting this server failure only when i replay the script. Manually this functionality is working perfectly. RTS timeout setting option tried. No luck.

    Can someone kindly provide their insights in solving this?


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  • 11/09/15--09:05: Define the Number of Vusers
  • Hello EveryBody!!

    I recently started using LoadRunner  as a tool to test my different web aplications, however, I havent found the way to define the number of Vusers that I need. so I have some questions that I hope someone can help me to answer them.

    Are the same the number of Iterations and the number of Vsuers?

    How can I define the number of Vusers  which I start my Test?

    Is it possible to add Vuser every so often?


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    Hi All,

    One of my client asked me to get the individual response times executed in 1 hour load test since some of the transactions response times were crossed the given SLA. Let's say Place order transaction executed 10K times.Is it possible to get all 10K of same transaction response times form Loadrunner analysis?. As far as I know we can only see min,max,avg,etc.. of aggregated results. Could you please lt me know if any one knows this.

    Thanks in Advance!!!




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    i'm using LR 12.5 and when Truclient Script is Run in Controller , when error occured the controller is not taking the Screenshot , and its not der in LR 12.0 V , Please Help me How to get screenshots in LR12.5 in controller when error Occur, becuase without them its had to find the Fault.

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    I’m having  some issue in Load Runner V12.02 while recording Chrome Browser

    I’m trying to record https web application and its failing to record the requests.

    I can see in the recording logs that is failing with error: ‘Negotiate Client -> Proxy SSL Handshake Failed!!!’
    I was suggested to verify that Im using same SSl certification in both sides, but Im not sure how to it.

    I will apreciate if somone can assist me.


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    I am using Vugen-11.52 to record web application by using Web-Http\HTML protocol.

    When i am recording the application i am getting folllowing response "eIndex was out of range.Must be non-negative and less the size of the collection".

    Could you please help me to resolve this problem.

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    Starting after the weekend the compiling process in Dev Mode never finishing on any previosly working script.

    What should I do?   I guess one option whould  be to run the repair installation, but may be someone had similar situation and has smarter suggestion?


    Thank you 

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    i want to select the radio button randomly below are the xpath and javascript values

    Id Method: XPath

    Xpath:   //input[@type="radio" and ="seatPref" and @value="Window"]



    Id Method: JavaScript

    JavaScript&colon; evalXPath("//div[@id=\"radioContentWrapper\" and =\"seatPref\" and @value=\"Window"]");


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