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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I am trying to stress test, and I am noticing a ceiling of only 12 million bytes/sec in the throughput graph.

    Is there a known limit for this? Is there a way to increase this limit?

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    I have a xpath to click on a object which is having a specfic text (for eg: //a[text()="Kumar Com1"]    )

    I made "Kumar Com1" is coming from a parameter file in earlier step. (for eg: TC.getParam("AccontName")   )

    Now I want to replace my xpath with parameter name. like //a[text()=TC.getParam("AccontName") ]    

    here is the issue. it is not recognizing the object. some thing I am missing to give in xpath properly

    Please advise


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    How to run abrowserwith an optionalparameter (for Virtual User Generator & Controller)?For example"--use-fake-ui-for-media-stream". To be able to test the media channel.

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  • 10/27/16--01:33: Load Runner Recording error
  • Hi,

    I am trying to record a script inLoad runner using RTE but after congiuring all the necessary details the Powerterm window s not opening and i am not able to Record.Can you suggest me what should be done to make it work fine.

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    i am trying to install LoadRunner community trail version 12.53 on Remote Desktop.I installed all Prerequisite Software on (OS) Windows server 2012 R/2.I am getting an error " The visual VC++ Redistributable Packages Install run time componates that are required to run C++ applications bulid with Visual studio 2015 in the final page of Installation".Please provide soulution to fix it.

    Find the screenshot for your reference.

    Thank you




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    Good Morning,

    Please, someone has information on how LoadRunner 12.02 works with Google analytics?




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    Hi All

    I have one application for which I need to do Mobile App Testing.

    I tried with the below mentioned 2 options, both of them are having issues:

    1) Tried with Trueclient-nativeApp for Mobile, after doing all the settings and installig Mobile center as well. My device (Iphone 6S) is not being recognized by the tool. Could you please suggest here what can be the issue.

    2) Also tried via, Web-HTTP/HTML Protocol,Record viaLoadrunner proxy, the application on phone is throwing a download error. However, Manually , while traversing the application on Phone,no error is there.

    This same error is observed with one of the other Performance Testing Tool. Can someone suggest any other way of doing, in which there proxy is not involved.

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    Hello ,
    I am facing some issue while connecting controller and lg machine

    We are using machines running on 2012 R2 os and installed controller on a machine and LG on another machine.

    When i am trying to connect to connect LG through controller and select platform as "windows" connection to LG fails.

    Where as when i select platform as "Linux" connection to LG is successful and immediately platform is changed to "Windows 2012R2".

    Any suggestion on why this might be happening ?

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  • 10/27/16--10:31: Errors connecting to AWS
  • Hi, 

    When I click Add from Cloud to Create Cloud Load Generator in AWS, I immediately get the attached error [wrong format] regarding my account.

    If I click okay and proceed, then I get an error message about the port not being configured for my Security Group.

    Has anyone had experience resolving these errors? Thanks

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    i have a mobile application for approving the ticket , but that approve triggers only run in browser chrome console (evaluate console).  javascript code for approve is 


    I need to run this code in Ajax truclient chrome browser to apporve it. so please guide it.


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    I'm scratching my head at this.

    I have a web/html protocol script that I created in VuGen. I correlated everything that I think needs to be correlated. When I replay the script with no log, standard log, or log with parameter substitution, the script passes and everything is successful (more or less).

    When I enable extended log with "data returned from server" and replay, a web_submit_form constantly fails with the message "Error -27979: Requested form not found". I don't understand why this is happening -- it ONLY happens when I am trying to get an extended log with data. I am only using one user and one iteration with replay. I can give more details if needed.

    Additional: I have increased the HTTP-request connect/receive/Keep-Alive timeout to 500 and Step Download timeout to 800. It did not fix it.

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    Hello all,

    I cannot successfully call the ProcessQuery web service request in a load test of a SharePoint Server 2013 website. I am getting 403 errors. (My load test is very simple. I login to the SharePoint portal home page and search for a word.)

    I have read posts and that say I have to add an X-RequestDigest header by doing web_add_header and create a correlation for the __REQUESTDIGEST by creating a web_reg_save_param.

    But I am very new to Load Runner. I do not know exactly where to add these references in my script or how.

    • Do I add them in text at the very beginning of the VUser script or just before the ProcessQuery statement? How do I create the correlation of such a complex string?
    • Do I use one of the dialog boxes and add a New Rule? (Record > Recording Options > Rules > Advanced > ASPNET?)
    • Do I have to do both? Or something else?

    I see walkthroughs of how to extract this vital variable for other load testing software. (See Step 4 at But how do I do those steps with Load Runner? Could someone please post a more detailed walkthrough?

    Thanks in advance,

    M. Dex

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    I never get an error message and the AWS LoadGenerator, which I spawned in our AWS VPC from my laptop on our corporate LAN, never finishes provisioning. How could I troubleshoot this issue? The provisioning process had not died after an hour...

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    I got to work on Ctrix protocol for a Desktop application. I asked the client to host it on Citrix XenApp to do performance test. So, the client hosted it on Azure. Here the application lauching steps

    1. open the URL :

    2. Login  with credetials

    3. Then, lauch the client app with citrix receiver.

    What I tried?

     - I tried with multi protocol. The problem i am getting, when I record in multiprotocol (web+citrix), Web events are recorded, but the not the citrix events.

    - I used the server address to ping to record using Standalone Citrix protocol, but unfortunately ping is getting failed with Request Timed Out.

    - I am unable to use existing .ica file because doman is very dynamic in .ica file.


    Solution Iam looking at is,

    - Is there any way to directly generate ICA file for opening the application using Citrix Login directly?

    - Any help with multi protocol?


    I sincerely appreciate yor help






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    Hi Team,

    Can anyone suggest me how to capture load runner performance scripts for Microsoft Outlook Ad-ins? I tried Com/Dcom,POP3,SMTP but nothing is able to capture the events. I am using Load Runner 12.0.1 version

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  • 10/30/16--06:43: not able to install LR12.53

    I have updated window still i m getting this messgae and not able to install Load runner 12.53

    Missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 Updates
    Unable to install the prerequisite. You must first install the following Microsoft Windows updates for your operating system:

    KB2975061, KB2919355, KB2932046, KB2937592, KB2938439, KB2934018.

    Click OK to exit from the installation setup. Manually install the required Microsoft Windows updates and restart the installation setup.

    For additional information on the required updates for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015, see the installation guide.

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    We have a licensed version of LR 12.

    Wanted to know will LR 12 allows the same user to login at different time i.e will different logins of the same user be treated as same session of different session.




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  • 10/31/16--05:36: DB2 Monitoring
  • Hi

    I need to monitor DB2 with sitescope. The sitescope documentation says that "You must enable snapshot mirror on you DB2 instance". What exactly does this mean? It seems it is not enabled in our environment, and our DBA was unsure what it meant.

    Many people have that this means mirroring the whole DB. Is it so, or is it something else?

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    Hi All,

    I used Web Service Protocol in my script and added the XML script before Action(). Following is my script:

    #include "as_web.h"

    char *xml_input=
              "<street>101 South Street</street>"
              "<street>102 North Street</street>"
              "<city> Bangalore </city>"



    /* Query 3: Find the city name of the person whose phone number is 8015498 */

            LAST );
            lr_output_message("City of the person having phone number 8015498: %s", lr_eval_string("{Result}"));

    * In the above, since city is at the same level as phone, so it worked.


    /* Query 2: Find the firstname of the person whose phone number is 8015498 */

            LAST );
            lr_output_message("First name of person having phone number 8015498: %s", lr_eval_string("{Result}")); 

    return 0;


    *In the above, since the firstname is not at the same level as phone, I tried some path but it did not work.

    By what string should I replace ? to get the firstname of the person whose phone number is 8015498 ?



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    I have created a simple script of Login using userid and password. I have parameterized and ran it with 42 Vusers. The test ran fine and all the transactions were passed.

    My question is, how do I know if each VUser actually logged in and logged out as recorded in the script. Is there any way to prove that each vuser actually logged in and out of the application, hence the response time that is received is correct?


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