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LoadRunner Practitioners Forum topics

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    I'm new with loadrunner. I've installed loadrunner version 12.01 in a windows 2008 with java (build 1.8.0_25-b18) installed.  I'm running a proprietary application  using chrome. When I run Design studio for correlations, when scan second time the error -35049: "No match found for the requested parameter "CorrelationParameter". Check whether the requested regular expression exists in the response data   [MsgId: MERR-35049]" is raised for below line:  web_custom_request("dashboard_7"
    I do not undertand since there´s no need to correlate this part.  Could you support me?
    See attach the code where this happens

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  • 12/04/14--04:00: ERROR In VUgen
  • when exiting script open it though error l "Load failed" in LR 12c

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  • 12/04/14--04:04: Vugen 12
  • when ever u fetch  already exiting script it though error "load fail".

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    Hello guys,


    It would be great if you can help me. 


    After i create a scenario in LoadRunner Controller and run the load test, i try to analyze the results in LoadRunner Analysis but this is what happens when i  open the .lrr files..  (see Attachments)


    I don´t know if am doing something wrong or there is anything i missed,


    i hope you can help me.

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    We are using PC/ALM 11.5x and VuGen 11.5x and i ran into this issue.


    How to add a new function to an existing Global Library”. For Example, let’s say


    1. User created a function “Login” and saved it in “Flight” library.
    2. Exported the Flight library to local machine.
    3. Created a new Ajax TruClient firefox script and in this new script imported “Flight” library.
    4. User want to create another function “Logout” and add it to this existing “Flight” library. Right now when user try to create a new function, it does not give you the option to update the global library. User have the option to save this function into a new library only. I understand that user should not be allowed to update the Global library. But once the global function library is created, how a user can add more functions by including already recorded application steps to this library?

    Also, can we save this global library into Test Resources Module in ALM? Is there any to copy function form one local library and paste it to a global library?


    We are also in the process of upgrading to PC/ALM/VuGen 12+. Do we have any of these features in version 12.x.


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    Hi All,


    like the subject, whether the settings of LoadRunner Controller are not inappropriate?


    waiting for your replies~~~

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     While passing the "Password" parameter from the data file, the parameter always takes one character less from the data file. The "Clear" option in Arguments has been set to "false" since when it is set to "true" the Password is passed in plain text instead of "****". Pls help.

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  • 12/07/14--18:30: Does Vugen 11 support IE9?
  • Does Vugen 11 support ie9?


    I am trying to record scripts and no code is being generated. I am running this on Win 7.


    Please advise. thanks!



    P.S. This post and its reply have been split off from other thread, and edited its subject. - Hp Forum Moderator

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    how to disable the active screen pop up, when replaying LR script



    P.S. This thread has been moevd from Performance Center Support and News Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. - Hp forum Moderator

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  • 12/07/14--19:58: LR unable to detect action.
  • Hi All,

    We are preparing LR script for one of the application.
    We are using Web(Click and script) protocol.
    As application is having password encryption we have to use this protocol only.
    I need to configure popup window on 'up arrow' key detection, but after pressing 'up arrow' failed to detect in script,So I am not able to get popup window.
    Kindly provide the solution for the same.

    Nikhil Vaze



    P.S. This thread has been moevd from Application Perf Mgmt (BAC / BSM) Support and News Forum to LoadRunner Support Forum. - hp forum Moderator

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       I have a doubt regarding importance of pacing and think time. What happens if i dont add them to my script?

     Can anyone help me with example?

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  • 12/08/14--06:49: HP Load Runner log files?
  • Hi there,


    We are running HP's Load Runner v 11.52, on Windows Server 2008R2.  We've been receiving alerts the past couple days that the drive is filling up.  Doing some digging turns up 2GB+ of what look like log files in the C:\SHP\WebHttpHtml1_PCK003_V3_Qty1\WebHttpHtml1_PCK003_V3_Qty1_01\result1 directory.  A bunch of "Iteration" folders that are all exactly 42.4MB each, that each contain various files (gif, xml, etc)


    Are these safe to delete or archive?  They all have the exact same Modified date on them (10/17/2014) even though this app has been installed and running for much longer than that.



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    I have tried several

    Java HTTP

    Window Spcket

    Web (HTTP/HTML) using application


    Using Loadrunner 11.52,  Java JDK files and all jar files are  in environmental settings.



    All of the above will lauch the batch file and open the application.  The application clicks are not being recorded in any,

    Window Socket records the traffic which in not readable .


    Any suggestions.

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    I had faced this issue while running a performance test. All the Vusers 'ERRORED OUT'  because there was no paramter file found for that respective VUGEN script. I am sure that, I've uploaded the zipped script with only run time files. 

    I had tested this issue by dowloading the zipped file from PC to the local drive and I figured that there was no parameter file.

    I had run a scenraio with 7 different Vugen scripts, all scripts had similar issue, they could not fnd the parameter files in the PC directory.



    Loadrunner Version : 11.52

    Performance Center : 11.52

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    After completing performance test, i tried to generate the results but it failed. i tried to collate the results for couple of times but had no luck. After several tries, i found that "RECOVER RESULTS" option was enabled. So then I clicked on recover results button and then it generated the  raw results with no data in it. I figured out that when i clicked on recover results, load generator deleted previously stored data and requested for  new data.

    My question here is, why did it not generate the result's in first place? Is there any resource issue with load generator?


    Appreciate your response  :-)

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  • 12/10/14--02:03: Hadle HTTP Error Code
  • Hi Forum Members,


    Greetings to you all.


    I would like to know about handlind HTTP error code in loadrunner. Because application errror we would have handle by image and text validation, but dont know about handling HTTP error code through loadrunner.

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    I'm trying to get a better understanding of the definitions of Truclient transaction definitions. There are  a few of which I wonder what the difference is between them, like:

    "step started" vs. "action started"


    "step completed" vs. "after step ended"

    If someone can explain the differences to me, that would be great!



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    I have recorded a business flow for HP Assest manager application using Oracle 2-tier protocol, and after replaying, getting the below error,


    vuser_init.c(15): Error: lrdo_logon: "OCILogon" return-code=OCI_ERROR, error-code=12154:
    vuser_init.c(15): Error: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
    vuser_init.c(15): lrd_logon: ERROR, return-code=LRDE2009. EnvHandle=OraEnv1, SvcCtxHandle=&OraSvc1, User="a", ServerID="A"


    This error has been encountered by couple of folks before, and as such no solution is posted on forum to resolve this.


    Related link:


    Can anyone suggest the solution for this?




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    Hi there,


    On a windows 7 32bit machine i am able to record and view the green class window that pops up when you recording a RMI app using Java record replay.


    I have recently got a new laptop 64 bit windows 7 and i am unable to record. The green class windows does not pop up. The application which is accessed by a batch file is able to open and works fine.


    I have checked my CLASSPATH and PATH variables.  Please advice what configuration i am missing.


    Please let me know if Loadrunner 12.01 is compatible recording with Java record replay on a windows 7 64 machine.


    Thank you


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    Hello Everyone,



    LoadRunner is hosting an Online Expert Day on  January 27th, 2015!  Mark this on your calendars!



    If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us in LoadRunner Support Customer Forum on January 27th when HP product Experts will be online for 12 hours to answer any questions on ANY TOPIC regarding LoadRunner.


    What is an Online Expert Day?


    Online Expert Day is an event when HP product, R&D, and Support team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions.  Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HP Experts!


    How does the Online Expert Day event work?


    Starting on January 27th at 00:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 03:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time / 08:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time, log in to the LoadRunner Support Customer Forum and create new posts to ask your questions. 


    The Online Expert Day will end on January 27th at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time / 8:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time.


    HP Experts will be online for 12 hours in the forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies".  An online conversation will be born!


    To participate, you do need access to the LoadRunner Support Customer Forum.  If you don’t have access, please add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile and log in again.


    If you have a valid support contract and are still experiencing issues, please send an email to


    For more information on our Support Customer Forums and how to add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile, please click here.


    For upcoming Online Expert Days, please bookmark the HP Software Online Support Services - Forum events page.


    If you have questions regarding the Online Expert Day event, please reply to this message.


    We look forward to your attendance and your questions!




    Bill Groot

    HP Software Online Support Services

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