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    I am facing issue with POP up.

    I recorded a script that generates a csv file, all what i need is to save this file at Downloads.


    In order to fix the POP up window issue, i configured Firefox to save csv. file always.

    When i click Develop script and i ran it everything is OK, but when i run it regularly it is not saving automatically and this leads me to a problem when uploading the script to the BPM.


    Please help.



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    Hi There,


    I need to switch parameter used based on condition



    if[ condition] {


    else {



    to use further in the script.

                     "Name=UN", "Value={parameter}", ENDITEM,

    where value of parameter equals value of parameter 1 or parameter 2 based on condition.

    so far I was able to find solution using only conversion into string like lr_save_string(strParam,"Value={parameter1}");


                     "Name=UN", strParam, "ENDITEM,



    I'd like to find route to work stricly with parameters, rather then going to string path. Any ideas are highly appreciated.





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    We are in the process of upgrading the LR 11.5 to 12.02.  We installed Load Runner Full on one main server.  On other 5 servers Vugen and Load Generator is installed.


    Now while upgrading the Load Generator servers, If we install Vugen, we see from Load main server, connection is failed.


    Please clarify one thing to me, if we install Load generator, Vugen is not accepted?





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    I am writing a web service script and I want to paramaterize the xml that is being sent each iteration of the test. I am able to read the XML files and save into a paramater within loadrunner, however when I try to pass the XML through the web service I get this error.


    Unable to deserialize non XmlElement node #text in path


    Has anyone run into this before when using web services?



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  • 06/24/15--09:44: SAP GUI Protocol.
  • Hello,
    I am working on SAP GUI Protocol and I am able to record and reply the script successfully.
    But my concern is:
    My script is depended on data prep, which needs to have other script executed before I actually run my script. As of now, I am manually preparing the data for my script and running the script.
    So in my script flow, I need to double click value value(say 10) and proceed with next step. The value(of 10 for example) is generated by the other script(which in my case I am doing manually as of now).
    So my question is , how can I handle the value which I double click and make sure script check the value(of 10) and run in loop until the value is identified(or generated from another script). Can some help with some logic and functions to use?
    Any help on this?

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    Hi C/LoadRunner experts,


    I am looking for some on C logic which would meet my requirement. I made an attempt but I am not fully successfully. When wiritng output to csv file, the value is replacing the existing header values. 

    Here is my code


         int i;
        char length[100];
        char * filename = "C:\\test.csv";
        long file;
        if ((file = fopen(filename, "w+")) == NULL)     

            lr_output_message("File do not exists %s", filename);
            return -1;
          sprintf(length, "\n%s", lr_eval_string("CS_{Unique}"));
        i = fwrite(&length, sizeof(length), 1, file);
            lr_output_message("Sucessfully wrote file to %d", i);


    Now the output is just as follows in CSV file ( replaced the headers)




    but  this is what I am expecting for


    BeneficiaryName  BeneficiaryID

    CS_1                            0001



    Thanks in advance,



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    I am attempting to write a script to an ESS Portal.  The script calls a child window which has a Dynamic Value (sws-wd-secure-id).  This value appears in teh Request Body and not the Response Body.  I have compared two of the same scripts and there are no Dynamic Values in the Response Body at the point the script fails only the Response Body.  Please advise how to address the Client Side Dynamic Value.

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    In my script I am selecting images from various links on a basic HTML Web page. These images either 1) open on the same tab or 2) open on new tab. The difference in the HTML between the two is target=main (same tab) or target=blank (new tab).


    I cannot seem to figure out how to identify  and capture which target the images will use so I can write an IF/ELSE statement. Can anyone help?

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    Opening a website requires authentication to 1-3 different locations (see the attached file enter_credentials.png). Problem is that if all the possible "Enter credentials" steps are enabled loading the website fails because at some point navigating to the site only requires authentication to one or two locations.


    Is there any solution to verify authentication dialog pop-ups (see the attached file authentication_dialog.png)? Verify or Wait for Object functions does not work.


    Thanks in advance for any help!



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    We have an application that do online car renting as any online reservation application (flight, car, hotel)

    So with Ajax truclient firefox, i recorded a script containg simple steps.

    Navigate to URL, chosing an origin where to pickup a car, the destination and the date. Then clicking on the search button.

    After choosing a car we can checkout.

    I added some time to allow page or object to show up.

    I surrounded the "search" click with start transaction and end transaction and saved it to ALM in order to recover it directly in perfcenter.

    When i launch a load test i have some metrics but no transaction at all (passed nor failed).

    Am i missing some parameters in Vugen ? is it this way trucleint does function ?


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi All,


    We are working on .net application and script is recorded successfully using Loadrunner 11.0. But, on replay, one particular request is getting redirected to error page.


    In recording HTTP view, we have 1 POST method and 1 GET method

    During replay, after posting the message the recorded GET method URL is not being picked, instead it is redirected to an error URL.


    Solutions tried:

    1)      Added few headers after comparing recoded and replayed request.

    2)      Replayed using WinInet level.

    3)      Maxredirectiondepth set to 0,1,2.

    4)      Replay with runtime settings as PreferencesàOptionsàAuthenticationàUse Windows native NTLM implementation as “Yes”.


    Please help us with the pointers to get this issue resolved. Given below is the request format.


    Request Format:




    “Name=hiddenquestionsAnswers”, ”Value=1,1,0,2”,ENDITEM,









    Note: Question numbers in hidden questions field and answers for those questions are always same.


    Error Displayed: web_submit_data (“Sample.aspx”), highest severity level was “ERROR”

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    I am using TruClient to select a certain entry from a drop-down list. This list contains e.g. the following elements:


        001 Test

        002 Support

        003 Call




    I am able to select an element using the full text, e.g. "001 Test" or "003 Call". Is it also possible to select a value from the dropdown list when I have a parameter which contains only the number of the entry?


    Example: I have a parameter named "dropSelect" which contains the value "002". Then I want so select the drop-down value "002 Support", as the begin of the string is matching the parameter value.


    Is that possible? If so, how can this be done? Or do I need to always specify the full, whole value I want to select from a drop-down list?

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  • 06/26/15--12:59: Web HTTP/HTML Error Message
  • Hi Team,


    I am trying to run an XML in web_custom_request in Web HTTP/HTML. The replay is working fine for first time, from the second time and next. I am getting an error "An error has occured." , the script is working if i close Vugen and open again, but it only works for one replay.


    I have run the same script in 12.01 where i have not faced any such issue.


    Please help me.


    Thanks and egards,

    Karthik S

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    Hi Experts,


    I am using LR 11.04.

    My application has print page functionality which will open the pdf file when click on print button. I have surrounded the 'click on print' step with transaction. But for some reason TC not able to capture the actual time, instead its quickly run the next steps & showing the miliseconds (but in reality PDF file load took more than 10 sec to load)


    I have already invstigated and tried the below things.

    1. Copied the dlls to necessary folders for PDF file load in firefox.

    2. Changed the firefox about:config to allow the popup of PDF (toggle the disable_open_during_load to false)

    3. Modified the pref.js file inside interactive as well as load mode folder to disble the firefox first time pop up message

    4. Tried all transaction end event options(i.e. step network completed, document loaded etc)


    Also I could not put any 'wait for object' step after pdf load since there is no object associated with PDF file.


    Request you to please share the solution if anyone have faced this issue before.


    Many Thanks,



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    When I pressed recording buttion, loadrunner 12.0.2 would show me "TCS has stopped working" message and stop any action.

    And then I cannot record anythings on the script.  Does anybody help me out?

    My environment

    Win 7 (64 bits)

    IE 11

    Disable UAC and close AU

    Remove the security update KB3038314 and ...

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    Hi All,


    I'm trying to record a citrix web portal and followed the steps within the below KB.



    I was successfully able to record the web part and captured the ica file. However, nothing is happening when i double clicked on the captured ica file.


    Below are my recording details.


    LR version12


    Windows 7 & SP1

    Citrix Receiver


    I have seen few of you got the same issue. Appreciate if you could let me know how you resolved the issue.




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    Hi All

    On my load generator machine and controller I have LR 11.04 installed.


    I have configured the controller as a listener (MI_Listener), and port 443 is available and listening.


    On the load generator, I have configured the agent to 'Enable Firewall Agent'.  In the settings, I've set the MI_Listener name to the IP of my controller.  The local machine key is the IP of my load generator machine.


    I've checked the connection from a telnet to the IP of the controller (listener) on port 443 from the load generator machine.  I've started the agent process on the load generator.


    Controller is listening on port 443, and agent process running on controller also.


    I've added the load generator (IP of the loadgenerator) within the controller, and configured the 'security' details to 

    - enable firewall

    - enable running vusers over firewall

    - MI Listener = IP address of the controller machine


    When I hit 'connect', I can see the 'agent' system tray icon on the load generator machine change from 'red' to 'green'.  Additionally, a further icon appears indicating an active data connection.


    However, the connection attempt fails with the following errors:

    82208 - Load Generator failed.

    60246 - Error:  Internal error - failed to read SL layer of a message.  Please check if connector/acceptor keys match

    60234 - Error: Internal error - decryption failed at CSecurityLayerEncryptMessageReader:HandleMessage


    Am I missing a step somehwere?  Can anyone help resolve?  


    Thanks & Regards


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    Where do I go to increase this timeout value?


    Error -27780: Timeout (120 seconds) exceeded while waiting to receive data for URL "https://xxx/jsp/leftmenu_include/getAgencyViolations.action", Snapshot Info [MSH 1 22]      [MsgId: MERR-27780]
    End auto log messages stack.

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    Hi all,


    I am trying to set up windows monitor for Windows 2012 servers (64 bit). The server owners have granted me access by adding me to the perfmon group of the servers to be monitored.


    When i try to add windows monitor I get below error as attached.


    Now from my local machine if I run perfmon with the account to which access has been given, I can view the counters of this windows server. But I cant configure the same server using same account in LoadRunner. Controller version is 12.02.



    Could someone advise what could be wrong here?


    Worst case I can enable perfmon loggin and still get the stats but it wont be as convenient as having it all in LoadRunner Controller during the test.



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  • 06/29/15--23:33: Load Runner Scripting
  • How to generate a WebHTTP based script using LoadRunner.

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