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    I am using LoadRunner 12.5 to record with Java Record Replay protocol a JNLP aplication.

    I mannaged to record it but when I run it the following error ocures:

    Compilation process failed. [MsgId: MERR-22997]
    The system is out of resources. [MsgId: MERR-22986]
    Consult the following stack trace for details. [MsgId: MERR-22986]
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [MsgId: MERR-22986]

    P.S. In runtime settings at additional VM parameters I used -Xmn2048M -Xmx2048M an less but with no result. Same error.

    I am using a Windows Server 2008 R2 on a virtual machine with 16G of ram.

    Can anybody help me?

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    I am trying to connect to Oracle db using lrd_open_connection , but I am not sucessful, please advise if you have any sample code ...

    I used :

    lrd_open_connection(&Con1, LRD_DBTYPE_ODBC, "usrname", "pwd","", "TST", Ctx1, 1, 0);

    where TST is Database name...


    I got error : ERROR, return-code=LRDE2003.

    Please recommed, I want to simulate Load using vugen with 25 users....with oracle DB

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    I recorded an LR script  LRver12.01 using TruClient Ajax - IE that just navigates to a application URL. Basically when the URL is opened a session a created for the application in the backend server. Using IE11.

    The businesss case is to simulate users carrying out a number of iterations of this test. So basically for each iteration a session would be created and then disconnected for the application.

    When I try to replay this script, I notice that if I ran it with mutiple iterations, for each iteration LR creates a new session for the application but does not close the previous session that was opened by the previous iteration.  It is only when the LR script replay completes, that all the sessions gets disconnected that were opened by the iterations in one go. If I were to replicate the same manually via the browser, then on closing the browser immediately the session gets terminated on the backend.

    All that I have in the LR script is a step to "Navigate to........ the app URL" . The End event for this step is set to "Automatic: Document Loaded". I added the Generic Browser Action step from Toolbox "Close Active Browser Window" with the End Event as "Automatic: Not Set Yet", but it didnt seem to still disconnect  the session on replay.

    Any inputs to resolve the same would be highly appreciated.



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    HI All,

    I have recorded a Load Runner script for some business transaction and added few transaction in the scripts like.



    lr_end_transaction (Loadrunnerz_Home_Page1, LR_AUTO);



    lr_end_transaction (Loadrunnerz_Home_Page2, LR_AUTO);


    When I run the script, I want to see only the log information of specific Transaction of lr_start_transaction(Loadrunnerz_Home_Page2); , in the Replay Log, not for all the Transaction Logs.

    Can anyone please let me know the approches need to follow for it?





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    I'm having a problem with Oracle monitoring. After click on "Add Measurements..." I'm obtained the following error (I tried on other computers with same results):


    The full text is:

    Wlrun.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module vmon.dll at 0023:59DF9FF6, DeActivateMeasurement()+0262 byte(s)

    EAX=00000000 EBX=0B980B70 ECX=00000000 EDX=00000057 ESI=0B63E4F8
    EDI=00000000 EBP=0B63E4E0 ESP=0B63E4A8 EIP=59DF9FF6 FLG=00010246
    CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

    0023:59DF9FF6 vmon.dll, DeActivateMeasurement()+0262 byte(s)

    0023:59DFAAF3 vmon.dll, InitMonitor()+0275 byte(s)

    0023:681876EA usermon.dll, LRResMonReportTSDataInternal()+13802 byte(s)

    0023:6818937D usermon.dll, Init()+0061 byte(s)

    0023:674BA02D res_mon.dll, LRMonExt_Close()+35085 byte(s)

    0023:674BBB49 res_mon.dll, LRMonExt_Close()+42025 byte(s)

    0023:674B5CEE res_mon.dll, LRMonExt_Close()+17870 byte(s)

    0023:674BA9C5 res_mon.dll, LRMonExt_Close()+37541 byte(s)

    0023:681C2190 lrmon_tools.dll, InvisibleWindowClass::~InvisibleWindowClass()+0288 byte(s)

    0023:681C26CE lrmon_tools.dll, WinWakeUpServer::WakeItUp()+0046 byte(s)

    0023:681C263F lrmon_tools.dll, WinWakeUpServer::OnMessage()+0111 byte(s)

    0023:681C2585 lrmon_tools.dll, WinWakeUpServer::WndProc()+0101 byte(s)

    0023:758362FA USER32.dll, gapfnScSendMessage()+0818 byte(s)

    0023:75836D3A USER32.dll, GetThreadDesktop()+0215 byte(s)

    0023:75840D37 USER32.dll, GetClientRect()+0197 byte(s)

    0023:7584795A USER32.dll, CallWindowProcA()+0027 byte(s)

    0023:606FCCA6 mfc110.dll, Ordinal2167()+0315 byte(s)

    0023:758362FA USER32.dll, gapfnScSendMessage()+0818 byte(s)

    0023:75836D3A USER32.dll, GetThreadDesktop()+0215 byte(s)

    0023:758377D3 USER32.dll, CharPrevW()+0319 byte(s)

    0023:75837BDA USER32.dll, DispatchMessageA()+0015 byte(s)

    0023:674E4DD6 res_mon.dll, LRMonExt_Close()+210614 byte(s)

    0023:606EC073 mfc110.dll, Ordinal291()+0373 byte(s)

    0023:6F7EF2E9 MSVCR110.dll, _get_flsindex()+0097 byte(s)

    0023:6F7EF2CD MSVCR110.dll, _get_flsindex()+0069 byte(s)

    0023:75CE33AA KERNEL32.dll, BaseThreadInitThunk()+0018 byte(s)

    0023:7791BF32 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0099 byte(s)

    0023:7791BF05 ntdll.dll, RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0054 byte(s)

     I don't have any script in the scenario.

    Best regards


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    I would like to know whether there is any option to add a new step for missing step

    I have come across this challenges when  i tried  with firefox and Internet Explorer with LR 12.02 where the recorded script worked fine in Internet explorer and not in firefox.  After comparing both script,, there was a missing request in firefox script .

    I resolved by another method without adding any step . But I would like to know the  "NEW STEP OPTION".

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  • 04/07/16--12:28: TruClient RowCount
  • All,

    Is there a way to use Truclient to get a rowcount?

    My goal is something like UFT, if I query for something I want to confirm that rows of data where returned?

    I'm using 12.5 and I tried a generic browser action with no luck. Its able to see the table but cant figure out how to get a row count on it.

    Thank You


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    Can anyone please help how to overcome this issue.

    Tried to record and reply one of web based application and found that Cookies not getting recorded in vugen (JSESSIONID).

    Kindly let us know the possible solution.


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    While i try to parameterise and execute the script, i get the below error. can you please suggest some workaround for this?

    Type [Exception] in Sign in  ** failed - an argument is invalid: 'Value': JavaScript exception 'SyntaxError: missing ; before statement' during evaluation


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  • 04/10/16--22:42: Load runner licence missing
  • I am using a free trail version of load runner & faving a problem of lcence in controller

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    I have a request to monitor some web services and I have created scripts using the web_custom_request function. Here is an example

        web_custom_request("myrequest",         // Layer 7 URL         









       "Body=<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=\"http://XXXX/\"  xmlns:aaa=\"http…  " <soapenv:Header>\n"      " SOAP request…  

    I have not had any problems in the past as I have always been able to paste in the soap request and URLs and have been able to validate the SOAP response.

    My last attempts have been unsuccessful because of the presence of this in the SOAP response:

    <reasonText>No signature in message!</reasonText>

    The app dev team said I needed a certificate. I created a cert and followed the procedure in the Function reference for web_set_Certificate _ex to put it in .pem format. I then put the cert in the script folder.

    This is what I put in code:




    "KeyFilePath= mycert.pem ",     


    //"Password=woowoo",      LAST );

    I am still getting the same No signature in message! in the response. In case my understanding of script folder was not correct, I tried specifying a folder on the c drive for the file and key path, still got the same response. The log say “web_set_certificate_ex was successful”. In fact, the log will say  web_set_certificate_ex was successful even if I put complete nonsense in as the arguments.

    How do I get web_set_certificate_ex to work or at least provide a reasonable message if it is not working.

    I can try running this as winnet replay rather than sockets, in which case I’d only need to enter the cert Index from IE. How do I determine the cert Index?


    I am using Vugen v 12.02, build 2739




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    Does LR allow use of wildcards in measurement full path when setting up windows perfmon counters for monitoring in test scenarios? Often, there is a need to not be specific about instance names that can change in an environment from time-to-time and this would be really helpful in such cases. For instance:

    MeasurementFullPath_6="Logreader:Delivered Trans/sec (SQLServer:Replication Logreader SERVERNAME-DBNAME-JOBNUMBER)"

    Can the JOBNUMBER value be substituted with % or * in this example?



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    Run-time viewer and Web viewer (test results) unable to display snapshots during script replay.

    The error varies, and is usally a js error (requirejs is undefined, expected "}", etc). See attached screencap for one of the error messages.

    should any setting be enabled on the windows machine to allow js execution/parsing so the screen snapshots can be displayed by loadrunner?

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    Is it possiible to run Ajax protocol scripts that were created using Vugen 12.02 patch 3 on Performance Center 12.01.



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    Running 12.50 in a VM under Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter with 6gb RAM. SInce upgrading from 12.02 to 12.50 (5 days ago)  I am unable to get anything to record in the new installation. Using WEB/HTTP protocol, once recorder starts, the IE browser just returns "This page cant be displayed" error. On clicking 'Fix Connection Problems' in the browser display, it just says there are no connection issues. No actual errors are logged in the log file so I have no idea where LR has an issue.

    Running scripts that worked under 12.02, I got 404 not found returned, but after faffing around with the proxy settings and set the browser emulation to IE 10 it seemed to fix the re running issues.

    Wierd thing is I can connect to the affected URL's outside LoadRunner using IE,  so IE seems to work OK but wont connect in record mode. This is really holding me up.

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  • 04/12/16--05:48: Web script issue
  • Hi,

    From Vugen i was unable to execute a script and below is the issue which i can see from the response. can you pelase suggest


    JavaScript required

    JavaScript is required. This web browser does not support JavaScript or JavaScript in this web browser is not enabled.

    To find out if your web browser supports JavaScript or to enable JavaScript, see web browser help.

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    We are facing an issue with login request, which is not showing in the script. Application manually is working fine. I am using LR 12.52.


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  • 04/12/16--10:10: loadrunner
  • what is the nessary process and thread in loadrunner which application doesnot support thread ?


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    Hi everyone,


    We are trying to correlate a cookie because the Loadbalancer of the application uses it to distribute the load accross all servers, by correlating the cookies we will be able to properly distribute the load. I'm using LoadRunner v11.52, protocol is SAP Web

    This is how the cookie looks:

    I have already tried using the below correlation:

    web_add_cookie("LtpaToken2=1JlCh5iR2/MkU5YmQsNVEomiIR9THY6FI73aPbzeho7HWlK95Li0aTLhUlhy7ILi6HE4kran8CiYD5gF+MYcmv4A/aK/6P8QEg5SFNJD3IKrgXgGwoTzBPIjK175IWiIf9/ZGvhXb8Akkl2Ian6rObqLidsxQAKrLqvpHvd1tyyDoQWl5l5NDzbS/TimnjI4Sn+GFPIDkHuHNM4wYFPtHy2EW7Eg74W/c28indKKzRx9cSp4R7hQx+UAIblTjw2vx3cjTJHayZIPRqAfiG4NLBe9QzHpTkPfuxbETRQ1V9RycElR0TD3TBt5I5JgA755RoXq5WnpzNKGruwKfxfkzFtAz9fs4Jyf93s4UhgM2Pl3PKFmnmH2S6a5fMDUP5QNYxdeykcj769yNdIRSfAC0P9nU1n0/+/wZN/f4uA1i5g=; Domain=****);








    Any support will be appreciated,



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