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    While running WinSoc script Replay, I am getting this error:

    vuser_init.c(24): lrs_receive(socket0, buf5)
    vuser_init.c(24): Mismatch in buffer's length (expected 67 bytes, 0 bytes actually received, difference in 67 bytes)
    vuser_init.c(26): lrs_send(socket0, buf6)
    vuser_init.c(28): lrs_receive(socket0, buf7)
    vuser_init.c(28): Mismatch in buffer's length (expected 361 bytes, 0 bytes actually received, difference in 361 bytes)
    vuser_init.c(30): lrs_send(socket0, buf8)
    vuser_init.c(30): Error : socket0 - Software caused connection abort. Error code : 10053.
    Abort was called from an action.

    Did anyone experience the same issue.

    I am trying to build a custom script between an application and a SQL 2012 SP3 server.

    It seems that recording of the script is working properly.  While the script is recording, I see the number incrementing.  And the end user application connects and retrieves data as it should.  But when I run a Replay of the script, I get this error. 

    Let me know if you can help.

    Thank you


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    With Loadrunner I start a scenario which contains a script named as


    After the scenario is done and this script fails, I found the following directory/files in my results directory:



    What is the meaning of the number '10' added to the filenames?

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    In earlier versions of LR I have many installed MI Listener on the same box as Controller. However the new support matrix of LR 12.0 indicates that the same cannot co-exist on a physical machine.

    LR Coexistence Matrix -

    Also the Coexistence Matrix shows "First Installation" and "Second Installation". Does it imply that if we install using "LR Full setup" then MI listener and all other components can co exist?

    Does anyone have any inputs on this?



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    I am recording a basic file upload on our site, I've got a number of steps set up which have been recorded. The file upload item on the page is based around angular / Javascript so it's not a straight forward HTML element.

    My recording...

    • Navigate to
    • Click on "Click here to browse" [this opens the browsers file dialog, I navigate and select my file]
    • Set c:\temp\myfile.xls on filebox (1) filebox

    The initial problem I have is that after the browsers dialog is open it cannot be closed - I've been searching around for this and can't find a way to close the dialog, I've emailed our technical liason manager at HP and received no help.

    The next step from the recording "Set .... on filebox(1) filebox" works, so the file get's uploaded. - success!

    My thoughts are that I should disable the "Click to browse step" and just keep the "Set c:\temp\myfile.xls on filebox (1) file box." If I isolate that step and reply, it keeps uploading, however if I refresh the screen, then run the step it fails, it doesn't seem to be able to find the correct object again.

    So I am stuck because I don't know exactly how it is identifying the item successfully the first time and subsequent time single step replays and then failing if I run that step again after a browser refresh. 

    How can I inspect the details of the "Set ....on filebox(1) filebox" ? If I switch to Xpath or Javascript I can see there are long paths which I assume are valid but when I try play back , it doesn't work. 

    I've tried using the descriptors with classes, Id's on the objects I assume it needs but nothing seems to work - UNLESS I replay the script and include the "Click here to Browse". 



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    The VuGen standalone installer that comes along with the ALM/PC is something that I want to call standalone VuGen.

    The VuGen that comes as part of the Enterprise/Community Edition is something I want to call LR VuGen.

    Question, assume they both are same version:

    i) Does anyone think they are different products?

    ii) Does patches delivered to them are different?

    iii) Would stored PC script get impacted, if it is was built through LR VuGen?

    iv) Anything else that comes to your mind that I may have missed?


    Thanks for you time and inputs in advance!

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  • 03/25/16--12:02: Problem in Correlation
  • How to correlate this



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    I wasn't able to understand how to use parameters in True client script.

    In addition, please advise on the way to concatenate 2 strings in this protocol. it is so simple in regular javascript (when using web http protocol for example) but so unclear when using True client.

    I have to say that the documentation of True client protocol is very limited.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I am facing this error while replaying the application in Vugen Mode. But replays successfully in the TruClient Interactive window mode.

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  • 03/28/16--10:42: Help with VTS
  • Hi, I am new to using VTS with TruClient and I'm hoping someone out there can help explain how to setup data with the vUser.  Here is the scenario

    I have 50 vUsers that will log into a webapp. There is an insert statement that runs to populate a vehicle in the app.  Let's say vuser1 logs in and gets to the part where he would need to insert data from the VTS (how do I insert that info from the VTS into this step here) and the data entered must match the vehicle year, make, and model that is selected from the previous page; then they go through the app and complete one iteration, how can I ensure that for each iteration a user completes, the data from the VTS matches the year, make, and model from the vehicle selected from the web app.


    I hope this scenario makes sense and I have not confused anyone.

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    This is related to updating the parameter file test data.

    Scenario/ Issue : we have one parameter file . The parameter file has two columns - username and token. The token can be used only once.

    When running the test,  we use the username and token for a request, the server response contains the new token for the user. I would like to know if there is a way I can update / replace the old token with the new token so that when the vuser uses the same user again, he can use the updated token from the param file.

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      I need help :--

    1. LoadRunner has the ability to measure its own API time, a concept
    called wasted time  -- How to calculate this time and Exclude from the response time?


    VUGEN is a development environment for script debugging.
    In production the scripts run in a headless mode which is when the times would be relevant.

    But there will always be an overhead from the VUGEN dev environment.----   How to resolve this?

    3. Any other Work around to less the response time......




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    I recorded VUGen script using IE11 on windows 2008 operating system on virtual network. Load Runner version that I am using is 12.50. In Runtime settings, User-Agent String displays Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0).

    When Replay the script, browser not launching, as it's probably running in the background.

    If anyone knows the resolution, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am using LR 12.00. when I try to install VUgen.exe file, I got an error "GlobalAssemblyCache Error", it blocks to install the file. so i tried to install as administator them LR installed. After Installation i have created a truclient script by using Truclient IE Broswer. But i am not able launch the web app using Vugen.

    When i try to launch the Web App Manually i am able to launch the Application, but when i try to record the same using LR VUGen it is not able to open the Webpage(returns a blank page). Can someone please a solution for this I am using LR 12 and IE10. ( It was installed as administartor)

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  • 03/29/16--11:20: loadrunner question
  • HI Folks

    how memory will be used in the JVM.With think time.what is the nessary of think time in a application ?

    what is calculation of think time?



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    I have worked on simulating HTTP / Webservices with Loadrunner but I have new challenge where I am trying to simulate the Traffic to a SMSC and MMSC Server..

    Do anyone have any article which can help


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    I'm using parameter (lr_db_connect )in LR scripting and used syntax is as below . Its working without any error on Windows R2 2012 Server as load generator after registering  OraOLEDB11.dll for example - “c:\Windows\System32\regsvr32\ OraOLEDB11.dll”


                      "ConnectionString=Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Data Source=xyz;Password=x;User ID=x",


    But When we are trying to run  same script using Linux machine as load generator, we are facing below error –


    Error: Communication error: Linked List client failed to initialize server pointer. (sys error message - No such file or directory)

    vuser_init.c(5): Error: C interpreter run time error: /tmp/brr_W8Ca2d/netdir/C/x10/Scripts/x_SC2_ Create_Ticket/vuser_init.c (5):  Error -- Unresolved symbol : lr_db_connect.



    Load Generator/Controller Version of on Windows Machine-12.02

    Load Generator Version on Linux Server- 12.02 (same version as controller)


    Please let me know in case of any other information.

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    Hi All

    I would like to seek for your advise, can multiple load runner scripts (TruClient) reading the same parameter file?

    If yes, what should I configure in order to meet the below scenario?

    The AUT only allow single login at at time, means if user 100 login to the AUT, this user 100 cannot login to the AUT anymore.

    I'm parameterizing the user where I have 100 of different user in the paramater file and the configuration that I configured is 

    • Select Next Row : Unique
    • Update value on : Each iteration
    • When out of values: Continue in cyclic manner

    After configuring the configuration, I test it out on Controller. I assigned 100 Vuser (break them into few load scripts) in the Controller. The error that I got is "insufficient value in the User.dat"

    Please advise



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  • 03/31/16--02:15: Support For Web Socket
  • Doee Load runner support web socket protocol with flex.

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    I recorded a script using Experitest SeeTest Automation tool for mobile performance testing and then copied the code to C Vuser protocol in HP loadrunner. The script passed without any error and scenario execution was also successful.
    But when I used NV in controller for scenario it stops and gives me following error.
    1. C:\\Program Files (x86)\\HP\\LoadRunner\\include/ic_api.h(2218): Error: Could not connect to Network Virtualization - onConnect function failed resulting in error=Invalid client IP: ''.. Scenario will run without Network Virtualization.
    2. C:\\Program Files (x86)\\HP\\LoadRunner\\include/ic_api.h(2218): Error: Could not connect to Network Virtualization - onConnect function failed resulting in error=Invalid client IP: ''.. Scenario will run without Network Virtualization.


    Note: Controller executes fine without NV

    Please help me out with the issue.

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    Threre is one application. First we need to open web url to login to the Citrix storefront by Citrix reciever. After we logging into the Citrix store front, from there we need to launch few applications like notepad and mspaint.

    After logging into the Citrix storefront thorugh web URL we need to open Windows 2008 R2 GPD and Windows 2012 R2 GPD. After connecting to the Window GPD's, from there again we need to launch few applications like notepad and mspaint.

    I thought of doing it using multiprotocol  (TruClient and Citrix). but in multi protocol list TruClient is not there.

    Anybody have any idea how to create a script for this scenario using multiprotocol.

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