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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    Hi, all.


    In my script, I am trying to pass the user/password as parameters to simulate concurrent user logon. The problem is that Loadrunner seems to go through the values in the parameter list in each iteration. Now a new iteration cannot start until the last one is done. 


    If I spawn 15 concurrent vusers, they all start from the first value of the parameter list. This is probably a very common problem. Can you please point me to some doc or posts that can simulate concurrent user sign-on via parameters? I haven't found anything so far in my search.


    If I don't use parameter/vusers, is there another way?

    Thanks in advance,



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    I recorded a TE session using VUGen RTE Protocol. The issue is as follows:
    While running the script opens the Power Term window and will not connect. Once I press enter, the script starts running fine. Is there a way for the script to strt running without me pressing 'Enter' on the power term window. Attached is the script and Application screenshots.
    I tried placing TE_type("");
    after the TE_Connect statement. It did not help. Any help is appreciated.



    P.S. This thread has been moved from LoadRunner / Performance Center / StormRunner Load to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp Forum moderator

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    Hi , I try proxy recording using android which the server is Setting server to and port 8080. The issue was my load runner are not detected any steps had beeen make by my native application . Do you guys have any suggestion ?

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    Hi Team,


    I am facing issue in AJAX TRUCLIENT IE, I am using LR 12.02 and IE 11 for developing my vugen script in my application I have a dropdown list where I need to parametrise the values in the list, I have been using 


    window.pDivison=LR.TC.getParam("pDivision") in my javascript but when i replay my script, this Javascript fails and shows the ERROR as API_UNEXPECTED_ERROR parameter or attribute not defined. 


    If I replay in the replay layout MERR 205177 is shown.


    also when i try to record login action in INIT and rest of the actions in ACTION block and replay it ,INIT is executed succesfully and ACTION block asks for user to login again(Flow is not maintained).


    Sometimes when I replay my script the cordinates are missed. Any help on this issue is much appreciated.





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    Hi , 


    I have installed and using LR 12.02 version for Practise purpose .


    When i have entered all the details to Create  Profile in Web Tours (First Time Registring) , it is showing an error msg :


    " Your username is taken. Please choose another (usually adding a personally significant number to the end of your username will create a unique name) "


    Web tours is not taking any data after creation of profile , i also tried to login once but the Profile have not created.




    Please find the error attachment and do provide one solution for this.






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    How to Calculate the Number of Load Generators Required for 700 Vusers ?




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    LoadRunner 12.02 VuGen.


    When attempting to record on Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 SP2 I receive the following errors:


    could not load api_inspector.dll




    cannot initialise the "multi" inspector


    Is there a fix to this error?

    How to load api_inspector. dll?

    Using Community Edition is this causing the Multi protocol issue, I used Web & Citrix.



    P.S. This thread has been moved from LoadRunner Web Controller Feedback Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp Forum moderator

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    After recording a Siebel Web Vuser script, how to a measure the Performance of the SIebel 8.1 Server with loadrunner 12.02?


    Is there any configuration or any setup to do on Siebel Server to measure its %CPU ... (for example)?


    Is there any configuration or any setup to do on database Server to measure its %CPU, Number of connection, to request/%CPU ... (for example)?





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    I am trying to execute Selinium sample scripts in loadrunner and getting error as

    You do not have a license for this Vuser type.Please contact HP Software to renew your license.

    I am using LR 12.02 trial version, in my license utility it is showing 50 java users free, and i am trying with only 1 user.

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    Hi All,


    We have been trying to send/recieve JMS message from the TIBCO queue. One iteration is working fine, but multiple iterations and in controller it is failing to send/receive JMS messages.


    It is working fine in TIBCO BW as well. Could you please let me know what might be the issue?


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  • 04/20/15--14:00: TruClient-IE Protocol
  • I am trying to create a new script using TruClient-IE protocol, however I am unable to create it because of an error message "Could not complete operation. In order to create a new TruClient-IE script you must have IE 9, 10 or 11 installed on your machine"


    But I have the latest versions of VuGen (12.02) and Internet Explorer (9). Please provide your suggestions.

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    One of our application is a .net thick client and is using Rabbit MQ for sending messages between servers(Cloud based servers).


    However i am not sure how can i work with Rabbit MQ and also only one insatnce of application can be opened at once.


    Is it possible to do load testing using Load Runner.


    Thanks in advance!!

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    What is the best LoadRunner protocol to record HP Asset Manager?


    We're having difficulties with TruClient and Web and we want to know what the community thinks.


    - LoadRunner 12.02

    - Windows 7

    - Internet Explorer 11


    Thanks in advance.

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    I am tryig to execute Selinium sample script through Eclipse.


    The script working fine directly with Eclipse.


    when I start execution from the DevOps vuser-Run Vuser Option under Eclipse, getting message as below in console and nothing happening


    mdrv.exe : -1431651397


    I followed the procees in the below link.



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  • 04/22/15--07:40: Can't corretale.

    Hello everyone,


    I'm trying to record a VUGen script for a web app that uses dynamic URLs (don't ask me why). The param i'm trying to correlate is this one (the text that looks like a key):




    The correlation i'm using is:



    "Name=_message", "Value=", ENDITEM,
    "Name=_action", "Value=A:HOLA ", ENDITEM,
    "Name=_initial", "Value={Key}", ENDITEM,


    I placed it before the call of that submit, however i always get:


    Action.c(47): Error -26377: No match found for the requested parameter "URL2". Check whether the requested boundaries exist in the response data. Also, if the data you want to save exceeds 256 bytes, use web_set_max_html_param_len to increase the parameter size  	[MsgId: MERR-26377]
    Action.c(47): Notify: Saving Parameter "URL2 = ".
    Action.c(47): web_submit_data("{URL1}.mon") highest severity level was "ERROR", 3790 body bytes, 298 header bytes, 12 chunking overhead bytes [MsgId: MMSG-26387]

     Also, I tried to use 




    No results whatsoever. I don't know how to make it work, the BIG problem is the web app is only supported by IE (max v9), so, i can't use TruCient to avoid the correlations. Web (Click and Script) doesn't work either.


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    Hi All,


    I am using LR 12.01

    I have a very long script (97 transactions).


    I have noticed very strange behavior of my LR...


    With the Think-time (in the Run-Time setting) set to 15 sec (max) the overal Round-trip is less than 20 min and the script passed successfully.


    But if the round-trip time exceed 20 min, my script starts to fail at check-points in the transactions which fall on 20th minute.


    So, my QUESTION:

    Is there known limitation for round-trip for LR12.01?


    Any help and assistance appreciated!


    Thank you,




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    Currently i am using Vugen11.52 to record the https script, but there nothing come out, does that mean i have to write the script by myself instead of recording it?


    or is there any solution for recording the HTTPS?


    I have tired use Fiddler to get the LR scripts, however LR cant open it, have no idea why.


    Best Regards,


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    when i get the HTTPS script, and replay it, i got below warning and error message, then all the loadrunner is down, 

    How could i solve this problem?


    Start auto log messages stack - Iteration 2.
    Action.c(3): Found resource "" in HTML "" [MsgId: MMSG-26659]
    Action.c(3): Found resource "" in HTML "" [MsgId: MMSG-26659]
    Action.c(3): Warning -27778: SSL protocol error when attempting to connect with host "" [MsgId: MWAR-27778]
    Action.c(3): Warning -27778: SSL protocol error when attempting to connect with host "" [MsgId: MWAR-27778]
    Action.c(3): Warning -27778: SSL protocol error when attempting to read with host "" [MsgId: MWAR-27778]
    Action.c(3): Error -26000: rc=-1/WSAGetLastError=10038 from WSAEventSelect(_nSocketFD=4294967295, _pvEvent=00000000, muiNewDir=0x00000021) in SocketDesc::SetWaitDir for this=0737D900: An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.
    [MsgId: MERR-26000]
    End auto log messages stack.

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    i am trying to record an web bases app but Neither IE or Chrome is getting invoked by LR 12.02  i have tried Disabling DEP and  have changed recording option settings.

    But nothing is happening


    Can anyone help!!



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