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    I am trying to record a script using TruClient IE protocol. The problem is that during script reccording, after I loggedin the application, an error message is displaying stating 


    "Item Selection Controller - No Sessions Exists"


    Please note that this is not encountered running the application in normal IE mode. 


    I am using version 11.52. IE 9. 




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    I'm working with VugenSa 11.52 patch3 with windows 7,.

    I have develop a script and when I save it and close the windows and try to replay (F5) it, vugen hangs, the replay(F5) button is not activated.


    Then when I close vugen and open the script and press the replay(F5) button nothing happens, the replay button is grayed out. When I look in process explorer I see that HP.Utt.StandaloneDebugger.exe is activated.


    I have tried it with a simple script, google search, i have the same problem

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    As truclient uses IE installed on your machine locally unlike firefox, how to change the browser setting like disable pop-up.

    I am asking this because the 'Internet Options' doesn't seems to appear in Truclient IE, so if I make changes to IE installed on my machine will it reflect in Truclient IE.

    If not then is there an option to change the internet options for IE on Truclient.


    Thanks in advance.


    Kind Regards,


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  • 09/04/14--22:41: BackUp tool for LR11.5
  • Hi,


    Please clarify me on the data backup mechanism that can be carried out in LR11.52.

    Is there any tool available to take back up on a periodic manner.


    As we are facing space issues often, wanted to implement backupmechanism which can run on a weekly basics which inturn should move the scripts, results files etc which is stored on controller, LGs to a shared location or to an another machine.


    Please someone clarify me on this.


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    Hi all,

         Now I am doing performance testing on a B/S website cause it is using SSO(Single sign on) technology, so when after recording, the scripts runtime-setting ->Internet Protocol->Preferences-> WWinlnet reply insteadof.. must be checked. otherwise the scripts will trigger a error 401. But when I checked, it will trigger error -27492 "HttpSendReq..".


    Who can help me???

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    Hi !


    I try to use lr_start ... and lr_stop_cross_vuser_transaction and their is no effect.

    At first in the script / Send, send a message and I script lr_start_cross_vuser_transaction("msg","AA")
    a second script / Receive, detects the msg reception and I script lr_stop_vuer_transcation("msg","AA",LR_ AUTO)


    any idea ???


    HP Virtual User Generator V 11.52 Build 5113



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  • 09/05/14--03:06: ICA File not found
  • Hi Team,


    While replaying the script using ICA Protocol and HTTP/Web Protocol in HP Load Runner 11.52 for the citrix application, we are facing following  error as "Citrix client replay version , record version
    Action.c(134): Error: Connect can not be established - Last Error=64, Last client error=0".

    We are using Citrix receiver 13.1. Operating System is Windows8.

    Please help us to resolve the issue. Iam attaching the CGF and mdrv file for this script.





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    We are upgrading to PC 12.01 and would like to understand where to download/install and/or how to configure data processor for PC? We could not find anything on the files/software we have and also not on your website.


    Any quick help is appreicated.




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    Hello All,


     I have been attempting to create a dynamic run time variable in a Load Runner script. I am using web_req_save_param in the hopes of being able to capture and use this value. Unfortunately I am having a devil of a time with the LB and RB values and ultimately identifying the dynamic value.


    I have been attempting to use a reply with server data being shown. I have copied and pasted this data returned by server in order to correctly identify the LB and RB values. Unfortunately this is not working thus far. As such I am asking you fellow LoadRunners for some help! Below is the output from the server which surrounds the data I am loooking for:


    <br />\rLEC (4345)</span><!-- CLASS_NAME$0 -->\n  


    ** What I want to capture is the 4345 numerical value.



    Here is what I currently have, which is not working:


     web_req_save_param ("class_swap_number", "NOTFOUND=ERROR","LB=<br />\\rLEC (","RB=)</span><!-- CLASS_NAME","Ord=ALL", LAST);


    ANY input or direction you can provide is MUCH appreciated! 

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    I have VBScript Vuser files created in LR 11.52, but even though LR 12CE says they can still be played, they can't - I receive a notice that I don't have a license for that protocol.


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    Hi Im currently upgrading my VUGEN 11.50 to 11.52 software. When Im using 11.50, script automatically stops when all steps indicated have been performed. But when I upgrade to 11.52 the only way for me to stop a script from running is by eliminating it through the task manager. Script wont stop running even when all steps indicated have been performed.


    Please do let me know if im missing something in my upgrade.


    Thanks in advance. :)



    P.S. This thread has been moved from Performance Center Support and News Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. -HP Forum Moderator

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    Hello Experts,


    I'm working on Ajax TruClient protocol from last 1 year and the main challenge I have faced is number of users per load generator.


    Now, we have requirement for more than 500 concurrent user load and the maximum user supported by load generator is 15 (what I have observed and yes it depends on LG configuration).


    We are using below load generator machine.


    1) Dual Core CPU (3.20GHz, 3.20 GHz).

    2) Memory: - 8GB

    3) Disk Space: - More than 50GB.


    With such load, we need to add more than 30 LGs which is quite difficult.


    Moreover, I have observed that if we increase hits concurrency then the maximum user supported by LG is 10 (with above configuration).


    So, my question is what can be done to accumulate more number of users per load generator machine. Any setting in load generator, steps which need to be removed from scripts, use linux/AIX OS instead of windows?


    Please suggest




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    Hi Guys,


    Currently I am setting up the cloud based load generators for load runner12 for testing cloud based web applications.


    I have created AWS account and when I click on the add cloud load generators in the controller it was asking for Access key ID and Secret Access key.


    Can you please advise how to get them




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  • 09/08/14--08:57: LR 12 with FTP
  • We have a customer evaluating LR 12 with FTP.  In their environment, we were using FileZilla to capture the script.


    Without LR, FileZilla works fine.  It connects, upload and downloads just fine.  This is a regular FTP connection through port 21 with user ID & password.


    While recording with LR, the LR floating toolbar show many items are being captured.  Even the recording log after the script is recorded shows all the steps.  Although we are hitting different FTP servers, our recording logs are very similar when performing the same functions. (i.e.  I think LR recognizes everything on his system)


    The issue we're running into is there is nothing in the script (init, action or end ).  Even though it looks like LR recognizes and captures the FTP traffic fine, nothing ever appears in the script.  I've also tried to 'Regenerate the script', but still nothing.


    I'm not able to reproduce this on my machine.  It records/replays FileZilla with simple FTP just fine.  We've had the same results with CuteFTP.


    Customer environment.

    Win 7 Enterprise 64 bit

    FileZilla 64 bit (latest version)

    Latest LR12 eval download (not 12.0, but more recent)


    My environment

    Win 7 Pro 64 bit

    FileZilla 64 bit (latest version)

    LR 12.0 


    This is really odd to troubleshoot because LR recognizes everything.  Could it be a permissions/rights issue?


    My next thoughts are to have him try it on another machine.


    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Tim Franklin

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    Hi All


    As we do error handling for text check (web_reg_find()), kindly guide me how to to error handling for web_image_check().

    Error handling for text check :


    web_reg_find("Text=<text to check>", "SaveCount=TextCheckLogin", LAST);


            lr_output_message("Successful Login");
            lr_error_message("Login Failed");



    Is there any way for error handling in image check?


    web_image_check("ImageCheck", "Src=images/hp_logo.png", LAST);


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  • 09/09/14--00:13: Site Scope Uninstall
  • Hi,

    I can´t installor uninstall Sitescope 11.00,


    thiserror occurredwhen I was trying toinstall sitescope from my server machine.


    Installation Exit.

    Probelm occured during the primary installation checks.


    can someone help me on this.





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    How to set proxy in Loadrunner TruClient IE for all users.

    Each time I login with a different user it fails to recognize proxy settings.

    I run it via batch file so needs to run it with different users.

    I have to go and set it each time to for each individual user.


    Is there a way to set the proxy within the script so that it doesn't fails.


    Thanks in advance


    Kind Regards,


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    for B/S application, the scripts I created can pass in VuGen but meet errors in Controller when running,erros as below:


    1:Action.c(47): Error -27492: "HttpSendRequest" failed, Windows error code=12017 and retry limit (0) exceeded for ...

    2:Action.c(47): Error -27496: Internal Error - _eStat (5) != LRW_ITEM_STAT_ENUM_UNHANDLED for HandledTask at 0519B3F8




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    Hi Guys,


    I'm recording using vugen for an web based application and with firefox.Below is the problem am facing


    1) started recording using Vugen where "Port Mapping - Enable auto ssl detection" is checked by default and during recording i am able to navigate through HTTP pages but for HTTPS, Firefox throws an error saying "The certificate is not trusted because no issuer chain was provided. (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)".SO stopped my recording and this time I have unchecked  "Enable auto ssl detection" , started recording again and this time am able to navigate through HTTPS pages also, completed my flow and when script got generated i can't see HTTPS events and can see only HTTP events in script.


    So guys please help me with this.


    Thank UUUU

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    The problem is whenever we download a ICA file and access, Citrix is opening a unique session which is associated to the ICA file downloaded. Which is stopping load runner from reusing the same ICA file for other users.

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