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  • 12/18/08--16:07: Recording telnet in VuGen.
  • Hi All
    I am trying to record a awork flow which works as below.
    1. There is shortcut provided by application team which as its shortcut properties as C:\Projects\OracleApps\MSCAClient\TELNET.EXE .
    2. I tried to record this using ftp protocol. Everything records and I am also able to see the events getting created. But, when I stop recording there are no statements in the Action window.
    Not sure, if I need to work using different protocol.
    Also, I tried setting Target server details in Port mapping in record options. Still nothing is recorded in the Action window.
    I am attaching recording log. Please let me know if any of you has any suggestions to complete this task.

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    When running tests on Performance Center 12.2, my Web HTTP/HTML vusers fail with the error -


    Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination


    After multiple rounds of verification, I have zeroed down the problem to the presence of VTS code in my script. The scripts still run fine on VuGen, but only in Performance Center it is erroring out.


    Any suggestions on anything I am missing?


    -best regards,


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    we wan't to run a load/perf test for a customer. The setup is quite restrictive and we're still trying to figure out how to approach the setup.

    The LG's will be inside a Customer controlled, firewalled network reachable via https from the outside.

    The customer also has a different network where the Controller and an MI Listener might get located. The problem we face is a restrictive proxy inside this  last network, that only allows html content.

    I suppose there is no way of setting up a connection between the LG and the Controller or MI listener this way, but wanted to make sure.


    So thanks if anybody can confirm this or point me to anything that describes the protocols used for communication between MI Listener and LG's for firewalled scenarios.



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    I am recording a LR 12.02 script using the HTTP/HTML protocol, I've also tried just the silverlight protocol.  My issue is that the silverlight add on is not recognized by LR 12.02.  Any advice on how to work around the issue?

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    we are facing an issue where we are Unable to Generate VuGen Code when we are trying to record a script using  COM/DCOM and .NET Protocol for Win Desktop application (ClickOnce installers - tried launching .exe files). We tried recording using both Web browser and Windows application option but still no luck.


    Protocal advisor advised us to use COM/DCOM and .NET protocols.


    Here are the details of tools n app info:


    HP load runner 12

    in house application (win desk top application - Click once installer)

    Windows 7 enterprise



    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. please let me know if you need any more additional information.


    Thank you.,



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    whta does vugen_init contains.for what perpose we are using? what is the rsponse relation between response time and throughput?

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    Hi Experts,

    Need some help with coding in LR,

    I want to convert the String into ASCII numbers.

    Below is the small code I am using,

    char *value="NmB6F/5Xlo==";

        int i;

            for(i=0; i<=strlen(value)-1; i++)
              lr_output_message("The ASCII value is %d", value[i]);


    But with this the output I am getting is like,

    Action.c(27): The ASCII value is 78
    Action.c(27): The ASCII value is 109
    Action.c(27): The ASCII value is 66
    Action.c(27): The ASCII value is 54

    I want it like,


    Please help me in this context.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello everyone,


    I'm working on a LoadRunner project (v12) to simulate HTTP RESTfull traffic.


    The hard part to simulate is an HTTP request which contains a body with binary content: a g-zipped XML file with some JPEG inside.


    I've used lr_zip and in effect it does the job but when the size of the file is increasing, (around 400k with one or more JPEG inside), I have a CRC verification which fails during the decoding on the server.

    I've also sniffed the traffic with Fiddler and the request body seems OK but the Content-Length is around 20k while it should be around 1M...


    Another strange behavior is that in the run time variables, the zipped parameter appears to be 3 char long, as there were some buffer issues during the GZIP process so that it is not possible to manually set a Content-Length with the default LR functions.


    Thanks in advance for your precious help,

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  • 07/08/15--07:43: Loadrunner 11.52 download
  • Hi, I'm looking to download loadrunner 11.52 but I can't seem to find it anywhere. The hp site only offers 12.02. I'm looking for a trial version of 11.52, if someone can show me where I can download it that would be great. Thanks!

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    I have a web page where there are different set of rows depending on what values you select on previous screens.  I am able to capture the values with the Ord=all, but how do I put the  value in the ITEMDATA section?  Can I have more rows than data in the ITEMDATA section? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.




              "RB/IC=\"  alt=",         












            "Name=alreadySubmitted", "Value=false", ENDITEM,          "Name=signatureDateString", "Value=01/01/2015", ENDITEM,         

            "Name=select", "Value=", ENDITEM,          

            "Name=selectC152046456", "Value=C152046456", ENDITEM,          "Name=selectC152046457", "Value=C152046457", ENDITEM,         "Name=selectC152046459", "Value=C152046459", ENDITEM,          "Name=selectC152046459", "Value=C152046459", ENDITEM,         

            "Name=dispatchTo", "Value=Certify", ENDITEM,




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    1. Click Tools > Fiddler Options > Connections.
    2. Click the checkbox by Allow remote computers to connect.




    3. Restart Fiddler.

    4. Ensure your firewall allows incoming connections to the Fiddler process.

    5. Hover over the Online indicator at the far right of the Fiddler toolbar to display the IP addresses assigned to Fiddler's machine.





    6. Verify client iOS device can reach Fiddler by navigating in the browser to http://FiddlerMachineIP:8888. This address should return the Fiddler Echo Service page.

    7. For iPhone: Disable the 3g/4g connection.


    Set the iOS Device Proxy


    1. Tap Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi.
    2. Tap the settings for the Wi-Fi network.
    3. Tap the Manual option in the HTTP Proxy section.
    4. In the Server box, type the IP address or hostname of your Fiddler instance.
    5. In the Port box, type the port Fiddler is listening on (usually 8888).
    6. Ensure the Authentication slider is set to Off.




    Decrypt HTTPS Traffic from iOS Devices


    1. Download the Certificate Maker plugin for Fiddler.
    2. Install the Certificate Maker plugin.
    3. Restart Fiddler.
    4. Configure the device where Fiddler is installed to trust Fiddler root certificate.
    5. On the iOS device, go to http://ipv4.fiddler:8888/ or use the http://FiddlerMachineIP :8888 in a browser.
    6. From the bottom of the Fiddler Echo Service webpage, download the FiddlerRoot certificate.

    image004.gif7. Open the FiddlerRoot.cer file.

    8. Tap the Install button.




    9. Tap the Install button again.




    1. Proceed to open and use the application under tests on you iOS device and immediately Fiddler will show the events.
    2. Save the events FileàSaveàAll Sessions Give a name for the .saz


    3. Go to the folder where the .saz file was save and do a right click over the file, then select the option “Create VuGen script”.



    Automatically this action will open Vugen and generate the code based on the events that were registered on Fiddler session.

    This a recording alternative for the protocol Mobile Application HTTP/HTML.



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    Customers that use LoadRunner 11.5x and require to downgrade to version 11.0x (for any reason, such as using older licenses) need to know that there is an issue when opening Scenarios in Controller after the installation. Please refer to this article ( for the required change in order to stop the Controller from crashing. I summary, uninstalling the 11.5x Software is not enough. Entries in registry must be removed. A specific entry must be modified in order to be able to open scenarios in Controller.

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    I have a script that is logging into an ESS Portal using Loadrunner 11.00. Using web_reg_find function it appears that even though the script replay shows as passed the script is not actually logging into the portal (web_reg_find_ function returns no value). I am using Web - HTTP/HTML protocol with HTML based script. The script does pass when replayed so all correlations appear to be in place.

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    Recently the dev team installed TLS 1.1 and Vgen could not record Sign in and Sign out function.

    I tried to change recording option and recorded in WinInet with no recording and then switch to WinInet and Socket recording with the same result.

    All the recording were in FireFox browser.

    If somebody knows the solution please replay to this messaage.



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  • 07/09/15--05:15: Desktop/Java Application
  • Hi LoadTesters


    Im using HP Loadrunner 12, and I am pretty new at it. Actually I'm learning it using a downloaded tutorial.


    In the tutorial they only show how to test web based applications. I'd like to know how to test Desktop/Java/win applications, which protocol(s) to use.


    I have tried protocol advisor, but when I select the "Windows Application" in the "Record", the "Application" downdown is emptied, and the "Start Recording" button is dissabled. (see attached image).


    NB: whenever I start typing in the "Application" dropdown, I get red text (error).


    Please help. I am a begginer. 


    Thanks a lot

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    Is there any steps available for installing Load Generator stand alone for windows in LR 12. i have already installed complete package of LR12 in machine A and would like to use machine B as my Load Generator.

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    I am trying to test a web service and I keep getting the following message:


    Action.c(245):     The message with Action '' cannot be processed at
    Action.c(245):     the receiver, due to a ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. This may be beca
    Action.c(245):     use of either a contract mismatch (mismatched Actions between sender and receiver) or a bi
    Action.c(245):     nding/security mismatch between the sender and the receiver.  Check that sender and receiv
    Action.c(245):     er have the same contract and the same binding (including security requirements, e.g. Mess
    Action.c(245):     age, Transport, None).</faultstring></s:Fault></s:Body></s:Envelope>


    If I used SOAPUI the operation works with a "Success" result.


    I tried recording the webservice through SOAPUI, however, when I reply the script in loadrunner I get the same error message.


    Can anyone help with this issue????

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    I am having java code in loadrunner,i am not understanding the code


    new String[]{


    what is line mean?what is the purpose of the new string[].Some line please exaplin what does that line mean plzzzzzzzzzz


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    VuGen 11.52 not recording https, counter dose increment.


    Just installed VuGen 11.50 then applied patches LRVUG_00030 and LRVUG_00033 witch brings me up to 11.52 Build 4391.  Running on Windows 7 32 bit.  Bouth IE 8 and FireFox 93 have the same problem.  Recording HTTP works just fine.

    Using HTTP/HTML

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Hello All, I have recorded an application using web/http protocol. Application can be launched only using firefox. Hence used firefox as browser for recording as well. I'm able to record the flow successfully, but unable to replay the script even after correlating the values properly, i have identified that the script always fails at "" requests and from that request all the request urls contain I'm not sure what this means, is it related to Firefox? Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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