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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I am using LoadRunner 12.02 and despite looking for information in the LoadRunner Tutorial, the LoadRuner UserManual or by searching with google, I cannot find the information to get my question answered.


    Is it possible to use LoadRunner (i.e. a script in VuGen) to extract a static variable from a webpage, and to use that variable later on for some other action? If so, how?


    As an illustration, suppose you search for some text on google. The I want to extract the number of hits the search result page returns ("About 427,000 results (0.69 seconds)") This is just for illustration of what I want to do in a different website – I surely do not want to test the google webpage!


    If you know this can be done or if you have done this already, I strongly appreciate help in that matters. Please either explain the procedure or point me to relevant information.

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  • 06/19/15--00:26: TruClient for IE is crashing
  • I am using LoadRunner 12.02 and I am trying to record a script using TruClient for IE. Within VuGen I click on "Develop Script" and the TruClient windows appears. I can enter the adress of a webpage, which is shown correctly. But as soon as I click on the red record button, the TruClient application crashes.


    The only error is a windows info saying that "the application unexpectedy closed" (or something similar). How to find out the cause of this problem and how to fix it?

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    I'm getting "Error : socket0 - Software caused connection abort. Error code : 10053." while replaying  windows socket script.

    Could you please let me know what is the issue.


    we are getting "Mismatch in buffer's length (expected 156 bytes, 12 bytes actually received, difference in 144 bytes)" warning as well.




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    Hi All,

    I have an Excel Macro that updates a Database with data. I would like to create a VuGen script of this macro to use in a performance test.  I have done this before many years ago in LR v8 :D but I have been unsuccessful thus far in ll.52.


    When I start recording a message pops up saying the Excel program encountered an error and will now close.

    Is there an additional setup for this ? what are the basic steps to do it? Do I pass the .xlsm filke as a program argument or just open that file from within Excel if it launched?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Giles.

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    I am trying to record an excel macro into a Vugen script, however when I start recording I just get a message saying Excel has stopped working and will now close. It never opens at all. Is there some additional setup required ?

    Do I record the main Excel.exe program and pass the .xlsm file in as a program argument? or do I just open the macro if/when Excel does open?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Giles.

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    What is the difference between:

    • "Record Headers In List"
    • "Record Headers Not In List"

    It seems obvious.  But I do not know what is actually happening when I click either or.



    I know LoadRunner handles standard headers.  We use custom ones, however.  The standard headers are in BOTH lists.  So which do I need to use if I want to retain the standard headers being used, but insert the custom headers that I want?

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    I can record windows applications with vugen. Application launches but nothing records.  I am using VUgen 12.2, IE 10 and the calculator application, 64 bit windows 7. I have tried many protocols. Protocol advisor suggests COM/DCOM. Has anyone tried to record the calculator application from VUGEN?


    Rita Bhukta


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    I'm unable to open VuGen, when i open the following error messages are popping up.


    1. Error loading Addln c:\program files(x86)\HP\Loadrunner\Addlns\ICSharpcode.sharpdevelop.addin: ",hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character. Line 208, position 31.


    2. Search & Replace has not been loaded because it requires SharpDevelop.


    3. Critical error( cannot use ExceptionDialog) - this  displays a big message.


    Additional details:

    OS: Windows 8.1

    Able to open Controller and Analysis.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I am using TruClient to record a bunch of 'user actions' in different entities called 'Action' in TruClient. So e.g. I record a login into the 'Init'-'Action'. But when I select the 'Init'-'Action' and click on the Replay Button, it replays the WHOLE script. I just want a certain 'Action' to be replayed, e.g. just the 'Init'-'Action', and no other 'Action' afterwards.


    Is this possible or do I have to choose the Step-By-Step replay?

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    I have a "If" Step in my TruClient Action that shall "Fail" if the condition is True but "Pass" if otherwise. I inserted a step which reads "Exit Action with Status Fail", but after this Step has been executed it says "Replay suceeded" in the Status Bar.


    What I want is the script to fail, i.e. the Replay counted as not successful. Why isn't that happening? Maybe I could use something else to 'raise' an error which ends the execution of the script/replay?

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    I want to use parameters in a TrueClient script, but either it is incredible cumbersome, or there is some other way this can be done. So my question: Is there a simpler way on how to use parameters?


    Here is what I do so far:


    1. "Develop script" with one or more values just for testing purposes.

    2. When the script succeeds, I close the "Develop script" windows; otherwiese I am not able to edit the parameter list in VuGen

    3. In VuGen I go to "Design -> Parameters" and add parameters as I need them with proper names.

    4. The I click again on "Develop Script"

    5. I replace the occurrances of the values with the text 'LR.getParam("PARAM_NAME");'. If I have forgotten the parameters names, I need to close that window again in order to look in my parameter list how the parameters are named.



    Is this the right way to handle parameters in TruClient?


    Suggestion to the developers:

    1. Make the list of parameters editable even when "Develop Script" is open (maybe inside this window?)

    2. Use parameters even if one does not run the whole script. Why do I have to run the whole script in order to use parameters?

    3. Why not use a drop-down list in a "Type" Step for "Arguments/Value" to just select the parameter from the parameter list?

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    I'm testing an OpenAM server (and not the target application) and I have the following sequence:

    1. Try to access a resource without being authenticated.
    2. Step #1 causes an error 403 and redirection to login page.
    3. Login.
    4. Redirection to application.


    The step #2 is part of the dialog and I want to simulate it because it is part of the load of the OpenAM server. So I used  lr_continue_on_error function in order to ignore the error and continue to the next step. The problem is that the replay summary says that the script failed, but it is not a functionnal error from my point of view : it is the normal behaviour of an OpenAM server.


    My question is how to reset the error context in a script (or avoid a step to be counted as a failure). I'm using PC12.20 (VUGen 12.02) and HTTP/HTML protocol. The only way I've found is to comment out these lines, but I'd like to keep this step as it is part of the load.


    //Do not count this HTTP Auth required redirection as a script failure



    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • 06/22/15--11:12: Non Production License
  • what is the difference between Non production license and production license for Load Runner?

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  • 06/22/15--11:18: LR12.02 and Citrix XD7 MCS
  • Hello,


    Is there a way I can use LR12.02 with a VDI pooled catalog running under XD7.6 ? The documentation is not intuitive at best. Looking for a login via StoreFront or WebInterface with the remote execution of one specific software.


    Thank you

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    I'm working on a web application which uses GWT and after recording we got many calls in the VuGen script.

    LR version - 11.52


    Some calls take more than 60 sec response time and when contacted dev team, they can see only 1 or 2 secs at max as reponse time..


    Can any one help me to understand why these calls are taking more time and the solution for the same as those calls take less time manually.


    Sample call from script..


    "EncType=text/x-gwt-rpc; charset=utf-8",

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    Dear All,


    I am using Loadrunner 12.00 for Web(HTTP/HTML) scripting.  


    During VuGen recording, I need to upload .docx file but i am getting the error "Error while uploading file: {}"


    When i click the browse button, i get a new window or dialog/browse box to select file, i select the file and i get the error  "Error while uploading file: {}" or tried to enter the path in the dialog box and i get the same error


    Kindly advise





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    Hi all,


    I've been working for a customer. When I sent him my report, he made me a remark : Why is there a difference in the max column value between the "transaction summary" and "Average Transaction Response Time" ?


    Effectively, even I configure the granularity to 1 second, the number of running Vusers to the max level provided, there is always a difference. I've verified on another report , for another customer, and I finds the same difference.


    In the "transaction summary" appear higher max values (often 1 or 2 transactions) that I can't see in the "Average Transaction Response Time". If I have a look in "Graph data", this higher value doesn't appear too.


    I know that the "transaction summary" values are to be considered as the right one.


    The question is that, do I considers this as a bug or is there an official explanation to this fact that some values are not used in or by the "Average Transaction Response Time" ?


    Don't hesitate to ask me for further explanation.



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    Vuegen 12.02

    Internet Explorer 9

    Windows 7


    When I hit the record button, Trueclient crashes. No errors generated.

    Tried on a freshly loaded VM and a new install of LoadRunner. Same issue.

    Any ideas?



    Edit - I upgraded to IE10 and now it doesn't crash immediatly when I hit the record button. But it crashes as soon as I pass credentials to the page I am trying to script for.

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    Hi All,


    We are unable to record the windows based application which is implemented by Delphi technology.


    Protocol is ODBC and SQL server.


    Could you please one can help to generate the VU Gen code for the application which is implemented by Delphi technology...





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    Is it possible to configure AutoIT with Loadrunner? We are facing issue eith non browser popup dialouge,so we are planning to use AutoIT. If its possible can you please help us with process? please le me know asap.

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