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    Hi team,

    I am recording an application which communicates Websockets for its communication. 

    I do see there are few session ids and cookie values in the action.c , and the same cookie and session are assigned by the tool at the time of recording to an array in websocketbuffer.h 


    I need to understand how to handle correlation for this values? where should i place the correlation function?

    Also the  session value is being passed into the header  first and  i am not finding the boundaries to place it .


    Are there any videos that helps me to understand the webocket protocol.




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     How to pass current time in milliseconds inside the XML? I have a variable xyz which has the XML, in which inside that, I need to pass the current time in milliseconds.

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    We are having an issue with our employee ids and sitescope.  The problem is with out windows login id credentials.  For whatever reason, the authentication for SiteScope is affecting someone's ability to login to that machine and perform a recording via remote desktop.  This issue is new, we had performed many load tests before this without issue.


    • How is proxy authentication getting set for SiteScope?
    • How does the authentication get set?
    • Where is this authentication saved?
    • How do we change it if we find it?





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    I have ran into a issue, I had a script that unparameterized ran correctly when manually changes, however broke when the parameters were added. After investigating the log, it is looking for a string of information for a user in a nca_lov_select item


    the problem is, part of the string is cut off, I have ; where the XX is a parameter, however, it cuts off the seciton, that is required for it to progress .... any ideas ...




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      I'm trying to create a script under the protocol "java over HTTP", the script goes to a page, which open a java applet and within the performed a series of actions.
    I have no problem to record, but when trying to replay or play it gives me an error immediately. Assistant handing me the logs.


    Regards Cristian

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    I have been using LR 12.02 for a while, recently we got a requirement to test APP on Chrome... on recording in chrom I do not see any events been captured or any request in vugen once I finish the test flow.


    No all of a sudden it also stopped working in IE, Chrome..also..or any website I launch through vugen such as yahoo or any blogs...I do not see any events..


    Did I missed any settings here...Pls help!!!


    System Details: Win 0S 7, Protocol: Web(Http/Html), LR 12.02.



    Prasanna Kumar

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    Hi everyone,


    during the load test we detected an issue with the high CPU usage/ high load average on the Linux load generators (LG)

    With about 700 virtual users on each LG the CPU usage is 100% and the load average is after a while nearly 200.

    The nice cpu usage is almost double higher than sys cpu usage (70%-30%) with 0% cpu idle.


    Other values like swap, memory etc. are ok. All configurations according to the HP installation guide (number of processes, file descriptors, swap space, connection limit etc.) are made.


    Load controller: Windows Server 2008 R2

    5 x Load generators: RHEL 6.6



    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz (8 cores)

    8 GB RAM

    300 GB HDD


    Does anyone have experience with HP Loadrunner 12.02 running on Linux load generators and can help me with issue above? Thanks a lot in advanced.


    Kind regards


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    The Windows Internet (WinInet) application programming interface (API) enables applications to interact with Gopher, FTP, and HTTP protocols to access Internet resources. As standards evolve, these functions handle the changes in underlying protocols, enabling them to maintain consistent behavior. If you want detailed information on the APIs of WinInet, you can find them in the article, “About WinINet” at Microsoft. Whereas for Socket Level, it is a proprietary API that Mercury/HP LoadRunner implements.

    So what’s the difference between the two in LoadRunner context? And what does it mean by setting the recording level in Port Mapping of the Recording Options and replay for RTS (Runtime Settings)?

    By configuring Vugen record at WinINet level, simply means to instruct Vugen to record using the WinINet API. Vice versa, by configuring the Socket level, you are instructing Vugen to record using the proprietary API. By default, it is Socket level.

    When the recording level is configured to record at WinINet API, LoadRunner records traffic that is generated by the application which uses the WinINet API to communicate to the servers; meaning it attempts to capture traffice at the WinINet level. For Socket, LoadRunner, attempts to capture the traffic on the socket-level at a specified port, bypassing any WinINet API (if there is any).

    For replay, the principle applies where WinINet will be replaying using WinINet API else it will be replaying via the default Socket level API; meaning defining the WinINet replay, instructs Vugen to replay the script passing through the WinINet API while the default Socket replay will be bypasing the WinINet API. There is a small description of Document KM169568 - What is “WinINet instead of Sockets” for at the support website that reiterates the above but worth taking a look. A valid account will be required to login to access the article.

    So, when do you configure WinINet or Socket-level? Sometimes web applications maybe designed in WinINet while at times it does not require WinINet as often and Socket level will be sufficient. How do we know which option to choose then? This will be a little tricky here but it will most probably end up in a series of trial-and-error. When an application fail in recording and replaying you can try by switching between the two modes which was also documented as part of the recording solution in “Quick-and-Dirty Recording Techniques for Web (HTTP/HTML)”.

    Lastly, a point to note that Internet Explorer browser’s API may change over time due to version upgrades (e.g. IE 6 to IE 7) which may inherently cause the replay to be successful or fail. As mentioned, try switching the modes (after getting the necessary patches for IE7 if applicable) when you encountered problems in recording or replaying.

    Hope all the above are sufficient for you to understand the WinINet and Socket-level recording and replaying in LoadRunner context.

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    in this situation the user account doesn't have the required permissions for initialize the LoadRunner libraries and interact with the operative system.


    1. Be sure that you are using a full Administrator account over the machine where the Controller is installed. Any other permissions group will affect the load test.
    2. Completely disable the DEP and reboot the machine.
                       Open a Elevated Command Prompt
                              i. Open the Start Menu
                              ii. Click All Programs and Accessories
                              iii. Right click on Command Pront and click Run as Administrator
                              iv. Click on Continue
                      To Disable DEP
                              i. In the Elevated Command Prompt, type:
                                  bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
                              ii. Restart the computer to apply

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    I just install standalone Vugen on Window 2007 SP 64 bit machine. I make sure i disabled DEP/UAC and make sure no other hp sw running (example QTP/UFT or sitescopt) and i install vugen.


    After installation I reboot the machine , next open Vugen , Open Run TIme Settings but i hit with below error :


    • An error has occured in the script on this page
    • Line: 45
    • Cahr 19
    • Error: Expected Identifier
    • Code: 0
    • URL : file : ///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/HP/Virtual%20User%20Generator/bin/RTS/js/directives/rts-radio-element.js
    • Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    I also install with the Admin Right.


    Any help ?




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    Hi all, 


    Recently, I upgraded to 12.02.
    And now when I give open support or pulse F11, showing me the empty help.


    Windows Server 2008 R2
    attached capture.

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    There are multople versions of LoadRunner on the download page, how to decide which should be downloaded?

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    Hi All,


    I'm getting the below error when attempted to record TruClient IE script using LoadRunner 12.02.


    "VuGen could not start TruClient browser to enable you to develop your script"


    I have applied 12.01 and 12.02 patches.


    Do i need any other patches?


    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.




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    Hey guys..


    Recently i have downloaded HP LoadRunner trail version 12.20.

    My lap top config is win 8.1 i3 processor, ie-11. Everything in latest and updated one.

    When i record any script for ex just type a word in google using IE,Scripts are not recorded. But IE OR Chrome is normally working.But using vugen recording option it is not working. Please advice.




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    Is there any link through which I can get to know that how I can set the emulator recording, as an option is provided while mobile recording "Record Emulator".


    I'm facing problems in it's settings.


    I used the help content but still not able to set it.


    Issues faced:

    1. After giving the path of the google android emulator sdk (which was provided in the link to download), where it is installed, it is not getting launched.

    2. If working directory is required, what should be the correct path?

    3. In the "Options" settings, in the port mapping option and after creating a new entry, what are the required settings?


    Please help me out with a specific solution.




    Anjaney Shukla

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    Hi All!


    I am having 2 issues with a IE true client script (my first one I used to record everything with http/html protocol).

    I recorded one script with 2 transaction and I am able to replay it successufully with loadrunner (both transaction ok).


    But as soon as I deploy it on the bpm I have following problems:

    1) transacion 1 -> pass but will not be reported to BSM (manually started on BPM runs completely but says "no data arrived").

    2) transaction 2 -> fail. I suppose that the fail happens because the client cannot find object on a child window (see BSM Snapshot attached, the select box on the left is hidden). Yes I tried xpath, javascript etc...


    snapshot.jpgThis transaction is correctly reported to BSM (instead of transaction 1). 


    Hope you have any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Hi Team,


    I am using truclient protocol 

    1. My scenario is to login and upload a file, i need to open the application url , login and select the upload file link in the home page (after login)


    I am able to executed the script in Vugen and controller successsfully for multiple users.

    This application also support the user to login multiple times to navigate the tabs.


    New scenario:

    2. Due to some performance issue in the home page, we decided directly hit the grid (redirection url)

    2.a. instead of login using the URL which gives username and password, we are logging in using the redirect page which directly take us to the upload page.

    2.b. so i need to give that url and then it asks for the username and password , once giving that iit takes to that page directly.


    I am able to record it in using TruClient, and successfully run it in vugen, but when i try to run it in controller, the vuser is not running it is in initialization state n failing stating that session timeout error, i incresed all the timeouts but still faced the same issue.


    It is failing even for 1 user in controller, is it because of hitting the redirection page directly or what might be the reason?

    Can anyone please help me in resolving this issue or provide me whether it is possible to simulate in controller or not.


    (the previous scripts using home login still works fine, what is the reason for the failure for above scenario).



    Thanks ,


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    Hi Team,


    I used the below function in Web HTTP/HTML scrips to get correct response times from the loadrunner by avoiding caching the content from the disk etc.. which affetct the response time.






    Will the above functions be useful for a WebSerivice script. I am not sure if they will be appropritate for a WebService Scripting. Please help me if there are any such functions for the WebServices.



    Karthik S

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    I have followed all the instructions provided in site below

    I was able to integrate the loadrunner with selenium .but when i click on controller submenu from devops option ,i could see below exception.


    Error while launching the Controller: Exception "The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))" was handled.


    Can someone help me on this ?

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    I am trying to read in an integer from a web service response message. I am trying to print in the log to verify that it is reading in the correct value but I am getting the following error:


    Error -27257: Pending web_reg_save_param/reg_find/create_html_param[_ex] request(s) detected and reset at the end of iteration number 1      [MsgId: MERR-27257]



      The response contains:





    This is the code I am using within the script:



    web_reg_save_param("NumberId", "LB=</externalId>", "RB=-AS</externalId>","ORD=1", LAST);
    lr_log_message(" ID Number is :" , "{NumberId}", LAST);



    Any help is greatly appreciated!



    Thanks in advance!


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